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How to Improve Customer Care by@overgear

How to Improve Customer Care

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Overgear is a worldwide gaming platform

Customer care at the moment is one of the most popular and widely discussed topics in the IT industry. It’s so widespread, one may think it’s a common thing for any IT company to provide customer service at an exceptional level by default.

However, the picture is not as bright as it seems. Building service with real customer care is a long process that requires constant improvement and the ability to hear your clients.

Today we are going to explore how the process looks at Overgear, a global gaming platform with the aim to perform at its best when it comes to customer care. And the numbers speak for themselves: Overgear’s average monthly customer satisfaction rate is 90—95%.

The first thing to cross your mind when you think about customer problems is technical support, a group of people who deal with problems that clients submit.

Nevertheless, it’s never about only solving existing issues, instead, it’s about being proactive with potential problems that might (but not necessarily need to) arise. And this is the key to success. Not only is it important to actually support your audience, but also staying in touch and being able to hear your clients.

How Customer Care Works at Overgear

There are two main teams who work with clients: the technical support team and the customer care team. In fact, the new reality requires technical support to be built based on customer care principles. If you want to build an exceptional service, this would be the best approach. Nevertheless, guys at Overgear have their own path, which they continually improve.

The first team deals with technical problems, such as failed payments, website buttons that are not working for some reason, and so on, as well as works with frequently asked questions. The team is a textbook example of first-line support.

The second team provides the clients with full accompaniment and ensures they are taken care of, starting from submission of the request until the client gives his feedback on the service provided. The main goal of the team is to make the clients absolutely satisfied.

One of the central tools that are used by the team is Discord, and it’s a great option for communicating with people within the gaming industry since they are already familiar with Discord. Even more, the players do not have to interrupt their games to report a problem.

This for sure adds to the customer experience. Moreover, Overgear is now working on creating an entire customer support system based on Discord, which would include the possibility to gather and track analytics. Enhancing tools for engaging with clients is one of the things that really inspires the team. Obviously, after making their clients happy.

The key principle of the customer care team is the following: even if the service failed, the client must be taken care of. Ideally, there must be no negative feelings left. This requires the team to be experts in communication, which also involves understanding cultural and psychological specificities.

Providing an individual approach can’t be counted out too, and the example of helping a client to register at PayPal, which was a real case at Overgear, perfectly illustrates that.

Finally, let’s look at the numbers.

There are 6 experts working in each of the teams. In total, they have covered around 14 thousand web chat requests for the past month, which is around 470 requests per day.

Speaking of the customer care team, they managed to support around 4000 unique clients for the same period. The average first response time is 60 seconds, and the average resolution time is 30 minutes. According to the results of benchmarking analysis, Overgear’s performance is considered top rated.

Although there is no limit to perfection.

Most of Overgear’s support clients are people who already used the service at least once.

This for sure indicates a high level of their performance, although the teams are constantly looking for new possibilities to enhance their service, as well make the customer care principles invade all of their processes and principles. Let’s wish them good luck!