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How to Hack Your Team: Top 5 Tools For Team Management Automation in 2021

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@alexlashAlex Lashkov

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The massive shift towards remote work has redefined the way companies manage their employees.

The lack of in-person communication makes it harder to maintain healthy relationships within the team, control and reward employees to keep everyone happy.

Thatโ€™s why itโ€™s good to look at some new and useful tools that would help build the team management process in 2021. Here is the list of five great applications to implement in your company.

BrainyHR โ€“ All-in-One HR Management System

This tool combines features for the whole range of HR tasks from employee onboarding to performance review.

For the remote team, making the onboarding more efficient is crucial for keeping productivity high. With dedicated and adjustable onboarding (and offboarding!) task lists, the HR manager will not skip a single step of the process.

Another great feature is Rewards and Recognition. The comprehensive monitoring system tracks tasks accomplished by employees and assigns them points. Afterward, these points are used to determine people eligible for multiple rewards. The whole process is transparent, which makes it festive and engaging for the team members.

ProofHub โ€“ Project Management Software

This tool is an uber project and team management solution that helps companies plan, collaborate, organize, and deliver projects successfully.

ProofHub provides the HR and management team with a 360-degree view of the current workload and progress.ย 

Proofhub is excellent for creating tasks with deadlines and breaking them into subtasks. The software also features the online proofing tool to approve files in rea-time, lots of project reports and Gannt charts, and even a built-in chat.

Time Doctor โ€“ Time Tracking and Employee Monitoringย 

When the remote team grows, it gets harder and harder to monitor the performance. Time Doctor is a perfect way to stay on top of the business processes and fully understand your team members' efficiency. The tool tracks the productive time spent on specific tasks and calculates the wasted time.

The solution makes screenshots of employee's monitors at specific intervals so that there is no way to trick the system.

The software can also track the location of an employee, time spent online (crucial for checking support agents' attendance), and on work-related websites.

The overall performance data is collected in the comprehensive report, which is very convenient for the reward program.

World Time Buddy: A Simple Tool To Sync Between Timezones

Distributed teams quite often have a presence in different time zones. It is quite common even for a small company to have team members in the US, team members in Europe, and team members in Asia. One of the biggest challenges such a team face is that of time. And more specifically, what time is it for whom?

World Time Buddy is a simple yet effective timezones calculator that allows team members to rapidly sync and determine time slots suitable for online conferences or chats for all who need to participate.

The HR department should implement the policy for using this tool, as this will reduce the number of missed communications and improve your remote team's overall efficiency.

Chimp or Champ:ย  Employee Feedback Meter

Do you know how happy your team feels this week? This is a question the whole product is built around. Many HRs and managers don't know that, and so, Chimp or Champ can be an excellent fit to collect that information finally.

Once implemented, the app starts sending employees out an anonymous survey every week and then collecting and collating the results.

The report is then instantly available, and HRs can see how the team feels like a collective and react accordingly.

The tool itself can't turn an unhappy employee into a happy one, but it can signal the problem and measure the effectiveness of the actions taken.

The workplace is evolving faster than ever before. Tools such as these are really helping our distributed team. What tools are helping yours?


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