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How to Download Videos from Instagram?

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Instagram the app by Facebook, is the best social media app. It has users over billions worldwide. It allows you to share videos, images and text messages. You can share this content by posting on your profile or stories.

Stories are available for 24 hours while Posts on profile stay as long as you want them. Now we always come across some interesting and exciting videos in our feed. But there is no inbuilt option for downloading them. That's where we need third-party applications. Also, you can use some websites to download videos from Instagram. Overall, you don't need to worry at all, till there are some great platforms like InstaDownloaderPro specially made for such purposes.

In this blog, we will not review it, but we will be looking into some other less popular methods by which you can download videos from Instagram.ย Also, keep in mind these are third-party sources, so be careful. Always prefer apps or websites that don't need your login. So let's start.


Videoder is the best free app for downloading videos. It is available on Android and Microsoft Windows. You can download the app from the official website. It doesn't only help you download videos from Instagram but also supports other apps. (tik tok, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Ted, Soundcloud, and much more). That's all in only one app.

To download Instagram videos, you can log in under the Instagram Icon in the app. It will take you to official Instagram and your profile. The Download button will appear right next to the post. Click that, and the video you want to download is now in your Phone's storage.ย 

It all happens in seconds; that's why it is productive and worth it. In simple words, You have to paste the URL of the video in the search box. And that's it. You will see options to download videos in different qualities.

Besides, you can also download videos in audio format. It is beneficial if you want to download songs from YouTube.ย 

Note: You can also buy a premium version of Videoder to turn off the ads inside the app. ย

Now, this is the second most preferred way to download videos from Instagram. You can use this site to download Instagram's Photos, Videos and IGTV stories. The simple steps by which you can download videos from Instagram are as follows.ย 

Open the Instagram app or Instagram's website on your browser if you want to download videos on your PC.Open another tab and enter the URL in the Instagram account.ย Copy the URL of the post by clicking three dots on the post.Paste the URL in the search box of Downloadgram. Click the download button.Choose where you want to save the video or photo.

That's it. It is the easiest way which you can choose to download videos from Instagram. You can also try different websites, such as or These work the same as the Downloadgram.ย 


Above mentioned methods are the best. You don't need to be pro to use them Though both the methods have their pros and cons. For example, Videoder can help you download videos from Private Accounts. On the other hand, Downloadgram allows you to download videos only from public accounts.

Videoder requires you to log in Instagram, which is not that trustworthy. However, there's never been any lousy case in my experience. Also, Videoder is not available for IOS devices.ย 

So, it depends on the user which video they want to download. You can quickly try both methods and choose your favourite. This was all about downloading videos but It's not the end here. I have something more for you.

What If I say you can grow your Instagram Engagement organically?

It sounds interesting right? So before ending your browsing session, why not let's read about it?


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