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How Augmented and Virtual Reality Is About to Become a Norm Because of 5G

Since 4G was launched in 2010 the network researchers started exploring the possibilities 5G might offer. Major network and mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung and Huawei spent billions by mid-2010s on 5G technology and it's just about to come true. In most of the advanced countries such as US, UK, Japan, China, UAE and many other advanced countries have already started upgrading their networks to offer 5G speed in their major cities and it wouldn’t be more another 12 months when we will see most of the networks in the advanced countries offering 5G services.
The last time we see the major network transformation, it was 2010 when networks were upgraded to 4G from 3G. 4G bought a revolution and offered many applications which changed the everyday life of millions. Applications such as UBER, Just Eat and snapchat would be possible if the speed by 4G wasn’t offered by the networks and there were no mobile phones to benefit from the high speed.
The cash for phones offered for 4G mobile phones is also soon to decline as 5G mobile phones are about to flood the market and with the speed of light rollover applications and gadgets equipped with 4G modems.
We are just about to witness the biggest revolution man has ever witnessed as of yet. The advancements in areas of storage, communication and connectivity, computing, data analysis and artificial intelligence are about to change the way we communicate travel and transfer knowledge.
The advancements in all of the above-mentioned technologies are about to be complemented with the ultra-high-speed 5G has to offer and eventually, the devices will be transferring ultra-high-resolution light and sound in real-time without any delay or lost bits. 5G is about to offer 100 more speed and several times better quality.
Augmented reality bases reality the main focus and the virtual information is presented over the reality whereas in virtual reality virtual data is the main focus and the user immerse is on the other end. The scenario in which both VR and AR will be merged and both physical and virtual information will be merged seamlessly and delivered at long distances is not far away.
We have witnessed how social media sites such as Facebook and twitter have impacted almost everyone’s life across the globe, well it's about to get changed very soon as soon social networking will encompass immersive virtual-reality technology.
Currently even the most state-of-the-art virtual reality available isn’t able to read detailed facial expressions and senses and even the most advanced VR prototypes are wired with cables because transmitting and receiving ultra-high-quality resolutions isn’t simple and the wireless technology isn’t capable to accommodate it.
But the 5G is about to change everything because once the networks and wireless technology is upgraded it will accommodate the transfer of high-resolution images and data without any issues. 5G is capable of transferring high-resolution images and data without any delays and offers the speed almost 100 times better than 4G.
Most of the technological groundwork related to virtual reality has already been done and is ready such as processors for fast computing and RAM for devices along with 4k capable displays and in the fields of optics but one of the main pieces of the jigsaw which seem to be missing was the wireless transformation of data and that has just been upgraded or is in the process of being upgraded.
Once all the pieces are ready and it becomes more viable for small companies to adopt and experiment, we will defiantly see amazing new applications related to virtual reality. 
Are we about to start living in a “MATRIX”?
The debate has been going on for decades and mainly these debates have been based on philosophical justifications and arguments but the fact is there are still many questions unanswered but there should be any doubt about the fact that the speed by which we are achieving advancements in technology we might be able to witness amazing virtual reality applications which we might have seen in science fiction films.
Living in a matric can be an actual scenario and work is already in progress as several research facilities where the concepts of skin, edge, fog, cloud computing and 5G data transfer are tested after being merged with zero distinctions and switching.
With this new network upgrade, we will defiantly witness several industry losers and newcomers who will take things over from old giants. It did happen when the systems were upgraded from 2G to 3G and then once again when the networks upgraded from 3G to 4G.
Apple is one of those companies who immensely benefited from the network up-gradation as they benefited from 3G and later from 4G technology offering amazing applications and user experiences but right now the future of Apple with iPhones does not seem promising as the company has not launched its 5G mobile phone as of yet whereas its competitors such as Samsung and Huawei have already launched more than one 5G mobile phones.
We still have to wait and see who benefits the most from this cutting-edge advancement.


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