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11 Reasons Why Software Testing Has a Better Future Than Development

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@lorenzo-gutierrezLorenzo Gutierrez

Lorenzo Gutierrez is a digital marketing consultant from California.


Software testing and software development are two
significant career options for graduates. It takes thorough domain knowledge and practical experience to withstand the challenges in each job sector. However, people are misconceptualized on the importance of software testing while comparing it with software development. The truth is, software testing has equal and even more opportunities than software development, and so, the demand for testers is high.


There has always been a clash between the two prevalent roads in software science – software development and software testing. People
are often left confused while selecting either of them for their career. The
reason; there are many misconceptions based on both these career options that over weigh one another.

Generally, software testing is overlooked as compared to software development. Many college dropouts and freshers consider it as an unworthy job and do not value it as the job of a software developer. Well, this confusion would not last long if you get to know that software testing is just another world if mastered.

Reasons why Software Testing has more scope than Software Development

1.     Significance

Software isn’t complete without testing. Software testing involves analyzing the software in terms of its industry standards, user satisfaction level, and bugs. The product is not approved as usable or to be sold unless it passes all the tests conducted by the tester. Developer puts their efforts to make the product, while a software tester has to verify it for use. Hence testing is a more responsible job.

2.     Skills

While the development of software requires a firm grip on coding skills, software testing is a field that demands creativity and the ability to think like a user. That doesn’t mean software testing is far away from coding. The present world owes to agility, and the work needs to be automated. Here’s were coded scripts make testing faster.

3. Advancements

With changing trends, development of software would take different forms. What would remain the same is the testing of software (with little changes). Though, testing automation is going to be high in future with increasing demands of testing and coding skills to automate different types of tests. This leads to increased opportunities for software coders and testers.

4. IoT and Artificial Intelligence

IoT (Internet of Things) and Artificial Intelligence are emerging today, and so, is the capability of a software tester at their core. These technologies are going to rock the market in a while, and their success would own to robust testing automation and core testing frameworks.

5. Payslip

One common myth that people underestimate software testing for is that software testers get less salary than software developers. The reality is, whether a software tester or a software developer, the payslip is the same. Even, it is not the designation that matters; it is the skills, performance, domain knowledge, certification, etc. that counts for a fair payslip.

6. Coding advantage

Being a software developer means to have an ocean full of codes running into your mind. Developers can also test and verify the working of their product. However, being a software tester having considerable coding skills is an added advantage for you as well as the organization you work for.

7. Opportunities

Opportunities never end for software testers. You would never know what kind of project you will get to work on and what are its requirements. Many clients prefer to have their testers working on site to understand their needs practically and check if the software is compatible with their industrial environment. Software testers have fair chances of getting exposure.

8. Role in software development

In the process of developing software, both software developers and testers play a significant role. However, the responsibility of a software tester is more and starts before a software developer enters. Software testers have to check the specification archives before the commencement of actual development and then continue with their job till the end of the project.

9. Specialization

Not everyone can be a tester. Not even a developer can replace the specialized skills of a software tester. The ability to design specific frameworks for testing the software, making it fail and then analyzing its capability to recover is not an easy task. And so, the demand for authentic software testers is at peak.

10. Challenging

Challenges are neither new to developers nor testers. However, building logic and testing logic carry different meanings. You have to think a lot to test the logic behind every piece of code that works in the software. IT companies are still waiting for the real talent to dedicate themselves into the job.

11. Never-ending future

It's not that software testers have to be revolutionary and must upgrade themselves in terms of technology. The necessity of software testing has made traditional techniques to evolve. Owing to this, software testers have more jobs for them. Everyone in the world of software believes software testing to have a firm grip shortly. The future of software would be in the hands of software testers.

The Takeaway s

Future of an uncertain job depends on your ability, determination, authentication, and dedication towards your work. It’s your knowledge that turns low paid job into a decent one. Be a software tester or a software developer; you have to prove yourselves and respect both the fields.


Lorenzo Gutierrez is the founder of a San Francisco Digital Marketing and Los Angeles Digital Marketing Agency The agency specializes in content strategy, conversion optimization and online customer acquisition for small and medium sized businesses.


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