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How AI is Transforming Various Industries

Artificial intelligence was long associated with robots taking over and the end of human existence. Nowadays even those who once believed that the AI would be the beginning of the end for humankind are now using it every day and are benefitting immensely from the innovative services. While some of the concerns are still valid and remain active within the less tech-savvy, AI has elevated and completely transformed entire industries. It has become less of a separate technology used exclusively for high-authority purposes or secret-government projects and is now a necessity for most companies who mostly provide services online.

All the precautions about the AI and how it could easily get out of hand or be used for bad purposes are fitting to the circumstances since we’ve seen a lot of big companies who rely heavily on AI mishandle customer information and avoid authorities at all costs. It sounds pretty sketchy and it’s easy to see where the AI-skeptics are coming from. 

Most of the people who keep up with the digital world would have been surprised to find out that all these years the way Google “manages” AI is that they follow they vague rule of “don’t be evil”. it is a crucial part of the company's code of conduct and they’ve used it heavily when dealing with AI specifically. While usually, it’s the thought that counts it can barely apply to this situation. 

AI has improved our day-to-day lives immensely and it’s hard to imagine a world without it. But there are also some concerning things, as there are with all major technological changes and the sooner we learn about them and start to deal with them on our own the better.

Here are the five industries that changed because of the AI


This is an obvious one. But it might also be the industry where AI usage is most common, outside the tech industry. Throughout the years we have seen that personalized marketing is the best marketing. You can either spend thousands on a old-fashion tv ad, or you can personalize your approach based on different customer groups. 

This has proven to be the most successful way to engage the audience and AI is crucial for this sort of marketing. Without AI most of the online-marketing firms would be able to process this amount of information about their customer base, let alone personalize their approach and the messages. AI took the efficiency levels of marketing industry through the roof and it continues to do so to this day, adding even more details to the equation. 


This is an industry that has yet to explore AI potential to the fullest but it is the one where the impact might be the biggest. Healthcare has been playing with the AI for some time now but there are some concerns about the privacy and the data protection that are of bigger importance than in marketing per se. It has the great potential to improve the accuracy of medical diagnosis by improving the hospital process. 

AI process images and the patient record with more accuracy and efficiency than any human ever could. Using AI in healthcare means that the doctors will have reduced workload and will have time to focus on the quality of their work. Further reducing misdiagnosis which is a huge problem that causes fatalities in some cases. It also saves a lot of money too. Maybe AI hasn’t completely task formed the industry yet but it bears the potential to do so. And once the security concerns are resolved we should have hospitals that are caught up with the AI and are delivering the best and faster results possible.


AI might hold the potential to solve the biggest issue with gambling and the industry experts have been actively pushing for higher adoption rates of AI in iGaming. In the UK this year the first ai based slot machine was introduced. The AI record and observes the pattern of behavior by the player and in case it shows the sign of problem gambling then it locks out the user for 20-30 seconds to cool off and to stop impulsive spending that is one of the main reasons why people end up in spending their money responsibly and potentially ruining their entire lives.

The same can be said about AI in online casinos, but it is more obvious so to speak because they can use AI to attract specific target groups but also AI can be used to lockout problem gamblers using the same approach of letting the players cool. 

Gambling is an industry that often gets very mixed feedback. But with this technology, it has a chance to improve the reputation and to reduce problem gambling, its main vice, to a minimum.

Customer Service

Customer service for the web-based companies have completely changed with AI. it has become more efficient and customer-oriented and has changed the industry standard. That is to say that even if the company does not rely on AI for marketing purposes and it has an opportunity to apply it to its customer service division and establish itself as a company to treat the client and their needs with efficient.

Customer service has often been the most dreaded job around and for a good reason. Answering the same three basic questions can get boring and it isn’t a sustainable job for a lot of people. With using AI the entire model has changed and became more sophisticated while giving their customers an improved experience. It has created more space and time for quality work, which is a pattern then we talk about the AI usage in basically all industries.

AI has changed the way we look at services. It will soon change the way we approach healthcare and it will certainly raise our standard for accuracy when it comes to medical diagnosis. 

The main concern that comes up is the deputy and data privacy issues that require specific regulations that would make AI more easy to use for the company and the client as well. AI has now become mainstream outside the service-provider and it will likely get even wider adoption in 2020. The potential of this technology has not been used to the fullest just yet, maybe the next year we will finally see the industries leave their prejudices about AI behind and embrace the innovation.


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