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From 3D Rendering to Motion Capture: What's Next for Game Development?

The past few decades have been game-changing for our daily lives as a whole range of industries transformed into what we see today. The world does not function the way it used to just a few decades ago and that is thanks to technological advancements, occurring throughout this timeframe. 

As mentioned above, many economic areas and industries were revolutionized throughout this period. Yet, some of them were much more affected than others. This comes without any fascination since some sectors are more, or completely dependant on technology and its development. 

Nevertheless, some areas that were not previously directly linked to changes in technology also became quite dependant on it recently. One of the best examples is the financial industry, which today is almost completely digital in terms of its operations in different parts of the world. Just a few decades ago, no one would even think of the possibility of transferring money to another part of the globe without leaving the house, through a gadget in a matter of seconds. Yet, this is how we all live today, often forgetting that this was not always the way we performed daily activities. 

This change was also accompanied by the growing number of online markets where anyone can trade currencies - sovereign or decentralized digital ones. Millions of people are now using Forex platforms to simply buy the needed currency or even make lots of money in profits. 

Many have been skeptical of such platforms, yet, brokers argue that Forex is not an ultimate way of making a living as it requires lots of time and effort in the beginning until one reaches the level of George Soros and others. IQ Option is a well-established business on the market with quite a bit of experience. However, Reading a single IQ option review will make a newcomer in the niche think that trading is detrimental to people who attempt it. 

Naturally, the technological industry and its hardware, as well as software branches were highly boosted as well. The innovation and modern digital technologies caused the demand for gadgets to soar on the verge of the new millennium. For the past 20 years, computers have arrived in almost every household across Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Oceania. The African continent still struggles the most but manages to utilize digital technologies and change lives for millions. Fintech solutions on the continent are fine examples of how digital platforms can improve lives. 

Game development: From PAC-MAN until today

All of us have witnessed the unprecedented change in video games during this time of great technological evolution. It is natural since the gaming industry is completely, almost exclusively dependent on technology and changes its experiences on da daily basis. Thus, naturally, the last 2 decades have left a bold mark on the gaming sector and businesses within it. 

The 1980s and the 1990s were when the industry started to flourish with a growing number of video games and hardware producers. Yet, the beginning of the new millennium turned everything upside down as the silicon valley businesses started investing more in gaming than ever before. 

Lots of technological means were utilized along the process of producing some of the most advanced video games we have seen to date. 3D rendering and motion capture are not something new to the industry as the quality of video games started to significantly increase roughly 10 years ago. 

Today, gaming is not only an industry but also a large, thriving community, spread across all continents of the world, uniting tens of millions. This community is what really drives the industry as gamers have higher demands and rather often many interesting ideas for development companies.

The future of game development 

Artificial Intelligence is a term that we hear a lot these days. However, when we hear AI on TV, or read an article headline about it on the internet, we instantly picture a human-alike, full-scale robot that can effectively communicate with us. To some extent that could certainly be the use of this technology, yet, gaming has already utilized it well and is aiming for even more. 

Not many are aware that Artificial Intelligence is divided into a couple of broad categories. The first one is rather basic and has been used in game development for ages now. It can make non-player characters move and make smart decisions depending on the pattern of the game. 

For example, we have all come across bots in video games. Those are non-player characters controlled by built-in AI algorithms. Nevertheless, they lack the ability to develop themselves. Thus, such bots in games always follow the pattern, choosing the next steps depending on the actual player. As a result, in many games, bots are not challenging enough and can easily get boring. 

However, the future of game development still is hidden in AI technology. The second branch of it is the AI that can learn from its own experience and re-write the code. Some of the leading game developers in the industry say, that there are no limits for fantasy if this type of Artificial Intelligence sees the daylight in video games.

Currently, a number of major companies are working to integrate AI into games better. As a result, it should then be able to change and variate the game according to the needs of a player. Some even hope that the algorithm will be able to completely transform codes and offer players a unique experience, tailored to what they like.


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