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"Helping Design Products in The Security And Compliance Space", Interview with Kishore V

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Kishore V from India has been nominated for a 2020#Noonie in the Future Heroes and Technology categories..

The Noonies are Hacker Noon’s way of getting to know — from a community perspective —  what matters in tech today.

So, we asked our Noonie Nominees to tell us. Here’s what Kishore had to share.

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1. Which 2020 Noonie have you been nominated for?

Product Manager of the Year

2. Tell us a bit about yourself.

A "self proclaimed" tech geek and a tinkerer who loves solving day to day problems. I also consider myself a lifelong student of technology. In my free time I mentor and guide folks with regards to making a career in pre-sales & product management

3. Tell us about the things you make / write / manage / build.

I help identify use-cases and design products that solve some of the problems in the security and compliance space. In my current portfolio I manage smart products that have created an entirely new method of ensuring security as well as enforcing safety compliances while handling High-Value assets for our customers. Our always-connected platform has simplified operations around remote asset management -including security, compliance and process enforcement- resulting in huge savings for our customers

We leverage some of the leading tech concepts like Edge Computing, IoT, AI and computer vision to help solve these problems and make our products smart.

These products have been built for the rigours of tough Indian conditions and have been designed for use of non-tech savvy common people

4. What are you most excited about right now?

I m excited about the new opportunities this pandemic has created. We as an organisation have embarked on a journey to build cost effective products /solutions to address these opportunities. Some of these include:

  • Touch-free solutions
  • Low cost healthcare / smart medical devices
  • Increase in adoption of IoT, leading to newer use-cases in last mile delivery

5. What are you worried about right now?

We are a boot-strapped startup and one of our major worries because of the current situation, is funding. This funding can help us experiment and build solutions that can solve some of the major problems in B2B that are constrained by geographic distances or process limitations.

But we are confident that we will be able to attract funding based on the quality and type of products that we have been building over the last few years.

6. What's the most useful advice you've ever given somebody?

Fail fast, fall forward, learn, restart

7. How has the pandemic changed your life and/or career?

Pandemic has taught me of frugal existence and simple living. With the cash flows being a bit tight, some of us in the leadership had decided to take a pay-cut to ensure that none of our associates are impacted.

This has helped us very well, as these associates have made themselves available whenever there was a need to build a rapid prototype or conceptualise a product.

8. If we gave you $10 million to invest in one thing right now, where would you put it?

Space explorations and bio-medical field that will help us build bodies that can last the rigours of space travel

In no particular order: $3M for my entire family, both my parents who are living in Winnipeg, Canada, and my extended family in China. $2M for self-sustaining 0-carbon homes for my entire family both myself, my parents, and all of my family members (cousins, aunties, uncles, nephews, etc in China), still unsure how/what (whether it'll be one of those modular houses like a converted shipping container or one of those new-fangled condo units that exist within a vertical-farming condo building or a retrofitted house of some sort), but regardless I'd invest it in an innovative living situation that won't negatively impact the environment which could fit a family of myself + my partner + 2 children tops as I intend to have 1 or 2 children only.

$0.5M for investments into public companies with high ESG ratings and simply put - that satisfy the Triple-Bottom Line of People, Profit, and Planet $0.5M for investments into private companies, i.e. tech startups, so yes I'd do some angel investing $0.5M for investments into cryptoassets $0.5M for charities that I believe in fighting for causes that tackle issues of-or-related to entertainment (proper representation/representAsian issues), economics (greater equity for folks who need it most), and environment(al sustainability/resilience).

$1M - for personal goods & services that increase my capacity to contribute to positive scalable, sustainable, and systemic change in this world such as perhaps my own tech startup amongst other things such as investing heavily into goods & services that cut my carbon-emissions down to 0 and can even enable me to have a net-positive instead of just net-neutral impact on the environment. $2M for the Body of Christ, the Church of God, and the Holy Spirit's Kingdom on Earth. What this will look like will be donations and contributions to the growth & development of the Christian faith here on this mortal plane of existence.

9. Which apps can't you live without?

Linkedin & Medium

10. What are you currently learning?

Patent law in India, as it will help us draft patent petitions for the products we build

With gratitude to Hacker Noon's 2020 Noonies Partners: Sustany Capital, .TECH Domains, Grant for the Web, Skillsoft, Flipside Crypto, Udacity, and Beyondskills!


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