HackerNoon is Looking for Sales Superstars. Apply Now!by@sidra
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HackerNoon is Looking for Sales Superstars. Apply Now!

by Sidra IjazDecember 15th, 2021
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Yes! Here is your chance to be a part of a diverse, fun, and LEGENDARY team. Hacker Noon has marked 2021 as the most successful business year. Yup - we are growing, and we need more energy, more talent, more teammates. As the team is on track to double revenue four years in a row with a historically and intentionally lean team, we are looking to have two more people: Sales Representative and Customer Success Manager.
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Hello World! This is Sidra, Business Development Representative from Hacker Noon's v. smart Sales team. Today, I'm here with exciting news - WE ARE HIRING (again!)

Yes! Here is your chance to be a part of adiverse, fun, and LEGENDARY team. Hacker Noon has marked 2021 as the most successful business year yet. Yup - we are growing, and we need more energy, more talent, more teammates. As we are on track to double revenue five years in a row with a historically and intentionally lean team, we are looking to have two more people: a Sales Representative and a Customer Success Manager.

But first things first:

WTF is HackerNoon?

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How HackerNoon Makes Money

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However, we do make money through sponsorship and partnership:

Now, about the job roles - let's see what we need and what we offer.

Mo money, Mo Problem

Sales Representative (Remote, Part-time)

We are open to training someone with less experience, but we also expect YOU to be more of a do-er than being just an idea person. Ideally, you are someone who's passionate about tech with all its flaws and beauties. You are also someone who is a compassionate listener and has the empathy and ability to build long-term relationships with customers. With intuition and experience, you can identify customers' pain points and solve their problems with our multiple offerings. Like any other position at HackerNoon, priorities will be given to candidates with excellent writing and communication skills.

  • Your main responsibility is to sell some of our standard offerings to Hacker Noon's target customers. You will be finding and reaching out to potential leads (that you help organize) with provided (and eventually your own) pitches to onboard them.
  • The performance will ultimately be judged by the number of meetings taken and the percentage of deals closed
  • You will need to self-organize, be self-motivated, and be a nice human being to your colleagues.
  • Our main Sales Manager is based in Asia and often takes meetings during Asia hours - so we are looking to someone who is ideally available in Europe or North America timezone.
  • Through a process of trial and error, document perfect pitch for each offering, depending on types of clients and the problems they are trying to solve
  • Beyond sales, you should also be able to explain the publishing process and HackerNoon value prop like the back of your hand.
  • You need to be agile and experienced with G-suite, Slack, Notion, and other remote-first tools. Though these things change fast around here — don't say you weren't warned.
  • Our team is (and will always be) working remotely. Communication is key everywhere, especially in the remote environment. Everything else you need to know, we'll teach you.

Customer Success Manager

In this role, your primary objective is to alleviate the workload of our Sales team in the Customer Success division, be it be their point of contact through various means of communications, reviewing customer journey, identifying how it is supported, and helping clients overcome issues and achieve their goals using a consultative approach.

  • Your main responsibility is to be the main point of contact between HackerNoon and our clients before their campaign starts (to make sure every detail is in place), during, and after their campaign ends.
  • You need to demonstrate superb communication and people skills through different platforms such as Gmail, Telegram, and WhatsApp.
  • You are highly self-organized and attentive to details to be able to uncover the root cause of a potential churn and quickly formulate timely solutions.
  • You are expected to constantly check in with the clients about the status of their campaign, provide qualitative and quantitative results, and eliminate any potential roadblocks.
  • You will be designing customer surveys to understand their experience with HackerNoon and possibly expand their partnerships with the company.
  • You will also help our Business Analyst, Hang Ngo, with post-campaign reports and generate client case study for future sales.
  • You have to be agile and experienced with remote-first tools such as Slack, Notion, and GSuite (we use those a lot around here).
  • You are an overall nice human being to people around you and able to show empathy to others’ hard times and struggles.
  • Last but not least, communication is key. Since HackerNoon is, and will always be a remote-first company, we need to be as transparent as possible with our team. Anything you need to know, we will help. You just need to ask.

What Does Hacker Noon Offer:

  • A handsome compensation. Every single Hacker Noon team member started out as a part-time contractor first, including the CEO. After a mutually agreed upon trial period and compensation amount, there will be an evaluation between you and Hacker Noon to find the best fit: full-time, part-time, or no time.
  • The best work culture. Hear it from the insider (ahem, that's me). You cannot have a better working environment than this. Thoughtful, compassionate leadership, great learning opportunities, and flexible working timings - WFA FTW!
  • Chance to learn and grow. You will be working directly with the leadership. Not only that, you'll also feel heard and valued. How awesome is that!

Apply Today!

Please fill out this form, which asks for this information:

  • Your CV
  • URLs of your Linkedin, personal site, or any showcase of your work on the interwebs
  • Why you are a fit for this job
  • How you know about this job

If you don't hear back from us within 4 weeks, please assume your application has been unsuccessful and try again, but better.