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GitPitch Presentation Templates powered by SVG

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Pixel-perfect slide background images using SVG images.

UPDATE September 2018: The templates described in this blog post are now deprecated. See the new blog post, GitPitch The Template.

If you are the kind of person that loves bending pixels and layouts, there may be few things more exciting than a blank canvas.

For the rest of us, there are templates.

Templates provide a simple and effective bootstrap for all kinds of creative endeavors: writing resumes, building websites, and of course, creating slideshow presentations.

So today I’m happy to announce a new set of markdown presentation templates now available in the GitPitch template gallery.

[ Click to visit GitPitch Presentation Templates Gallery ]

If you want to use these templates to kickstart your own presentations on GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket you can activate a free GitPitch Pro beta subscription. You can do that by logging in here.

The Oversized Power of Diminutive SVG Images

SVG offers a resolution-independent format for presenting graphics on the Web, allowing the same image file to be used at any scale or resolution.

SVG can also be compact. The average size of the SVG images used by these latest GitPitch presentation templates is just~2kb. Tiny. Compare that to the ~200kb average size of png and jpg background images used in some pre-existing GitPitch presentation templates.

Both of these qualities: resolution-independence and compact-size, make SVGs a very useful tool for presentation authors.

Putting SVG Theory Into Presentation Practice

I decided to put SVGs to work on behalf of the GitPitch community by building a fresh set of GitPitch presentation templates using SVG background images.

I did a quick Google search and quickly found what I was looking for. Check out svgbackgrounds.com. A fantastic resource. Many thanks to Matt, the site creator and maintainer.

The resulting SVG-powered templates are now available in the GitPitch template gallery. You can get a feel for these new templates right here by viewing the following embedded live-template:

[ GitPitch Presentation Template — Click to focus, then press F to go fullscreen ]

Presentation Templates One-Click Downloads

The template gallery provides a one-click download feature for every template. To get started with your chosen template, simply add the files within the download bundle to any public or private repo on GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket.

The fastest way to download the entire template gallery is to fork the template repo on Github, see here.

The Fastest Way From Idea To Presentation

Over time new templates will be added to the gallery. So remember to check back from time to time or simply watch this repo on GitHub and get automatically notified of updates.

With templates, GitPitch is making it easier than ever to get started crafting and sharing beautiful content about the things you care about. Use it to promote, pitch or present absolutely anything ;)

Get started with GitPitch SVG image support right now, login here.

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