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Announcing GitPitch 2.0

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Markdown Presentations for Everyone on Git.*

Today I am delighted to announce a major new GitPitch release: 2.0. This release represents the culmination of just over one year’s work since I first open-sourced GitPitch (1.0), and launched back in August, 2016.

Inspired by great feedback from the GitPitch community, my focus for 2.0 was clear. I wanted to deliver changes that put your presentation content front-and-center.

So without further ado, say hello to the brand new GitPitch 2.0:

Click on the screenshot above to launch and explore the sample presentation. Some of the great new features in 2.0 include:

  1. GitPitch [Hidden] Menus
  2. GitPitch Slideshow Table-of-Contents
  3. GitPitch Notifications Bar

What follows is a brief summary of some of the 2.0 release highlights. And then in conclusion, some words about the future of GitPitch.

New in 2.0: GitPitch [Hidden] Menus

The main goal for this release was to put your presentation content front-and-center. The next screenshot demonstrates this design-goal in practice:


As you can see, I have removed all GitPitch branding and all feature-menus from the page. This ensures that your presentation content takes center stage and enables your audience to focus on what matters most to you.

This is not to say that all of the great features that GitPitch offers in support of your presentations are no longer available. In fact, 2.0 extends the feature list with some great new additions.

These features are now available from within the GitPitch [Hidden] Menus. You can access these features by clicking on the burger-menu icon or by pressing the M key on your keyboard.

The following sample screenshot shows each of the four new menu panels:


[ GitPitch 2.0 Sample Presentation Menus ] — Click To Launch

As you can see, all of the GitPitch features you’ve come to enjoy are still available. Plus, the last menu panel introduces a brand new 2.0 feature which is available for all online and offline presentations. Let’s take a closer look at this new feature now.

New in 2.0: GitPitch Slideshow Table-of-Contents

This new feature introduces a new way to browse and navigate your presentation. And as a presentation author you can sit back and enjoy this feature thanks to a little bit of GitPitch magic.

A table-of-contents is now automatically generated by GitPitch for every presentation. And as you update your presentation content, GitPitch will automatically update the TOC for you.


[ GitPitch 2.0 Sample Table-of-Contents ] — Click To Launch

A bonus feature allows presentation authors to customize the table-of-contents for any presentation. TOC customization is simple, and described in detail on the GitPitch Wiki here.

New in 2.0: GitPitch Notifications Bar

The addition of a new notifications bar in the footer of every presentation now adds timely slide-specific context in a number of ways.

1. Help Notifications

On the first slide of every presentation, GitPitch displays keyboard-shortcuts and related links. These quick reminders help everyone to get the most out of their GitPitch experience.


2. Footnote Notifications

Support for custom footnotes within presentations has been available for quite some time. They can display copyright notifications or links related to content, products, services, etc.

In version 2.0, GitPitch now displays front-and-center in the notifications bar.


Without custom footnotes, GitPitch displays helpful context to your presentation audience, for example:


3. Code-Presenting Notifications

One of my favorite additions to the new notifications bar is the tie-in with GitPitch code-presenting.

When code-presenting, you can step through any number of blocks, functions, or entire source flow-controls. Code-presenting notifications now give everyone a clear sense of progress within each code slide:


The Path To 2.0: Some Personal Highlights

During the past year I’ve launched many new GitPitch features and used the GitPitch blog to introduce some of those features to the community. Here’s a quick listing of some popular posts:

When GitPitch 1.0 first launched it supported anyone with an account on GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket. Since then, I’ve continued to add support for other great open source Git solutions, including GitBucket, Gitea, and Gogs.


I’m open to extending GitPitch’s reach even further, so get in touch if you know of any interesting Git providers that might enjoy the power of

Seeing the GitPitch community embracing the service was definitely one of the highlights of the past year. You created and shared some amazing presentations.

To celebrate some of these presentations and their authors, I dedicated an ongoing series of blog posts which you can find here:


Samples Presentations from the GitPitch Community

These posts are a great way to learn how to use GitPitch, so I highly recommend you check them out.

The Path Beyond 2.0

Map out your future — but do it in pencil. - Jon Bon Jovi

So there you have it. GitPitch 2.0 is live!

From today, all presentations will automatically display as GitPitch 2.0 presentations on

And while the past year has been a fascinating one, I’m already turning my attention to the year ahead, and what that is going to mean for GitPitch.

Presenting the Future: An Invitation to the GitPitch Community

While I have my own laundry list of ideas for GitPitch 2.x and beyond, the future for GitPitch has yet to be written. But that process is about to begin. So right now is your chance to help shape that future.

This is an invitation to everyone. Have your voice heard in shaping the future of GitPitch. Reach out to me with your ideas, big or small. Feel free to use the comments section below, or contact me directly on Twitter or by e-mail.

And one last thing. I would like to say a big thank you everyone in the community for helping to make GitPitch the de facto markdown presentation tool on Git.* Thank you!

As they say, the future starts today. And for GitPitch, the path forward is upwards and onwards. Thanks for reading and happy presenting. David.


You can follow me right here on Medium or on Twitter for more news, tips and unique creations from the GitPitch community.


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