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Future of All Business: Exploit the 7 Deadly Sins! 🤑 💸

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@Niharika3297Niharika Singh

While having my breakfast today, I came across this image on Twitter. I don’t remember who shared it but I saved the photo then and there. The first thought that came to my mind was that- this is awfully crazy. How come I never noticed this trend.

Take a minute and and look at this picture.

Did you also notice what I noticed? Let me give you an insight to my thought process.

Today’s world’s digital conglomerates like Amazon, Google, Twitter, Facebook (the list goes on) are what they are by hitting the sweet spots: our weak spots. The psychological focus of such giants are to create a need, rather than to provide service. If the need is there, the service will sell even if it sucks.

Technology is pushing the man to hell.

It’s far easier to commit the sins than to do good and even more easy when someone shows you a lucrative way into it. All one has to keep in mind while devising a business model is to think about how to push man to hell. And you may consider yourself a successful company if- when you stop giving the push, the man still wants to go to hell!

The upcoming technology of decentralised ledger and web are again emerging from another human sin- lack of trust. This technology is going to be the future undoubtedly. But I feel this technology is going to be the future because as we are inching more and more towards hell, the human-ness is reducing and attributes like lack of trust, credibility, honestly are rising.

The noticeable trend here is to see that, the giants are taking advantage of your soul. They are targeting your insecurities to make money out of you. Some clothing brand will tell you that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes thereby completely eliminating the idea of physical fitness just so that you buy their clothes without feeling bad. Likewise there is another side to it; some brands will target your ego. They’ll play hard to get.

What does Amazon do today? It’s promoting inertia. It’s focussing on how to make the man lazy at the same time making him love the laziness. Online shopping is all about that!

I think the examples I have been giving are harshly hitting but still hold true. Probably now even you can cite instances. The picture I put on top speaks volumes.

I don’t mean to say that technology is bad. But. Technology is successful only because we are bad.

Thoughts in this article are purely mine.


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