From GaryVee To Elon Musk: How Organic Social Media Is Killing Facebook Ads by@Toonday

From GaryVee To Elon Musk: How Organic Social Media Is Killing Facebook Ads

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Tunde Adepitan

This is kinda off topic... but one thing that I have noticed is the power of social media and how the rich and famous use it to their advantage. 👀

I don’t think a lot of Millennial founders truly understand this but...


Whether you think the social media audience is too young or is just not your target audience, the businesses that actively and consistently build their brand on social media don't only get more eyeballs, but they also build “social capital” ( aka the ability to use your following to your advantage ).

For example, if you have a business that is consistently uploading to social media, then surely your followers are getting reminded of your business more often than they would have otherwise.

Also if a customer goes to Google to search for your business... THAT'S GREAT because they'll be able to see how active your business is on social media (aka the place most people like to spend their time), and your ever-growing audience.

If you pair that with the assuring feeling of seeing your business "alive" on social media, then it shouldn't be too hard for new customers to build trust in your business.


If you spent the money you would normally spend on Facebook ads on making better content for your business's own social media accounts, and also hire a social media manager, then you should be able to grow your business's social audience a lot quicker than usual.

Now you've built an audience of your own that you can market to!

In fewer words, basically, just build your audience -> own your audience -> cater to your audience ( aka solve their problems ).

That's it! If anyone wants to join me in trying to figure out this social media thing DM me on Instagram! it’s always better to have friends :)


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