Hackernoon logoFrills — Not a Snapchat Killer💀 Much more than that 😎 by@vamshi

Frills — Not a Snapchat Killer💀 Much more than that 😎

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To Begin With

Yay! Our final deliverable for the Product Hunt Global Hackathon and also v1.0 of our product is ready.

What is the Problem that we are trying to solve

Sharing your fav moments with a set of particular group of people who find that exact moment relevant and also add their context relevant reply is hard.

To explain in detail,

You might take a fun selfie on a Friday evening which might not be Instagram worthy or post to those muted groups which never gets opened (existing market solutions), but you would rather want to share it among your particular group of friends or family who would in turn add more selfies into this.

Observations and Statistics

  • Only 5% of photos or videos taken in a week make it to curated site Instagram or Facebook.
  • 25% of photos captured through out the day are added to stories.
  • 60% of teens and tweens would want to share a moment with a particular group of people and in turn expect their replies in form of photos or videos to the same context.

Why would we expect you to use this?

  • Just take a test and want to see how you fare against your friends?
  • A fun meme is spreading around and want to see what you and your meme crazy friends can make of it? Who is the most creative, who gets the best reactions?
  • Have you been working out and want to show your daily progress just with a link?
  • And any creative or fun moment you need to share or require others perspective or results.

Solution and Product

So we came up with this solution and called it “Frills” — Frills is a fun & easy way to add and extend moments with Friends 😀

Picture below gives you a glance of what can be done with frills. You can share your favorite moments with friends. Nah! that can be done by any other app — Here your friends can add theirs to the same frill (Sounds interesting!) and then you react and edit them again! (That sounds like fun) and share it with closed group or wider audience as you wish.

Possibilities of Frills! Keep stitching Frills :)

Install Frills now and learn more about it. Download for free on iPhone from App Store using the link below.

What’s our Tech stack for geeks out there

  • React native — iOS mobile App
  • Mongo / NodeJS — core backend
  • React Dom Server — Shared frills on the web
  • GetStream / FCM — Content marks and notifications
  • AWS — EBS, EC2, S3 and Google Analytics
  • and a host of other secondary tooling


  • Create an active social media presence to list out popular, creative, impactful, funny shared frills.
  • Focus on Pinterest sharing to convert a Frill to sharable web page on Pinterest.
  • Organize meme making contests on Frills and share the same on web.
  • Utilize latest social media trends for a Frill among friends.

Go Make Some Frills →

May be it’s a casual picture or an action filled moment or a professional capture! Share it on Frills and tag your buddies — get their additions as well as their cool interactions with your creative stuff. Get started and get going!

Don’t be afraid to make Frills — Katy Perry


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