UFOs: Five things we can be pretty sure about technologically superior civilizations by@neuralll
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UFOs: Five things we can be pretty sure about technologically superior civilizations

June 18th 2021
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by @neuralll 542 reads
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The US government issued a long-awaited report on UFOs. From 144 confirmed UFO cases over half 80 cases involved observations from multiple sensors. The government published none of the video or sensor data it now in the report confirmed as having. The report was published by the US government. But if there is, in fact, on a 'daily basis' technology superior to that of the US, regularly violating US airspace. Why is the government silent? Perhaps because the situation is getting serious enough to risk it?

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It finally happened. The US government just issued an official long-awaited report on UFOs.

What is great news?. From 144 confirmed UFO cases over half 80 cases involved observations from multiple sensors.

What is bad news? The government published none of the video or sensor data it now in the report confirmed as having.

So who is operating these supersonic objects which are performing instant 90-degree turns, while pulling 600g in space air or water?

Linked is a transcript of an interview of Luis Elizondo, the former director of the US pentagon Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) (from timecode 5:54), video interview and .

"We are 99% sure that it is not foreign adversarial technology."

"...so that only leaves one other option. it is someone or something else"

But if , in fact, on a 'daily basis' technology to that of the US, regularly violating US airspace. Why is the government silent? 

I guess. Accepting it would not be exactly a projection of geopolitical strength. Would it?

But something recently radically changed since it has now been suddenly confirmed by not one, but on live TV.

Why would the former commanders of the strongest military on Earth feel a sudden duty to confirm UFOs on public TV and risk ridicule? (And one of them immediately was.)

Perhaps because is getting enough to risk it?.

The already fair probability of not being alone in the universe suddenly changed due to recent US government/president confirmed sightings of superior technology.

Human superior technology usually doesn’t grow on trees. So assuming the presence of a more advanced civilization than humans behind it is then more than reasonable.

Let’s discuss this now definitely no small probability and the consequences of it.

What can we deduce about more advanced civilizations following the laws of physics and evolution? What can we deduce about them just from our own observations of the universe?

Let's start with the basics. If they evolved from the simplest self-improving life forms as we did. What can we observe as being true even for the simplest life forms?

Constant violent fight for limited resources in order to survive and grow.

1. In every stage of evolution, they probably had to survive constant violent competition for limited resources too.

What survival strategies usually self-emerge even in simplest observed real or simulated life forms? Assimilation or Elimination or as we humans call it. Violence.


2. If evolved and faced with natural selection their genome perhaps led to the survival of selfish genes too.

Those who had grown faster legs or bigger teeth to get to the limited resources survived storing strategy to genes and grown at expense of those who didn't. Creating different tiers and hierarchies or as we call it. A food-chain.

3. They probably had a history full of in evolution typical Assimilate/Eliminate decisions as a result of expressions of historically accumulated selfish genes (Wars)

War is just a different name for limited resources and  competition. You can clearly see the history of all the human selfish gene competition in this video of the border movements.

Essentially the same population growth and border movement that you can observe in the petri dish with multiple types of bacteria.

But as we speak evolution drives all known lifeforms to gain and improve competitive advantage in competition with all kinds of new weapons.


4. At some phase they probably invented simple tools too. Some of those tools we now call weapons.

Evolution equips animals with all kinds of mechanical claws or jaws ripping opponent's heads left and right, or chemical weapons with all kinds of toxins or poisons. Observe power hierarchies of ants, chemical weapons of ants, wars of ants.

It seems like War and Weapons are just a naturally occurring side product of evolution everywhere and this buck probably suddenly doesn't stop with earth when we can see the same atoms and physic laws governing the rest of the observed universe.

5. Human "Head in the Sand Strategy"​ is no coincidence

A 'head in the sand' strategy is great and typically explained with "worked great so far" until you actually reach the edge of the cliff.

Natural instinct of every self-preserving politician or high-ranking military personnel for nearly 70 years has been to distance himself from any word .

Yet in light of new, hard to ignore, evidence and its escalating military nature, the 'head in the sand strategy' can only .

Maybe US government incentive of suppressing any public mention of technology superior to US was to keep enjoying geopolitical influence of "Top dog"​ position.

But since genie is out of the bottle and those incidents are clearly not targeting only US military.

Perhaps global cooperation and , limits and capabilities would be strategically globally more important.

There has been a big increase in army verified sightings in nuclear military space in 2019 even resulted in some conflict provocations.

A Fmr. Deputy Asst. Seccy of Defense of Intelligence recently described the  situation.

Essentially we are out of the observation-only phase and in . But why is this happening?

  • Maybe our increased accelerated efforts to spread beyond earth via rapid SpaceX starship development, moon base in 3 years, and Mars base in 4 years while in the same time the slaughter of innocent civilians and children continues in Siria, Yemen, Middle East?
  • Perhaps the fact that all planet fantastic lifeforms are now on brink of inevitable destruction due to rapid climate change?

Given that we witness technology allowing unrestricted covert movement over any house anywhere, anytime, and at the same time they are so focused on the best human military capabilities.

If they seem to manage things like warping space-time fabric as a means of propulsion. Which is one of the theories trying to explain why we don't hear the sonic booms or see heat signatures as there is no interaction with air and 600g is then not actually happening either.

Then in that light how unreasonable is it then to expect much easier things. Like the ability to influence the  of the select few in command due to obvious technological advantages surely not constrained only to propulsion and remote nuclear device tampering?

What mechanisms/tests/decentralization of power are currently in place to prevent such a situation?

Would it also not partially explain why these frequent observations were so consistently dismissed for 70 years without any logical explanation just from the position of power?

Isn't stigma in a way paralyzing defense capabilities by making communication and information sharing inefficient?

The important questions do arise immediately.

Why the sudden peak of interest in our air defenses and nuclear capabilities?

Could it be that we are now considered a no longer planet-contained threat?


What will happen if we actually start building those bases on the moon and on the mars before we get our racist, bigot, planet-destroying shit together?

A bit hysterical reaction? Perhaps. But if your neighbor is chances are that he is not planning just ringing a bell to say hello.

What could they see on earth so far?

seeing how we consume planet surface and atmosphere?

It's 2021. Yet not much had changed on earth since prehistoric times.
The Slaughter of civilians, 25000 children just last year around the world continues as we speak without change. It' behind virtual borderline somewhere on the map so why care. Right?

In fact.

There is pretty much zero difference between recent wars of neanderthal like level of chimps and our current behavior

While our technology evolved our DNA baggage didn't

We are in a global pandemic. Yet millions of vaccines are expiring in the US. The selfish genes are driving our decisions in full force. Refusing to share even manufacturing recipes, while developing countries like India are now in a mass graves stage.

If more advanced civilizations recently started poking sticks to our defenses. They are probably thinking …

  • Let’s  of our t due to their increased efforts to become multi-planetary and spread exponentially.
  • Let's learn as much as possible about where and how to . While they are not a threat to us. They definitely can be to lesser evolved but resource-rich life forms out there, if they reach warp drive capability they already started exploring too. Let’s show and  our cruisers to their navy cruisers as a deterrent signal.
  • This zoo on earth is locally rare and beautiful and should be protected from those crazy planet-destroying apes. Perhaps trade them surely a huge technology boost with economy and environment just before they destroy themself for a promise to not pursue becoming multi-planetary until morally ready.
  • Nah, let's just continue mining their rare  deposits found on the large sea bottom surface they have no idea about.
  • Let's continue monitoring and improving evolution acceleration experiments but pick a better candidate for round 3 A hamster perhaps?

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