Everything You Need to Know About the New App, Peach by@thespirituallovecoach

Everything You Need to Know About the New App, Peach


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What is Peach?

Peach is a new social space for friends to share updates. Posting is really similar to sending a text, but the app definitely has some unique benefits. It’s so easy to share on this platform. Send a wave, kiss, or hiss depending on how you feel. It is engaging and would be great for microblogging!


The app is available on the iPhone App store, but it’s not yet available on Android. Sorry to all my Android friends.

User Experience

The user interface is very simple. You can share your profile with only your friends or friends of friends. One thing that I noticed is that you have to have someone’s screen name in order to add them. Peach seems to offer a bit more security than other social platforms.

While you can search for and invite your contacts to join, you can’t search for random people. This makes Peach perfect for bloggers, influences, as well as, family and friends. I like the control it gives me over who can connect with me, but if you want to reach the masses, it makes it a little hard, unless you want to build a tribe there.


Before I discovered this feature on Peach, I was totally afraid of video content. I jumped right in, because I felt safe on Peach. I think this would be a fun way to communicate and collaborate with others, while showcasing my personality. To me it’s much easier to use than SnapChat, although I am still learning that platform. Peach gives more flexibility than Twitter.


One thing I would love to see is the ability to share posts and content to other social media platforms. Currently the only sharing option directs me to send a text. What I do love is that the videos I create are stored on my phone, which means I can use and repurpose them on my blog and other social networks.


What makes this app different are the Magic Words. That’s right MAGIC! It is pretty magical. Simply type a magic word and watch it appear. Typing gif will do a search in the app for anything! Type in cats, Rihanna, or anything and it appears! There are several Magic Words that you can use to search the internet, track your steps, add the weather and more!

Changing your profile information is simple. For a first release, I’d say the Peach is headed in the right direction. My favorite feature is that I can create a group of quick videos, my very own GIFs! Peach has the right idea in mind. They have taken privacy into consideration which is important to me after dealing with a horrible troll on Twitter at the close of 2015.

Peach has me starting this year on a high note allowing me to take part in video content and expand on my blogging capabilities and interact with others in a new and fun way. Right now I’m a little lonely on Peach, so be a Peach, download the app and add me, My username is msjkristina.

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