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Hackernoon logoWhy are there no expiration dates on social media posts? by@markschindler

Why are there no expiration dates on social media posts?

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@markschindlerMark Schindler

Digital Pet Peeve: September 18

You’ve all seen it — Facebook or Instagram’s algorithm, which by default sorts content in a non-chronological order, will sometimes present a post that is clearly expired.

(Not just old…but actually expired, invalid, stale, N/A — you get the idea.)

For example: seeing a sports game promo post in your feed AFTER the game has ended?

This was in my feed on Monday and referred to a game that was played on Sunday.

Maybe I’m missing something, but:

Why don’t social media platforms offer the ability to include an expiration date on posts (scheduled or otherwise) so that things like sports or tv show promo posts are automatically disqualified from the algorithm and don’t show up in people’s feeds after the event is over?

I understand that there could be digital marketing considerations in play, but perhaps someone can educate me on the value there. (And why it’s better than filling people’s feeds with RELEVANT content only!)

Otherwise, it just annoys me… Digital Pet Peeve #1.

My other pet peeve? Apple Music changing songs when I create a station!


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