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10 developer-focused Slack channels to find your next remote job or project.

There are a lot of developer-focused Slack channels out there focused out there. It seems like each individual language and framework has its own Slack channel for you to join.

In this post, I’m going to list 10 slack channels you can join that will be very helpful if you’re a developer looking for your next remote job or project.

Each channel that I mention will have some type of jobs channel focused on posting jobs and discussing jobs.

IMPORTANT: I’m not encouraging anyone to join these carefully cultivated communities and start immediately asking that they’re looking for a job. They took time to build. Please be respectful.

Okay, let’s jump right in.

1) Larachat

Larachat is a Slack group focused on the PHP framework Laravel. They’re currently boasting over 24,000 members from all over the world. Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks out there and it’s a very active channel.

In terms of work, this slack channel has a #work and a #freelance channel. They post PHP and Laravel-specific jobs and also discuss how to land jobs.


2) Ruby on Rails Link

Ruby on Rails Link is a Slack Channel focused on Ruby and the Ruby on Rails framework. It has 8,700+ members.

It takes a bit more to join this community. You have to optionally provide your GitHub and portfolio link. They use this to deter spammers.

In terms of work-related channels, they have a #work-offers channel that's used for postings. There is also the #work-career-chat that's used for the discussion of posts.

This is a very useful Slack group to join if you’re a Ruby programmer looking for your next project.


3) Reactiflux (Discord)

Okay, Reactiflux is a Discord channel, not a Slack channel. But, I included it here in this list because it’s a really active channel and could help you find your next project.

Reactiflux is a community of over 25,000 developers focused on the Facebook tools React, React Native, Jest, Redux, and GraphQL.

They have a channel called #jobs that is exclusively focused on postings. From my experience, there are a lot of remote job postings on here too.

If you would rather not join the Discord channel for the jobs they also post all of their jobs over on the Reactiflux Jobs website. Here’s the link for the jobs website.


4) EmberCommunity

EmberCommunity is a Slack Channel focused on the front-end framework Ember.js. They currently over 12,300 registered users at the time of this post.

Their jobs channel is called #-jobs that is almost exclusively focused on postings.

The only downside is that it isn’t a paid slack channel so there’s a 10,000 message limit. That’s understandable when you’re letting anyone join. Just remember to keep posted on this one extra regularly if you think the jobs are relevant to you.


5) Ionic Worldwide

Ionic Worldwide is a Slack channel focused on the front-end framework Ionic. Ionic is a front-end framework that lets you build mobile apps with only front-end code. They have over 20,000 registered members.

The jobs channel is called #ionic-jobs. There are many contract and freelance roles posted here. If you're a front-end developer specifically looking for those kinds of roles this is a good slack channel to join.



This is the slack channel for the website. is a website focused on web development in general. They have tutorials on Angular, React, Node, and Laravel.’s jobs channel is called #jobs and it has about 875 people in it. You'll find as much variety in the jobs here as you do on their website.

This is a great slack channel to join if you’re a web developer because anything can get posted.


7) Gophers

Gophers is a Slack community focused on supporting developers using the Golang programming language. As of the time of this posting it has almost 30,000 members.

From what I’ve seen they have a #golang-jobs channel where they have posts posted and a discussion about jobs. There are so many members so if you're a back-end developer I definitely recommend this one.


9) iOS Developers

The iOS Developers Slack Channel is focused on iOS and Mac developers. The channel currently has over 20,000 members at the time of this post.

Their jobs channel is called #job-board. Once again, this Slack channel deleted messages after there are 10,000. So it's good to keep posted on this one if iOS jobs are what you're looking for.


10) SlashRocket (Discord)

The last one that I’ll recommend here is once again not a Slack channel, but it is a developer-focused community.

SlashRocket describes themselves as an inclusive community for developers of all skill levels. They have a #jobs channel that gets updated from time to time with development jobs. There's also discussion about the jobs themselves that happens in this channel.

This is a very helpful channel to join if you’re looking for general web development positions.


Conclusion: Join a slack channel and find your next remote job or project

There are many other developer-focused slack channels that you can join. Here’s a list of 23+ Slack Channels that you can join as a developer.

I’m not sure how active the job channels will be or if they will have job channels, but they might be worth checking out.

Good luck on your search for your next remote project!

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