10 free places to find your next remote web development freelance projectby@dericksozo

10 free places to find your next remote web development freelance project

Derick Sozo4mAugust 1st, 2018
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Are you a web developer looking for your next remote freelance project?

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Are you a web developer looking for your next remote freelance project?

Man-in-the-middle marketplaces like UpWork, Freelancer, and Fiverr aren’t the only places you can use to find remote work. There are better ways to find good remote freelance projects.

Remote projects get posted all the time in various places like social media sites, multiple job boards, and forums too.

In this post, I’m going to share with you 10 different websites you can check to find your next remote freelance web development project.

1) Hubstaff Talent Jobs

Hubstaff Talent is a website that doesn’t get mentioned often for web developers looking for work. Most of the jobs posted here are open to remote workers.

In terms of filtering options you can easily filter between full-time, hourly contract, and fixed price gigs.


2) Stack Overflow Jobs

Stack Overflow job is where a majority of the remote tech jobs are posted. Yes, there are many full-time positions posted here, but many freelance contract positions also get posted here.

Stack Overflow gives you a lot of filtering options. You can filter if the job is remote and whether it’s a contract position or a full-time position. Lastly, it lets you filter based on technical tags (html, javascript, or react), or based on your role (Front-end Developer, Back-end, DevOps, etc.) You can get as specific as you need to with the filtering.


3) Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is another great resource to check on your search for a remote web development position. This job board isn’t tech specific, but a lot of web development positions get posted here.

It gives you the option to filter for remote work as a prominent main option. It also lets you filter between Full-time and Part-time positions. Another filtering option that it gives you is between skills. So, if you’re a front-end developer you can make sure those are the only positions that you see.


4) Reactiflux Jobs

Reactiflux is actually a Slack community, not a website. They have a #jobs channel in the Slack where they post new jobs. But, the great people at Reactiflux also then post those jobs on their job board.

Most of the jobs posted here are related to front-end web development and sometimes are very specific to the React.js framework. If you’re a front-end web developer looking for a job this is a great source to check.

Filtering options include being able to filter for remote work and only grabbing the jobs that were posted within a certain timeframe.


5) JustUXJobs

JustUXJobs is a design-focused job board that is also great for design-oriented front-end web developers looking for a remote position.

There are no filtering options on this website. This one isn’t updated as frequently so it doesn’t matter that much. Just scroll through and see if the tags on the right match up with what you’re looking for.


6) CodePen Jobs

CodePen Jobs is a front-end developer focused job board from the creators of Codepen. CodePen Jobs is one of the greater job boards for front-end developers looking for a remote position.

It doesn’t offer any filtering options, but it does display if the job is remote and whether it’s full-time or not.


7) Vue Jobs

Vue Jobs is a Vue.js-focused jobs website. If you’re a front-end developer who already knows Vue.js or is willing to pick it up it’s a great source.

The filtering options are limited, but they have tabs in the header that let you switch between Part-time, Full-time, and Remote positions.


8) WeWorkMeteor

WeWorkMeteor is a Meteor.js-focused job board. From my experience with this job board, not all of the jobs posted here are Meteor-specific. Also, most of the jobs are remote freelance or contract.

Once again, no filtering options here but you don’t need them since it’s a very specific job board.


9) Reddit

Reddit has many tech and framework-specific subreddits where jobs get posted. Many clients come in here and create a post when they’re looking for a developer with specific skills.

I’ve previously written on article on which subreddits to search and the best way to send a message to maximize your chances of landing the remote position. Click here to read that one.


10) Twitter

Believe it or not, Twitter is also a very good source for finding a freelance web development project. I’ve found multiple freelance positions on Twitter before. It’s easy to stand out from the crowd if you know how to craft your message and search the right keywords.

I’ve also written a Twitter-specific article on how to best utilize to find and land your next remote freelance project. Click here to learn more and read that one.


Conclusion: Go out there and find your next remote project

These are 10 extra UpWork, Freelancer, and Fiverr alternatives that you can use to supplant your search for your next project.

To land a good remote position, it comes down to searching websites where jobs get posted every day and reaching out quickly when you find something good. Reach you as quickly as you can with a great email-based cover letter.

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Good luck on your search and thank you for reading!