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Days Gone 2 Denied by Sony: This Game Needs to Happen by@brandonk

Days Gone 2 Denied by Sony: This Game Needs to Happen

Brandon Koebernik Hacker Noon profile picture

Brandon Koebernik

An aspiring writer in the video game industry with a keen eye for detail and a profound passion for writing.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, a pitch for Days Gone 2 was denied by Sony. This is beyond devastating news to fans of the first game as it was quite exceptional. If you’re interested in supporting the making of a sequel to this legendary game, consider signing the Days Gone 2 petition on, as it may show Sony just how many fans would be interested in buying it. With that said, let’s take a look at all of the reasons why a sequel desperately needs to happen.

Masterful Storytelling

While some may claim the story was a tad bit too drawn out, many would contest that it was just right. Length shouldn’t determine value in a game; if the game is well written, why would you want less of it? You see, many games nowadays stretch the length of a game to well above 100 hours while the content or story is subpar. Likewise, a game can be incredibly short but have an unsatisfying conclusion or premise from the boot. 

Days Gone was a masterpiece in storytelling from beginning to end. We go on an emotional adventure that leads to that satisfying conclusion we wanted to see. If you’re one of the few that hasn’t played it, spoilers will be avoided. The game is an easy recommendation for several reasons, but the narrative alone will surpass your expectations. If you have played it, well, you already know how great it is.

Character Development

This may fall in line with the previous entry, but I feel that it deserves its own entry. The character development is phenomenal. Deacon starts as a rough and gritty biker with a mysterious and rather sad past, as we see from the beginning. As time goes on, his character is way more fleshed out, and you begin to see him for who he really is, a sweet and caring man. Despite his tone at times, you know that under that tough exterior is a compassionate and empathetic soul.

Then you have the accompanying characters like Boozer. Boozer is the comedic relief at times, but his relationship with his best friend, Deacon, is very heartwarming. While he may seem intimidating due to his head being covered in scary tattoos, he’s just a big teddy bear. Having a best friend who has you back in the type of world they live in can make all the difference. It would be great to see these guys back in action again in Days Gone 2.

World-Building/Exploration Possibilities for Days Gone 2

That brings me to my next topic of discussion, the world itself. The world of Days Gone is vast and dangerous; you never know what lurks around every corner. From hordes of the undead, or freakers as the game calls them, to the intense encounters with bears, there are many ways for you to kick the bucket. It’s quite something accidentally stumbling upon a horde and seeing them all rush at you like dogs running after the mailman. It’s anxiety-inducing and beyond terrifying as you get ready to meet your maker.

What would this vast world be without some form of transportation to traverse the environment? The motorcycle you have access to from the get-go can be upgraded beyond your wildest dreams. Customize it with different paint jobs, tune it up to your liking, fortify its exterior structure, or pack it with ammunition to save yourself when you find yourself in a pinch. Cruising on your pimped-out ride is satisfying and feels smooth as butter on the PS5, which is the ideal place to play it due to the performance upgrades. No doubt we would see more in-depth customization and upgrades in Days Gone 2.

Cliffhanger Ending

While I’m going to do my best to avoid any spoilers, I must mention the essential reason that we need Days Gone 2. After the game's incredible conclusion, if you play around in the world a little longer, you get a not-so-secret cutscene. This cutscene really ends with a cliffhanger and sets up the narrative for a second game. It goes without saying that we absolutely want to see how the story progresses beyond what happens here. This reason alone is why you should sign the Days Gone 2 petition.

Final Thoughts on Days Gone 2

If this wasn’t enough to convince you that Days Gone 2 needs to happen, replay the game for yourself. A sequel would surely expand upon every aspect of the game in unique and exciting ways. Again, please sign the Days Gone 2 petition to support Bend Studio and to show Sony that we demand a sequel to what is perhaps the best zombie game of all time. As for now, we can at least relive the masterpiece that is the original.

Brandon Koebernik Hacker Noon profile picture
by Brandon Koebernik @brandonk.An aspiring writer in the video game industry with a keen eye for detail and a profound passion for writing.
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