May 25th 2018
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What is DATx?

DATx is a new blockchain-based digital advertising terminal which aims to create a decentralized advertising ecosystem that is free from the major problems that traditional programmatic advertising faces.

The concept is simple: to build an intelligent advertising ecosystem with blockchain-based decentralization as its foundation and Artificial Intelligence as its main machinery.

DATx integrates blockchain-based technologies with Artificial Intelligence and big data techniques to build an innovative advertising ecosystem which provides data privacy, security and transparency between data proprietors (the users) and the advertisers that utilize them, granting the users the right to gain control over the data they wish to provide as well as giving them appropriate incentives for providing data. In exchange, the advertisers become more efficient as they are able reach their target audience more accurately, creating a just and win-win user-advertiser relationship.

The DATx Mission

The DATx ecosystem guarantees irreversibility, justice, transparency and auditability. Innovations are targeted towards the problems that traditional programmatic media buying faces when it comes to handling user data. Their new blockchain-based system provides solutions to these problems and makes solving them beneficial not only to the end users but to the advertisers as well.

The following are the major problems of traditional advertising platforms that DATx aims to resolve:

Data Proprietorship of Users

Advancements of programmatic media buying in mobile and big data techniques has made automated procedures in advertisement more efficient in collecting and analyzing user data, making them able to reach their target audience and maximizing their Return of Investment (ROI). These developments, however, create problems regarding the propriety of these data. Arguably, the users own these data in question and therefore should have the right to privacy of their data and decide whether they wish to share it or not. This, unfortunately, is not the case with traditional techniques.

Data Isolation

Since individual advertisers develop their own centralized technologies in tracking and analyzing user data, advertising platforms build their own isolated advertising exchange market and delivery systems outside of public advertisement exchange markets. Because of this fragmentation of exchange systems, user data becomes redundant, making a risk of unintentionally spamming users, and causing inconsistencies in user information.

Specificity of Advertisements

Users tend to have little to no control as to what advertisements are shown to them. This serves as a big disadvantage on both the advertisers and users because this causes a decline in Return of Investment (ROI) and click-through rate (CTI). Furthermore, users give negative feedback on receiving advertisements that they are not interested in, tarnishing the image of advertising platforms and the advertisers. Personalized recommendations have developed in the advertising industry recently and solved some of these problems, though not eliminating them entirely. This is due to a lack of user involvement in the advertising ecosystem.

Missing Users in Advertising Value Chain

One of the main problems that DATx emphasizes is the lack of user incentive in exchange for the data they provide. Since users have no say in what they want to see, advertisements are not functioning to an optimum, generating a large amount of wasted resources. In addition, since users are the rightful proprietors of their data, they should have full control over what data they provide. This way, user-provided data provides a more efficient system for advertisers to accurately reach their target audiences that are reciprocally interested in them.

Through the blockchain-based DATx ecosystem, these problems are resolved by making a decentralized network of users, advertisers and publishers working together in an incentive-based system wherein users benefit from the data they willingly provide in exchange for incentives and a better advertising experience, advertisers optimize their ROI by utilizing accurate user-provided data and publishers are rewarded by integrating DATx SDK.

The Blockchain-Based Advertising Innovation

With the integration of blockchain to build a transparent advertising ecosystem, DATx brings innovation in the advertising industry through the following:

● Complementary advantages of AI and blockchain

● Precision advertising and high Return of Investment (ROI)

● Decentralized trustworthy system with lowered operating cost

● Openness and scalability

● Stronger reliability, anonymity, independence and compliance

● Optimized incentive mechanism

● Fairer benefit distribution, higher intra-system matching efficiency

● Connection between digital world and real world

DATx Blockchain

The DATx advertising ecosystem is comprised of 3 main parts: the blockchain, the ad platform and the application platform.

The blockchain is what holds the whole system together. It executes smart contracts, handles the ecosystem incentive mechanism, makes monetary exchange possible in the form of DATx cryptocurrency tokens and it is where all behavior information and data are stored.

Ad Platform and DATx Token

Advertisers are able to connect to the blockchain via the ad platform wherein they can check delivery performance and access user-provided data that they purchased. Advertisers are also able to manage their budget by having cryptocurrency wallets and making transactions in the ecosystem by using DATx tokens. These transactions between advertisers and users are secured and executed via smart contracts.

Application Platform and Incentive Mechanism

Users and publishers are able to connect to the blockchain via the application platform, which is where the DATx AI mechanisms and big data techniques are at play. These systems are the anti-fraud system, the AI recommendation system and the big data feedback system. Publishers, by integrating DATx SDK, display these systems to the user via decentralized applications (DAPPS), and are rewarded accordingly. These systems then gather user data, with the user’s knowledge and permission, and in exchange are rewarded via the blockchain’s ecosystem incentive mechanism.

Name: Ralph SasInterim 
Position: CEO — Avazu Global at DotC United Group

Bio: Ralph graduated from the University of Avans Hogeschool Den Bosch in The Netherlands. Currently, he is the acting CEO of DotC United Group and the CEO of Avazu Europe Europe/NA/Latam, a subsidiary of the mobile advertising platform. He is the Member of the Board of Directors of Avazu Holding In addition, Ralph ever worked for ZinQ Media and R&D Media, both of these two companies are the leading company in mobile internet and online digital marketing in The Netherlands.

Name: Guus Esbir Wildeman

Position: COO Avazu Europe / North America/Latam at Avazu

Bio: Guus graduated from the University of Hogeschool in The Netherlands, he is an expert in Affiliate Marketing, Social media, SEO, PPC, PPV, online promotion areas. He served for DotC United Group for over 3 years and now is the current COO of Avazu Europe /NA/Latam, before that, he was a Sales Director of the EU area of iQU. Guus devoted his efforts into Creating a perfect connections between gamers, publishers and advertisers and try to earn more robust marketplace for online games. By using his previous intelligence platform — sophisticated GameriQU™ across the Internet, social media, mobile devices and more, carries a big and deep influence in European countries.

Robert Körbs
Managing Director Europe/NA/Latam at Avazu

Robert Körbs graduated from the University of Applied Sciences Berlin (which was listed in the first place of West Europe area) ,he specialized in Business Computer Science. Until now, he had more than 8 years of work experience in digital marketing, user access, Ad business, as a pioneer team leader of running start-up ecosystem. At present, Robert is holding the position of Managing Director of Avazu Europe/NA/Latam. He ever worked for sub corporation of Hitfox group, ad2games,a digital innovation marketing game company, with the title of the Head of Advertiser Relations.

Alejandro Bonsignore
Director of Business Development at Avazu LATAM

Alejandro has been professor within Law and Social Science at UADE university, one of the top ranked universities in Buenos Aires, with experience of leading roles for major companies in the Digital Advertising industry, such as Improve Media Network. He has deep knowledge about the Aviation Industry after working many years as Consultant. Today, Alejandro is the Director of Business Development at Avazu LATAM



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