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Create objects in JavaScript

Different ways of creating objects in JS. Read on Github

Using Object literal

human object created in the previous article is an example of creating JavaScript object using object literal.

Using new Object() syntax

Creating objects using new Object() and object literal does the same thing. For simplicity, readability and execution speed, use object literal.

We can add new properties and methods to the above objects using the dot and/or square notation.

Object Constructor

Constructor function in JavaScript is used for creating new objects using a blueprint. Just like classes are used for creating objects in Java, C# we can use constructors to create objects in JavaScript.

Objects can be created using the constructor function syntax using the following two steps:

  1. Define the object blueprint(class) by defining the constructor function. By convention, name of the constructor function should start with capital letter
  2. Create the object by instantiating the constructor function using new operator


This is just the blueprint. To create the object we will use the new operator.

var viratKohli = new Human("Virat", "Kohli");
var sachinTendulkar = new Human("Sachin", "Tendulkar");

Another method to create object using Object.create is explained here

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