Comment Like it is HOT, and Other HackerNoon Product Updates by@product

Comment Like it is HOT, and Other HackerNoon Product Updates

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HackerNoon Product Updates

This is the official page for HackerNoon Product Updates!

The below updates are reflective up to May 3, 2022.

Hey there, Hackers.

Time flies when you’re working hard!😜

It’s time for our regular updates on the fun new features we’ve deployed in the past month.

As always:

A big thank you to our team of uber-talented developers who use their superBrain skills to make HackerNoon a better place.

1. Comment on Your Favourite Articles!

Are you a smooth typist? Great, now you can show it off in the brand-new comments section!

That’s right, comments are available site-wide! Now, you can give your take on all of the articles you read, compliment your favorite writer, and just share your overall thoughts with the big green world.

For writers, we’ve made it easy to see all of the comments left on your articles. They will appear in your dashboard menu, or via this link:



Please note that editors can edit these comments if you decide to drop too many ‘F-bombs.’ They will also be screened before approval, so please say no to being a spammer.

2. An Improvement to Story Stats

In a data-driven universe, stats are an essential building block. Alas, sometimes stats can be more honest than their interpretations.

At HackerNoon our writers and readers want a legitimate reflection of how well their work is doing.

Previously, we used Google Analytics, but now Cloudflare Analytics is king. With this new tracking system, stats are as accurate as ever. Less blocking, more honest views.

Turns out, a lot of people block Google Analytics entirely. But now, writers can sit back, drink their coffee, and relax knowing their story stats are correct.


3. Trending Tech Company Reports

Let’s face it Hacker, there is a lot of tech news to keep up with. But what is the most important of the lot?

Now you can be in the front row, simply by checking out HackerNoon’s tech company brief, a Bloomberg-esque weekly newsletter where we give you the gist of what’s going on with the biggest tech companies within the past 7 days.

See the first few reports here:

Find out the companies that are making the biggest waves, read what everyone is talking about, and learn more about the tech world surrounding you by subscribing to the Trending Tech Company Brief here:

Click here and hit subscribe.


4. Notifications for the Clever Human

Have you clicked on the little bell icon lately?

We’ve launched this feature last month, and since then have iterated a good bit on the UX of the feature to make it smoother for readers and writers alike.

We also updated a number of valuable notifications you receive when it comes to your articles as well as what is going on with the HackerNoon community.

Like this “On this day” feature for writers:


What’s more, every week you can also scroll down to the bottom of your notis center to see what’s new in the HackerNoon universe!


5.Noonie Wins Reflected on Your About Page

For those that have earned the right to gloat, behold our acknowledgment.

We’ve deployed Noonie badges to all of the winners’ profiles.

Now, everyone will get to see how amazing you are when they click your About Page and see that glorious Noonie badge. Or badges, you starfish.

Didn’t win in the recent Noonies? Don’t worry, we’ve deployed badges to all Noonie winners, even from previous years. Because when you’re a Noonies winner, you’re a winner for life.

Speaking of Noonies, we have shipped the first set NFT badges to Noonies winners.


Other Updates


  • The system has been improved for better tracking of contest participants as well as empowering the HackerNoon team with an easier way to create new contests.

  • Entering one story in multiple contests is not allowed. The system knows to follow this as well.


Navigation Bar: Navigate in style with an improved navigation bar design.


Footers: It’s now possible for our team to add YouTube videos to story footers.

Database Wins: Lists, lists, and more lists. We have an easier time finding information on specific tags, whether it be writers, stories, or contact info.

Thank you all for being a part of the HackerNoon community!

Post written and compiled by Linh, Jose, and Ellen!


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