Celebrate Open Source with HackerNoon! [Writing Prompts] by@prompts
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Celebrate Open Source with HackerNoon! [Writing Prompts]

September 30th 2022
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by @prompts 16,349 reads
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Hacktoberfest 2022 is a month-long celebration of open-source projects, maintainers, and the broader contributor community. This event is all about giving back to the community and celebrating open source in general. Here are some questions to help you get started: What do you do and why? Leave a message for our readers (Call to Contribute :P) Feel free to add more details, links, images or embeds to make it more inviting for your readers to contribute to your project.

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Happy Hacktoberfest, Hacker!

As we are about to welcome October, here comes Hacktoberfest, which is a month-long celebration of Open Source and the spirit of collaboration and contribution in the tech community. And we at HackerNoon want to hear how you are giving back to the open source community and let you know how proud we are of your contribution.


Here are a few ideas and story templates to get you started:

  1. What is Hacktoberfest? How to participate in it?
  2. How to contribute to open-source? Click here to share your experience contributing to an open-source project.
  3. What is your favorite open-source project? Click here to share more about your open-source project (as a project owner/maintainer).
  4. What does Hacktoberfest mean to open-source? How to make the most out of Hacktoberfest? Click here to share your thoughts.
  5. Why should you contribute to open-source? What does open-source contribution mean for your career? Click here to share your thoughts.

We hope to have sparked some incredible ideas with our suggestions and look forward to reading about your open-source contribution this Hacktoberfest.

Talking more about this week, our readers have been crunching on some shocking yet interesting insights on news of the Figma acquisition, the massive Uber Hack, and the Ethereum merge. Meanwhile, we have brought something new for all our crypto enthusiasts - Coin Wikis by HackerNoon, which powers the HackerNoon Coin Pages where you can find prices, data, and stories surrounding the world's cryptocurrencies with $1B+ market caps. Speaking of, do you have any crypto investment worth spotlighting? Click here to enter our Defi Writing Contest!

We’ve also been geeking out with some awesome new updates for you all, like the Emoji Credibility Indicators that you can see besides some of the HackerNoon stories, and an AI Image Generator that helps admin and editors create amazing feature images based on a few imaginative keywords, such as these ones (soon to be available for all writers, like you!). Speaking of these updates, as a developer, is there any project or concept you are working on or worked on that you can explain in a simple What Is, and Why format?

And lastly - we've improved and published 314 stories last week, out of 544 submissions! If you are not interested in any of these ideas above, there's always 1 simple way to start writing on HackerNoon. Ready for it? ⬇️⬇️⬇️


Until next time, we are cheering for you, and happy writing!


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