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Can an AI Chatbot Help You Develop Healthier Messaging Habits?

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@kyrylo-lyzanetsKyrylo Lyzanets

CEO & Founder at AIBRO

Social media can be a dangerous place to hang out. Researchers have found that compulsive use of social media can cause a lot more than just nervousness, low self-esteem, anxiety and jealousy. In fact, a study of how social media affects our health reveals that using social networks obsessively can cause depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), impulsive disorder, problems with mental functions, loneliness, addiction, and paranoia. 

What are the healthy habits?

Healthy habits empower our psychological, mental or emotional wellbeing and drive us towards high achievement and success. 

Moreover, habits account for half of our actions. What we think, say and do is controlled by our habits. When we concentrate on healthy messaging habits, we become better at achieving our personal goals. 

And it’s not only about building good messaging habits. It’s about cutting off unhealthy habits. The longer we repeat certain behaviors, the harder it’s for us to abstain from them. Social media offers an immediate burst of dopamine — a neurotransmitter that makes us feel good, happy and satisfied. That’s why unhealthy social media messaging routines are holding us back and we can’t quit them as easily as we would like to. It takes us mental effort and conscious training to alter our unhealthy habits. 

More time for yourself with a chatbot 

A startup Aiternal aims to help us develop healthier messaging habits. Over the last year, Aiternal has been developing AIBRO — a personal chatbot that can handle the conversations on Messenger with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The chatbot will handle the annoying conversations that whisk the time away meanwhile you focus on your priorities, be it work, personal goals, education or health.   

AIBRO chatbot utilizes artificial intelligence technology to learn the way you respond on social messaging platforms and is able to copy your conversation style. It's not just an autoresponder — AIBRO chatbot is capable to provide better and smarter responses over time, as it learns how you communicate. 

Turning on a chatbot to respond on your behalf on social media can help you to devote more time to be a better you. Meanwhile AIBRO responds on your behalf, you can dedicate time to achieving your goals, spending time doing what you love and grow personally.

Thanks to advances in technology we have different tools so that our life now is much easier than it was 50 years ago. Why not use an AI assistant to manage conversations on Facebook while you can do something more valuable and effective? 

How AI makes a chatbot intelligent

Representation learning technology allows AIBRO to automatically find out the representations needed for feature learning from raw data. This means that the chatbot can both learn the features and use them to carry out a particular task.

AIBRO is said to have flexible settings: it can be customized to operate in "open" or in "incognito" mode and let your counterpart know if he/she is chatting with a chatbot.

AIBRO can be scheduled to respond on your behalf when you're at an important meeting or while you drive in a car. According to the Journal of the Odisha Society of the Americas texting while driving causes 390 000 injuries each year.  By setting AIBRO to reply on Messenger while you drive you can save yourself from dangers of inattentive driving. 

A path to productivity

AIBRO creators claim the chatbot helps to be more productive both in professional and personal life. We are constantly exposed to different kinds of distractions, especially it concerns the constant phone beeping with various kinds of notifications. It's impossible to resist that beeping sound, and voilà, we're victims of context switching. 

According to research published in the American Psychological Association, 40% of our productive time is killed by context switching. These stats hurt a lot especially if you're a business owner and understand how much you could have possibly gained at this time. 

Therefore, uninterrupted focus and concentration are the prime sources of high productivity. AIBRO claims to help us achieve that state of flow, when we're deeply immersed in the activity we do and deliver notable results and becoming the best versions of who we are.


Even though social media’s negative effects are well known and documented, it’s hard for us to discipline ourselves and use social media wisely.  Developing healthy messaging habits and disrupting unhealthy ones is a significant factor, determining our personal productivity. By enabling a personal chatbot like AIBRO you can optimize your current communication and devote more time to the most valuable activities, including being a better you. 

The launch of AIBRO is planned at the beginning of April. Meanwhile, you can sign up here —  


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