“BukanMessenger” an Open Source Chat App Built on Top React Native & Meteor by@radiegtya
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“BukanMessenger” an Open Source Chat App Built on Top React Native & Meteor

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BukanMessenger is a Messenger app build on top React Native and Meteor Js. It is customizeable and some new feature will coming soon every week.


BukanMessenger Demo

When telegram had been officially banned in my Country, it make me really disappointed and sad. Why such a good technology should be banned just because of unreasonable thing.

So I decided to make something similarly to telegram, and I think it must be an Open Source one! Although I believe it still far away from Telegram. But ofc we or you can make it better and better in the future!! Btw, It’s called “BukanMessenger”.

I hope with “BukanMessenger”, people could build their own Messenger easily. That can be achieved because it build on top of React Native which is I think way more easier to Learn rather than Native iOS (obj C) or Android (JAVA).

Why BukanMessenger?

  • It’s React Native, so it support android & iOS by default!
  • Simple Code, so you can easily contribute on it.
  • Meteor is one of the most starred javascript framework, and it is very easy to use


Installation & Configuration

React Native https://github.com/radiegtya/BukanMessenger (Front-end)

$ git clone https://github.com/radiegtya/BukanMessenger$ cd BukanMessenger$ npm install$ react-native run-ios #or react-native run-android

Meteor https://github.com/radiegtya/BukanMessengerBackend (Back-end)

$ git clone https://github.com/radiegtya/BukanMessengerBackend$ cd BukanMessengerBackend$ meteor npm install$ meteor #run your meteor on http://localhost:3000

Open “app/Config.js”, and set the meteorUri variable as your Meteor server run at

export const meteorUri = ‘ws://localhost:3000/websocket’;

Support Us :)

I hope this blog are useful for You whether to Customize “BukanMessenger” or Just understanding how chat app works. If you love this blog or want to discuss more, please leave comment or directly contact me at:

See Ya at TOP….


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