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Build A Twitter Bot With Zero Code That Gets You Followers

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A Step-by-Step Guide To Engaging Cryptocurrency Tweets

Creating a Twitter Bot in the past involved multiple programmers with hours of configuration and testing. What used to be a time intensive and costly process is now possible in minutes. A properly setup Twitter bot will help reach your audience with engaging content, setting yourself apart from those who can not keep up with consistent Tweets.

Imagine your own custom Twitter Bot posting real-time market updates for your favorite cryptocurrencies. It is possible with Integromat, and LunarCRUSH, the company I work with. Below we will outline a step-by-step process utilizing Integromat. The bot pulls information from LunarCRUSH. The Cryptocurrency metrics for 2,000+ crypto alt-coins stored as formatted variables and tweeted out automatically with the option to schedule tweets every X amount of minutes or hours or days. 

Setting up Integromat

Let’s start off by heading to Integromat and signing up if you do not already have an account.


Once you are logged in, you will arrive at the dashboard. Here is where you can manage your scenarios and automation workflows.


Next, click ‘Create a new scenario’. This will create a fresh scenario where we can add our modules for our cryptocurrency twitter bot.

Integromat provides difference services to include within your workflow; however, we will need to ‘Skip’ this step since we are starting with a fresh scenario.


Now we have a clean workflow to utilize. First we will click the question mark module.


You will notice the different services available once again. 


Search for ‘HTTP’. This will allow us to make a request to receive our cryptocurrency data. 


You will see numerous options for actions within HTTP Request.

Click ‘HTTP’.


Since we are pulling in our data from an external API, we will need to ‘Make a request’.


Here you will notice the option to include a URL. This is where we will include our API End Point.

Introduction to LunarCRUSH — Social Listening For Crypto

LunarCRUSH delivers free community insights to crypto investors, funds, and exchanges. Through research applications and API’s, get real-time insights that help make informed crypto investment decisions.

Go ahead and sign up for a free account. Feel free to play around and check out all of the pretty Cryptocurrency metrics.


In order to start pulling in cryptocurrency social insights, you must have an account. Go ahead and set up an account.


In the left-hand navigation, head to Developers and select API Docs.


The LunarCRUSH API lets you access most of the data available on our public website. Our front-end application uses the same API to get and display all of the data on our site. This documentation explains how to use the LunarCRUSH public REST API. 

Once you are in the API Docs, generate your V2 API Key


Now we can see our LunarCRUSH v2 API Key. We can test our LunarCRUSH API Key by clicking ‘Select an example request’ and the click ‘Request’.


You will notice that the API request was recognized and processed by LunarCRUSH. 



We have the option to utilize any of the REST API Endpoints from LunarCRUSH.

In this tutorial, I plan to utilize the ‘Assets’ end point. Feel free to mess around with any of the endpoints.

Assets: Details, overall metrics, and time series metrics for one or multiple assets. We refer to all supported cryptocurrencies as assets.

Market: Summary information for all supported assets (Markets page) including 5 recent time series values for some metrics.

Global: Overall aggregated metrics for all supported assets (top of Markets page).

Feeds: Social posts, news, and shared links for one or multiple coins.

Alerts: Historical timestamped records of changes in metrics that are notable beyond typical trends including periodical highs, lows, and sudden increases or decreases.

Influencers: List of social accounts that have the most influence on different assets based on number of followers, engagements, and volume of posts.

Influencer: Individual influencer details including actual posts.

Copy the desired API endpoint URL:


Let’s head back over to Integromat.


Paste the LunarCRUSH API Endpoint URL along with YOUR API key within the URL field on Integromat.

Make sure you select ‘Raw’ for the Body type.

Make sure you select ‘JSON (application/json) for the Content type.

Make sure you select ‘Parse response’ button. 


Add an Image To Your Tweet

This part is optional. I like to think that a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Click the globe looking icon, also known as ‘HTTP’, and click ‘Get a file’. 


LunarCRUSH provides an automatic screenshot function for the ‘Galaxy Score’ of any cryptocurrency on the site.

<a href="https://us-central1-coin-insights.cloudfunctions.net/widgetSnapshot?symbol=%7B%7B1.data.data[].s" data-href="https://us-central1-coin-insights.cloudfunctions.net/widgetSnapshot?symbol={{1.data.data[].s" class="markup--anchor markup--pre-anchor" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">https://us-central1-coin-insights.cloudfunctions.net/widgetSnapshot?symbol=</a>

Where you see ?symbol= you can include the symbol of a coin, for example you could include ‘BTC’ which would include a screenshot of ‘BTC’. Keep this blank for now.


Now we can compose our tweet, this helps organize your tweet before you send it off. Either search for ‘Compose a string’ or click the tool icon.


You may include anything that you would like to include within your tweet. I will leave this blank and click ‘OK’ for now. 


Next, we will include our Twitter module. Click the ‘+’ and search for Twitter.


You will notice different options for Twitter, we will use ‘Create a tweet’


You will need to authenticate your Twitter account with Integromat. Click ‘Add’.


Now we can ‘Authorize app’ which will connect our Twitter account with Integromat.


Within the ‘Status’, we will include our ‘Compose a string’ module by clicking ‘Text’.


Go ahead and right click the first module, ‘HTTP — Make a request’. 

We can ‘Run this module only’ which will make a request to our LunarCRUSH endpoint and will return the data we need.


If successful, we will see within the log that the request was accepted, initiated, finalized, then completed. 


When you click your second module, ‘HTTP — Get a file’, you will notice the ability to click the different drop-down options for ‘HTTP — Make a request’.

Go ahead and click ‘data[]’.


We can see the request from LunarCRUSH API was automatically parsed and includes the information that we would like to include within our scenario. 

I am going to include ‘symbol’ which is the cryptocurrency symbol from LunarCRUSH API response.

Compose Your Tweet String


Click your ‘Compose a string’ module. 

This is where we will compose a string for our Tweet. I went ahead and included a generic Tweet. You will notice that I have included the Cryptocurrency ‘Name’, Cryptocurrency ‘Price’, and Cryptocurrency ‘Price in Bitcoin’. 

Feel free to make the Tweet status whatever you would like.


Optional: Uploading Images To Twitter

You will need to click your ‘Create a Tweet’ module and include the option for Attachments.


Save your scenario and pat yourself on the back. What would have taken hours, maybe even days with Python code, has been completed in a few steps.


Scheduling Your Tweets

The ability of scheduling your tweets at a specific time on a specific day is possible. Switch on the ‘Scheduling’ option and choose how often you would like to run your scenario.


Run Your Integromat Scenario 


If successful, you will notice in the log that the action was completed.


Now if we check twitter, we will see that our Tweet was automatically posted without us even going to Twitter.


Tweet Optimization to Increase Engagement

Every industry is different in terms of communication. From what’s been observed, the Cryptocurrency community on Twitter often relies on two key components. 

Cryptocurrency Hashtags on Twitter

The hashtag is used is various ways on Crypto Twitter. One use case is to tag a coin or project. When referencing Bitcoin, users will often tag ‘#Bitcoin’ and ‘#BTC’. Though these are not the only Hashtags used for Bitcoin Twitter, these hashtags provide a Bitcoin symbol next to them on twitter.


Alternatively, you may want to use some of the other popular hashtags utilized on Twitter by Cryptocurrency users. According to the website named Best-Hashtags, the top Bitcoin hashtags are these:

#bitcoins #bitcoin #bitcoinmining #cryptocurrency #blockchain #bitcoinnews #crypto #ethereum #btc #money #bitcoinprice #forex #bitcoincash #cryptocurrencies #bitcointrading #litecoin #bitcoinexchange #trading #investment #cryptotrading #cryptonews #forextrader #bitcoinbillionaire #investing #binaryoptions #coinbase #entrepreneur #bitcoinvalue #trader #bhfyp

Dollar Sign Tags on Cryptocurrency Twitter

The dollar sign tag is typically used in a particular way on Crypto Twitter. The dollar sign tag when used on Twitter for Bitcoin is typically displayed as this: ‘$BTC’. Just like the hashtag, a user may tag a coin or project, but more than likely the dollar sign tag will be followed by the cryptocurrency symbol rather than the cryptocurrency name. 


Importance of Hashtags and Dollar Sign Tags

Now you may be wondering why it is important to tag coins with hashtags and dollar sign tags. Discoverability is a key factor in utilizing the two types of tags. Often when a user is searching for information on a cryptocurrency, they will search by the coin or project name, hashtag, and or dollar sign tag. I have learned that sometimes you may have bots interacting with your tweets due to other users setting up bots to detect new tweets with certain keywords or tags. Below is a tweet which used the Bitcoin hashtag and dollar sign tag and saw steady engagement.

Final Thoughts

Within a few modules, your easily configurable Twitter bot now pulls data from LunarCRUSH and automatically engages your audience with real-time reliable social insights.

There are a few things that can be done to improve the workflow, such as additional LunarCRUSH parameters to tweet robust cryptocurrency data or visually appealing tweets with different images and hashtags.

This is the first part of a series of tutorials utilizing Integromat and LunarCRUSH. In this tutorial, we utilized a singular end point named ‘assets’. The next tutorial will outline how to parse multiple values from different LunarCRUSH end points, such as the influencer end point.

Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions or suggestions.

Knowledge is Power! The decentralized nature of cryptocurrency makes for more free and democratic ways of accessing networks. Share your knowledge, open source your projects , participate in a community (any community!), and maybe just maybe publish a blog post about it.

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