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Blockchain Technology and The Next Generation of Companies

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@bin.nguyenBin Nguyen

Fintech + Agile Management. A system engineer at heart.

Let's talk about great inventions or great paradigms like the Internet.

The question i keep asking myself is if there was a paradigm sitting in front of us today, what can we do today to figure out what that paradigm is going to do 40 years from now so we can take advantage of it, so that we can be a part of what Bill Gates and others did to the Internet.

In order to do that, in order to get ahead, i think we need to ask another question. (i often call it "The Big Question of Inventions".)

"What is the one gap that invention or paradigm fills for everyone?"

Let's look back at history, let's think about some of the large inventions in our life.

Let's start with the Printing Press in 1400s. It filled an interesting gap. It filled what i would like to call the "Knowledge Gap". At the time when knowledge came to only anointed — someone special would get a clay with the name of kings on it and that’s how knowledge came from the gods. The printing press was invented and completely closed the gap with books, which bring knowledge to everyone.

Next, let's talk about Engines, 1800s. What is the gap did it fill? It filled the "Power Gap" for human at the time the only thing we had was man power, I mean, slavery or colonialism.

Now, our favorite invention, the Internet. What is the gap? Easy, right? The "Distance Gap". The world is so much smaller than it was 40 years ago. You can connect with just about anyone from just about any distance away.

The invention i would like to talk about today is not the Internet. It is the next invention that i believe will close the gap that is building in our society, the "Gap of TRUST". This invention is called "Blockchain" and it will close that gap, not just how we trust each other but more specifically how we trust in business.

I also believe that each great invention/paradigm comes with new generation of companies / firms. We have press / publishing companies thanks to the invention of Printing Press.

We have great manufacturing companies, huge factories thanks to the invention of engines. We have Google, Facebook, great dot com companies thanks to the birth of the Internet. So, what's next?

What kind of company will we have with Blockchain technology?
What is the next generation of companies that we will see?

I always believe that with the technologies that we have right now, we don't need huge corporations or companies to do the great jobs. I have an idea of companies can run by themselves, companies without CEOs, managers and hierarchy, companies that truly belong to people.


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