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4 Questions a Startup Should Answer before Adopting Blockchain

by CodezerosNovember 28th, 2021
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From the businesses to financial sectors, changes are taking place dynamically. The customer demands are rising, and people are prioritizing security. All startups must consider the latest trends, technologies, and innovations before diving straight into the action.

Blockchain is one such technology that people across the world are adopting. It is levelling up the game for the company and business owners. But before opting for a blockchain development company, you must answer a few questions. So, let us find out more about them in this article.

Insights on the blockchain technology

A huge excitement has been seen across the different types of industries for adopting the blockchain. Additionally, DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) has the potential to transform both of the systems and processes for paving the way to develop the latest efficiencies.

The operational costs are already being reduced by the blockchain mechanism. And also, the online payments are being streamlined, and the settlement costs are being reduced.

Undoubtedly, the technology has the required robustness, and all of it is captured by the market. Blockchain technology has begun evolving from its initial stage. Several pilot projects promised to revolutionize the industries, and because of blockchain, those projects are taking off.

Several big projects associated with blockchain solutions and services made a mark and stated that they are receiving decent returns on their investments. Blockchain solutions are mostly being used in banking and finance, healthcare, supply chain, retail, and real estate. The blockchain mechanism is used in identity, KYC (Know Your Customer), smart cities, and IoT (Internet of Things), and as rewards and loyalty.

If you want to start thinking about investing in the blockchain mechanism, and especially if you are a startup, you need to understand three significant insights on the technology. They are as follows:

  1. A blockchain solution and services provider doesn't need to be the only medium that can help you generate commercial value.

2. The short-term value of the technology can be received from reducing costs. However, things happen a little later when it comes to business transformation in the long term.

3. From now, 3-5 years will be scaled by blockchain technology. Its potential is being explored by the IT sector. After the potential is successfully determined, it is said that the scaling will automatically take place.

Few thoughts on the adoption of blockchain technology across various industries:

Several advisory and research firms have said that blockchain technology was listed among the best 10 strategic technologies in 2020. According to reports, several enterprises have begun evaluating the DLT. And if anyone has not adopted the mechanism yet, they must consider the technology because of its potential for profit generation.

According to research firms, blockchain provides the possibility for reshaping industries. It means the technology is paving the path for startups to revamp the industry in a new way. And this is what makes blockchain attractive. The blockchain mechanism does everything successfully by providing transparency, trust and also by adding value exchange among different industries.

Blockchain technology reduces settlement time, transaction costs and enhances the allover cash flow for businesses. You may consult a blockchain consulting company to know more about how costs can be reduced with the implementation of blockchain.

However, problems are associated with blockchain in terms of interoperability and insufficient standards. So, according to researchers, it will take about three years for the full-fledged deployment of blockchain in financial services. However, banking is currently the best-known mature sector when it comes to the adoption of blockchain.

The technology will move through multiple blockchain app development phases, and its value will get unlocked after three years. And until then, multiple changes will be encountered by the industries with technological advancements and several trial and error.

Four questions to answer before adopting blockchain for your startup:

As a startup, before you try to adopt blockchain technologies, you need to look for answers to the given-below questions:

  1. Are you sure that blockchain technology will become one of the major strengths of your startup? And will blockchain consulting contribute predominantly in the long run to your success?

2. Are you able to detect a feature of your niche? Or can your solution be formatted for benefitting the most with blockchain technology?

3. Will you get a greater share in the industry by adopting blockchain technology for your product?

4. If your product offering ultimately encounters market traction, will you be able to scale it with blockchain technology?


There is no single strategy or technology that can offer you a forever-advantage. To thrive, you need to innovate with technology. If your answer is “Yes” to the above-mentioned four questions, then you can adopt blockchain technology and utilize it in your company’s product development phases. However, if you have any doubt about it, you need to seek expert advice.