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Aworker Protocol (AWP): How Will Data Exchange Work?

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Aworker Protocol

A company will be able to test candidates through an application connected to the Aworker protocol. The company opens a site or application connected to the Aworker protocol and checks all information stored in distributed ledgers.

Aworker protocol will give complete information to companies when hiring employees. Lack of verified information about applicants is one of the significant problems in HR in our time. It is nearly impossible for one application with centralized servers to solve this problem.

The protocol will unite the efforts of application developers and gather complete information about applicants.

From another side, people can prove their competence without lengthy checks and information gathering. In this case, applicants will be able to manage their data and monetize it if necessary.

Advantages for developers of HR applications from using the Aworker protocol

  • Get access to a user database that may interest their clients (companies).
  • Devs can immediately access the database of people’s data. They do not need to gather an audience from scratch.
  • Developers will receive additional revenue in the form of commissions from the sold data through their application.

All in all, application developers can benefit from using Aworker Protocol in several different ways which helps them to create high-quality apps with verified data faster and with lower expenses.

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