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American Dream: Where To Find a Job In the United States

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Written by Aleksandrova Serafima

Every year thousands of people fly to the US to build better lives for themselves and find better jobs. Not all of them succeed, as you might’ve noticed. To stay ahead of the curve and give yourself a fighting chance to get hired, you’ll need more than a Facebook resume. You need to be active on the best job search sites out there.

There are many opportunities for foreign nationals to be employed in the US. It can be a rewarding experience to live and work in another country, experience another culture, and meet new people. Some people choose to come to the United States for education and employment on a permanent basis, and others come for a specified period of time.

Depending on what your career goals are, the type of visa and work permit you need will vary. For foreign nationals interested in working in the USA, there are several different ways to obtain US employment including employment-related green cards (permanent residency), exchange visitor work and study visas, and seasonal and temporary worker visas.

Where to look for a job in the US

USAJobs is the U.S. government’s official site for federal jobs and their accompanying information (i.e. eligibility, benefits, salary). It boasts a deep pool of search filters and received a major upgrade to its functionality and ease of use in recent years, making it much more competitive with privately-run job sites.

USAJobs is frequently updated and often features government positions that other job sites may have missed. You can even apply for jobs directly through the site, allowing you to streamline the entire application process.

There are lots of other websites for a proper job search. You will be surprised to see that LinkedIn is not the only one to help you get in touch with potential employers.

Most attractive cities and regions to work in US

If you look at job growth, affordability, demographics and other factors into consideration there are 10 cities that are most suitable for seeking employment.

  1. Brooklyn, NY
  2. Seattle, WA
  3. Austin, TX
  4. Portland, OR
  5. Boulder, CO
  6. Raleigh, NC
  7. Detroit, MI
  8. Philadelphia, PA
  9. Nashville, TN
  10. Bentonville, AR

US economy sectors that will hire most and are most lucrative

When the US is itself in the grip of recession many EU people would like to know where the jobs are. Here 10 most important sectors have been identified will provide maximum jobs in the US. These sectors may be taken as an indicator by any EU national before applying for a job in US.

  • Office staff. In this sector at present temporary staff is being hired but as the recession ends and business picks up full timers will be hired in large numbers. This sector includes employment from support staff to consultants, lawyers, and contractors. Link: Office Staff Jobs
  • Tourism. This is an evergreen sector. With the emerging economies in Asia and other countries tourism in US is likely to boost up further. Link: tourism Jobs in USA
  • Education. This is another employment potential sector for EU applicants. This sector is likely to create 67,000 new jobs in near future. Link: Education Jobs in USA
  • Restaurants. This sector is very closely linked with tourism. With the increase in tourism in US the restaurantbusiness is sure grow in future. About 130,000 jobs are likely to be created in this sector.

Other important sectors for providing jobs are:

Avoid US visa scams

When seeking to work in the USA it’s important to be aware of scams that offer to assist with obtaining a visa. It’s important to know that there is never a fee to apply for a US work visa or to obtain US government application forms or instructions.

Avoid Recruitment scams

Recently there was another huge scandal around Magic Leap and hiring fraud scheme worth $1.000.000 inside of it. Thanks to the new era of technologies we can stop worrying about being lied to or being out into the scamming scheme.

For instance, Aworker is the platform that helps to prevent frauds in the recruitment and help people find the most suitable company and job position based on their professional skills and achievements. Decentralization provides the best opportunities for creating a new professional ecosystem. It makes it easier to pay people for their actions in Aworker platform: with the power of smart contracts payments for acquaintance’s recommendation or coming to the job interview by yourself are automatic. Also, all information is securely stored, and all the actions are transparent which exclude the chances of getting trapped with expensive yet unnecessary obligations.


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