After All, Who Will Protect Personal Data?by@aworker

After All, Who Will Protect Personal Data?

by Anton CherkasovJuly 30th, 2018
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It’s not one of the articles about Marvel’s new character (sorry, if you believed that). Today I want to discuss the fact that for the past year it has been nothing but awful for data breaches. Giants like Yahoo, Equifax, and even unstoppable Facebook have proven themselves unable to protect user data. We all felt a little bit under Big Brother’s Eye from 1984, but there’s actually something that can be done.

Thanks to the media (not the ‘fake’ ones, of course) we at least know about these problems and can start thinking about the value of information, and the importance of keeping it safe. Nowadays, the data shared with a centralized entity is not just shared, but given away for free, whether it’s to be monetized by a company, or stored indefinitely in a database waiting to be hacked. Which leads us to another existing issue — the falsification of information. Anyone can easily forge documents (certificates, diplomas of education, working history, etc.) or change information over time for someone’s favor.

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There’s no reason we should continue to stand for this. Data is increasingly becoming a commodity, and blockchain technology is exactly the sort of innovation that can put the power of that commodity back into the hands of those to whom it belongs. With Aworker, we’re leveraging some of the most interesting applications of distributed ledger tech to give individuals back their sovereignty in the digital era.

Our protocol makes it easy to create and manage applications based on verified data and reputation score. People can control their information in one place and monetize it. Aworker is a multi-chain solution that consists of a data protocol for third-party applications, a people identification system, data exchange, P2P job marketplace, a verification system, and reputation. Altogether, these features form a multifunctional infrastructure for the creation of a unified Reputation system.

Aworker blockchain framework works with public blockchains and has the power to customize it for different applications. We use data storage in public blockchains, depending on the applications’ requirements, in order to keep information in accordance with the laws of different countries. With the use of several blockchains, we can store data locally in certain countries and guarantee information protection.

According to popular online magazines, 2018 is the year to stop being silent in several meanings. For this time, it’s about to start truly own personal information and embrace the potential of blockchain technology in different industries.

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