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How to Actually “Use Your Network” to Get Through a Job Search (Even the Tough Parts)

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@aworkerAnton Cherkasov, CEO Aworker

People are often told to “use the network” to find a new job. But what does it really mean?

To begin, it means that wherever you’re getting tripped up, whether it’s starting out (for example, if you are stuck in a dead-end job and don’t know how to get out of there) or landing an interview (if you apply for jobs but never hear back), reaching out will help you move ahead.

If You Can’t Figure Out What to Do Next

If you know you’re unhappy with your current job but don’t have a clue what to do about it, fear not! This problem is actually the most fun. You don’t have to stress out about your CV or interviews yet. Instead, you can focus on imagining a better career.

What to do?

Online networking opportunities build a foundation, but meeting people, looking someone in the eyes, and shaking their hands is still important as it creates a strong connection that can otherwise take weeks or even months to build. Tech conferences, hackathons, and meetups often have icebreakers and agenda items designed for networking, usually, present great opportunities. You can find networking events in almost every niche (thanks to Eventbrite.)

If You’re Stuck After Sending an Application to the Dream Company

This one might sound tricky but it actually isn’t. I’m all for being focused on a goal. However, the job search is not the best area for ‘only one option because I want to’ attitude. Don’t let that concentration become a justification for laziness.

After all, if the odds of getting a job at a place like Google are something like 0.2%, you’re going to want to apply other places, too.

What to do?

Stop being so arrogant (don’t confuse with self-confident). Apply for several job listings in different companies that are in your area of interest.

If You Can’t Find a Job Despite Sending Out All the Applications to Every Company

Ok, you’ve sent lots and lots of applications, but still no replies or invites. In that case, the problem might be not in quantity but rather in quality.

What to do?

Stop sending CVs for a little while. Start reaching out to your network to check your documents. Read articles about right cover letters and resume building sites. Put a little more effort in portfolio design.

What else can you do?

Let your network help you.

Aworker DApp — a decentralized platform for recruitment lets you can find a dream job for yourself or your friend, spouse, acquaintance, etc. The catch here is that you have to prove the data you write about by attaching certificates or other verifying documents.

Anyone can get a reward by recommending a friend or acquaintances for open positions (they’ll be rewarded even if they won’t get a job after the interview). So you and your friend will be rewarded for helping you find a job. Isn’t that great or what?

All your acquaintances from internships, part-time jobs, webinars, and other professional events will be able to prove your skills and achievements at work. To find out more about the project, visit this page.


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