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Android is Better. This is why.

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The world economy is moving towards the internet version of itself.

To move forward with clarity, companies need something to relate to, for their purpose and for the greater good of the customers.

They need something reliable and scalable as well. It has to be budget-friendly and easy to use. Android app development is one of the best ways to fulfill all of these goals.

It is one of those rare opportunities in the modern market. It will be at the pinnacle of modern success for the foreseeable future.


What is Android App Development?

Before talking about the benefits of it, one must know the definition.

Android app development is a process where the application is developed with Linux open-source and/or various Java libraries. The programming languages and the development make the application more user-friendly.

Why is it the best option?

Below are five primary benefits of android app development.


The Android platform for app development is open-source. It means that it is royalty-free and relatively free of restrictions.

With Android app development, developers can be free and creative. Developers can work with liberty and innovation in their work. The SDK architecture is a major advantage for the clients as well.

It allows the clients to communicate clearly with the community.

Because it is open-source, users can download apps from anywhere. Thus the number of platform possibilities increases.

Proactive Testing

Apart from the open-source element, the Android platform has one more crucial benefit. It is possible for it to be tested proactively.

SDKs allow the users to install and run applications on any device. This means a developer can test the application from multiple devices without any extra charges.

This allows the developer to further innovate. They can tweak the application on the platform according to the client's requirements.

Easy Adoption and Launching

Adapting to any Android platform is easy. Developers who have the basic knowledge of Java can develop an application on the Android platform.

It is easy to adapt and adjust with the script code for mobile applications. Moreover, Android app development is also easy to launch.

Users need to register, and they can use any application. For the developers, it is also effortless to register. They need to submit all the details in the .apk file and can work as a developer.

Multiple Channel Distribution

Other platforms are building their ecosystem. It is good for sustainability but not for growth.

For instance, the iOS platform only develops apps on their platform. With Android, this isn’t a problem. Developers can deploy their creative ideas in various ways on the platform. Also, the platform allows the developers to distribute in a third-party marketplace.

With the third-party marketplace, clients can choose and optimize their targets. For example, with a niche of targeted consumers, clients can reach their potential target with a lot of promotional strategies.

Because of that, the audience can be turned into customers.

The Popularity of the Platform

Approximately 84% of mobile users use Android.

That creates a bright future for Android app development. It is user-friendly and popular among the customers.

What can Clients Expect?

  • Brand presence for any company is essential. With the help of the Android platform, a company can establish a unique brand presence for itself in the market.

  • Secondly, a marketing plan is the best thing to have for any company. With the flexibility Android platforms give, it will be easy to navigate. Streamlining a successful marketing plan will help the broadcasting of the services of the company.

  • Thirdly, customer retention is the key to sustaining in the modern market. The Android applications will help companies to retain their customers. It will also help the company to enhance their potential customers.

  • Easy access to services is also important for the users. With a successfully launched UI, the company can give access to all its services to its consumers. More importantly, it will create the natural desire to be a loyal customer.

  • Last but not least, it will bring maximum customers engagement for the company. It will increase sales and help the company to grow.



In the modern world economy, change is the only constant.

The Android platform will remain at the pinnacle because it embraces change and welcomes developer participation. Companies will find their spot at the top of the food chain with the help of the Android platform.