Why Medium is pain and how to fix it locally. Three free simple life hacks by@Andrii
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Why Medium is pain and how to fix it locally. Three free simple life hacks

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I’m a newbie at Medium and just have pushed a few articles. Also, I can say that Medium is extra limited for new authors to promote content, mostly focused on whales.

When I start googling this issue, I have found many materials like “why Medium s***s”, but no any real useful support.


Dog waiting owner near a mall. Kyiv Aug 2018

I will try to fix it. Starting with three top bags.

1. Slow indexing speed by google engine

Authors have to wait up to several days before Google starts indexing articles.It’s very destructive and non-motivated as media has to transfer your ideas in the same moment. Additionally, there are risks that scan-bot can copy your content and publish on own garbage stock.


  • Use technical (second) twitter to improve indexing speed by sending actual links and updates.
  • Don’t copy content to LinkedIn or Facebook before indexing by Google as a bot can steal it and copy to garbage sites.
  • Use Google+ technical accounts to improve indexing speed for most critical articles
  • Always use all 5 tags. Every popular tag has own feed, and its really can improve indexing. Put art, children, bitcoin — does not matter — use ALL 5 tags!
  • Check site:medium.com (your content). For example I’m checking this requests in Google:

site:medium.com andrii ryzhenko

site:linkedin.com pulse andrii ryzhenko

2. Screenshots of tables or code. Formation limitation

You are losing a significant part of content when copying data as screenshots. Use screenshot only as LAST option. Look at my old ugly examples just a month ago:


Always push maximum TEXT content!


GitHub gits for tables and code.

First of all, you have to create a table structure. Go to


Fill table data, copy output


Go to github.com, register (optionally) and click “New gist” or directly to https://gist.github.com/

Input table to an editor, fix it if required. My last example of the screenshot:


Click Create public gist button.

Copy link from gist insert it to Medium and push Enter. My example of the table with the text:

Formation Code

Ctrl + Alt + 6 = Turns a text block into / starts a new Code style

constructor( address[] _crewAddresses) payable public {nextCapitan = msg.sender;crewList = _crewAddresses;voteCount = 1;for (uint i = 0; i < crewList.length; i++) {crew[crewList[i]] = true;}}

Use external sites:

You have to know that Medium supports this sites for external content:

Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter, Vine, Kickstarter, SoundCloud, Instagram,

Github gists (must have!).

Part of content better transfer to this sites and use available formation options. Try it and find the best articles with examples to verify your style.

Centering of the text

                 Sorry, no options, it was fixed. !  
          Use manual formation inside of Code boxes or   
                       Images with text 



3. Medium promotes only top authors and transfers traffic from common bloggers

The Medium business model focused only on the top bloggers. All another staff just trying to rich top. If you check footer of any post at LinkedIn, you will find the posts of the same author.

But Medium always suggest own bloggers from entirely another domain!

The site is transferring your traffic, as Medium for readers.

My technical article was devoted blockchain and smart contract. But Medium filled my footer with:


If you go to LinkedIn footer you can see only own content



  • Try post all critical articles as Publication. Agency will promote you. My favorite is Hacker Noon.
  • Put more URLs to content — at the footer and inside of your content.
  • Create a zone with contacts, links at the end of a story to transfer readers to actual content.
  • Add exciting comments with a link to help reader skips Medium footer.
  • Remember! Medium wants to transfer your auditory! Struggle for them!

Thanks a lot! Don’t forget you can clap up to 50 times! ❤

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