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Blockchain Art. Images including Kitties in Blockchain. Step by step instruction.

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Blockchain becomes more and more commodity and usable not only by geeks. You may try it just now!
Today we will spend 10 minutes together and input funny kitties at Ethereum Network! It’s fill be your own art message at the Internet!

It will be free :)

Her name is Bagira. She is a street cat supported by the community

Basically, we have two main options:

  1. Advanced. Use transition storing layer like IPFS to send files or scans and save only hash at blockchain. Hash guarantees that file is original and nobody can replace it to fake.

Read an article for step by step instruction:

2. The second solution is simplifying of a message and store raw text pictures.

Creation of picture

Starting from a simple image:

ƸӜƷ♥* ♥*

Pretty, isn’t it?

We can’t directly input text in blockchain Ethereum. Only hex format is supported.

Go to any working online converter. I prefer this

Copy this picture or find some cuter.

Sending to Network

Install MetaMask plugin for Firefox or Chrome browsers:

GO to metamask.io, follow instructions from the website or read an article

Ask some free Ether https://www.rinkeby.io/#faucet

I’m using Google+, but technical twitter is not a bad option too.

If you were a good scholar you can see something like this:

Click SEND Button

To: select the same account or input my for testing — I will see that you are reading this article:


Check my account at Etherscan

You still believe that Bitcoin or Ethereum are good for criminal money with ALL public transactions :)

Amount: input 0.00001 or select any amount

Customize Gas: add 0 to both as a testing network.

Hex Data: input text from hex convector

For my Cat:


Confirm transaction at MetaMask. Wait for Confirmation.

Are you ready for something more advanced?

You can scan the Internet and find any cats, girls or boys you prefer.

Or just use this link.

But when you try to send mote large this picture, you will obtain the error. Test if you have free time.

It’s just a bag and MetaMask team still not fixed it.

Connect MyEtherWallet

Best solution — use more advanced wallet.

Installation (optionally)

Why it’s the best solution? An option does not require a transfer of any private information to the external world (including myetherewallet website).

Click connect to MetaMask:

Creating transaction

Then select at menu send transaction


Select Rinkeby Network

Select MetaMask

Start filling transaction fields:

  • To address: copy from the right part you own address
  • Amount: minimum or 0.000001
  • Gas Limit: 7000000 will be enough

You can always check information about Rinkeby Ethereum Network:

OK, your final transfer window is expected to be similar this:

Again go to converter and input cool picture.


My option with a fat cat.

Click Generate Transaction, then SEND transaction.

Confirm from MyEtherWallet side:

Than confirm from MetaMask side.

Click verify transaction button in a page footer. My example

Wait for transaction confirmation as we work with blockchain is near 15–20 seconds to confirm a new block.

Reload page.

Check that Status field value is “Success”.

View Source as UTF-8.

Congratulation! Your first Art at blockchain is up and running. :)

Basically, we are limited in file size near 100KB (need to test it).
The cost of the transaction at Ethereum is 21 000 gas and the 
cost of data is 68 Gas per Byte, and Gas limit value is near 7'700'000.

OK! A created ~ 49.0 KB transaction and tested it.

You can check it on address 49.0 KB

But when I have increased it to 98K it was failed.

Homework! You can test and find actual size limitation.

What Next?

If you want to store huge files (scan of Mona Lisa or your passport) up 100 MB kindly read the next article

Don’t forget share the article to help other people discover and read it.

Thanks a lot! You can clap up to 50 times 👏!

Try do the same for EOS using basic guide:

EOS first baby steps: account, wallet, keypair, testnet, transfer tokens, validate transactions

Read next from me

Lessons One and Two from the session:


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