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An Introduction to AI-Powered Chatbots

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@dikshasuriDiksha Suri

Diksha is associated with Softuvo Solutions - A mobile app development company as a Content Writer.

What is the first thing we do when you hear a new brand name? You might start by exploring the official website to get complete details. Gone are the days when the websites used to manually interact with the visitors, things are different now. The moment you open the website, you get the interactive chatbots that welcome you to the site and offer seamless support. Yes, chatbots are the New-Age Customer Support Service!

Do you know how and why these chatbots are made? Ever since the evolution of chatbots, their motive has been the same: to provide effortless customer support to visitors. With time, chatbots have become more personalized thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

AI has made chatbots more lifelike and multi-functional. Now, chatbots can not only converse with the customers but also take orders, make bookings, and even schedule appointments. AI-Powered chatbots can help in increasing customer engagement, enhancing services, and saving money.

Chatbots are completely fascinating, aren’t they? In this blog, I will talk all about AI chatbots and how these can transform customer service and how you can incorporate one into your business. Let’s get started!

What Are AI-Powered Chatbots?

Let’s begin with the basics! Chatbots are the computer programs that imitate the human style of conversation. But, did you know there is a difference between regualr chatbots and the AI chatbots?

Yes, there are many types of chatbots out there and it seems confusing for many to choose the right one. Here, I am favoring AI-powered chatbots simply because they appear so natural.

There is a fluid level of understanding in Artificial Intelligence and bots, which makes the combination super powerful and result-driven. Unlike the rule-based chatbots that stick to the script, AI-powered bots are trained to operate on their own. These run on Natural Language Processing that is a blend of a human annotation of data and AI technology.

AI chatbots are smarter than you can imagine!

How Do Chatbots Work?

One of the commonly asked questions is how to use chatbots? Well, I know it's a bit of a tricky question to answer, but I will try to explain the basics. There are rule-based chatbots that run on pre-determined actions that you set on the backend. Then, there are AI-powered chatbots that deliver excellent customer support.

The AI bots use the Natural Language Processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence to understand the sentence and then process the information to answer your query. There are no pre-determined answers set in AI bots; these run on the understanding of the query.

AI-powered bots first analyze the intent of the customer and deliver the answers accordingly. The best part of using AI bots is they get better with time and provide better answers to the queries. Although AI bots require a training period, the end results are exceptionally good.

What Are The Benefits Of Chatbots?

Here is a list of benefits of incorporating chatbots.

Automate Business Processes

Chatbots are commonly used to converse with users and keep them engaged. However, what you might not know is the chatbots can help in automating the business processes. Having a conversation won’t solve your business purpose, what you need is to turn the conversation to the right actions. You can actually do that with AI chatbots!

Convert Website Traffic

Yes, you read it right! Chatbots can help to convert more website traffic. Wondering how? Well, chatbots can be used to make your customers reach the targeted landing pages. For example, if the person is asking about the details of service charges, the chatbot can redirect them to the price list page. This will help you reach target audiences more efficiently.

Elevate Customer Service

Today, business is not just about increased sales and profits. Now, businesses focus on building customer relationships and enhancing their user experience. Chatbots help in providing fast and right responses that help in providing a seamless customer experience. Not just that, you can get instant feedback from the customers which helps in analyzing how well the bot’s conversations are doing for your business.

Saves Your Precious Time

The online game is all about time and chatbots are a pure blessing when it comes to time. If you use humans to converse with the clients online means you will need more resources and more time. But, that’s not the case with the chatbots. The AI-powered bots are more powerful than any plain chatbots and can help to converse with the customers more efficiently.

How To Build AI-Bots?

If you wish to build an intelligent chatbot for your business, then it is definitely daunting and requires some basic data to understand queries tailored to your use case.  Over time, it understands the context of the conversations better and responds accordingly.

Popular platforms like - Facebook, Slack, Telegram, and more use popular language like - Java, Python, and PH. But, before you make any decisions, go through these details.

Type Of AI

Before you begin creating a chatbot, you must know the purpose of the bot. We know chatbots are meant to understand the sentiment, tone, and customer personalities so as to deliver seamless performance.

Programming Language

The choice of language is really important when creating bots. If you are a new bot programmer, then Python would be a safe choice. It is versatile and easy to learn. If you have sound knowledge, then going with languages like C++ and Java will surely offer you better speed.


Yes, we all know chatbots work on the pre-existing AI data. But, you need to make sure the chatbot comes with some understanding of your business. It is better to train your chatbots with some custom training data reflecting your business before actually launching them. 

Is Investing In AI-Bots The Right Decision?

One of the most common queries people have is which chatbot to use, AI or rule-based? Clearing the air, the AI-powered are better than the rule-based ones any day.

Rule-based bots are ideal for those who focus on controlled user experience and focus on a specific audience. AI-powered bots are smarter and can fluidly handle complex queries with ease.

  • AI bots are used to understand patterns that are difficult to identify.
  • These bots can be used to gather huge amounts of data and identify the customer’s data, reviews, and help in efficiently solving the problem.
  • The best part of AI bots is they help in enhancing user experience by providing them with personalized data.
  • Above all, the biggest advantage of AI-powered bots is they have the ability to learn and become more efficient with time.

Final Thoughts

Putting my thoughts at rest, I would conclude that artificial intelligence and chatbots are a perfect blend of technologies. While the industry is still in the early stages, there is a lot to unlock with this combination. If you are planning to make a move to automation, then embrace this duo and enjoy a coherent experience.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic, please leave your ideas in the comment section below. Let’s further discuss futuristic technology!

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@dikshasuriDiksha Suri

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Diksha is associated with Softuvo Solutions - A mobile app development company as a Content Writer.


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