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An Interview With Mathew J Phillips

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Matthew J Phillips is an entrepreneur from South Wales, U.K, and the creator of the Organic Client's program. Matthew has achieved feats such as closing multiple 4-figure clients weekly for his coaching business. He's also helped other coaches, consultants and mentors do the same. 

Some weeks ago, I sat down with Matthew and spoke on certain issues regarding his company and how he plans to move forward during these times. You'll also find this insightful. Let's have a look at what he had to say;

So Matthew, why is now the time for your company to exist?

More and more people are looking for a way to produce income in the chaos of COVID-19. We work with coaches, consultants, and mentors or those interested in becoming one. It seems to be a popular industry as there’s a low barrier to entry and many who are already coaches are in person trying to transition online. We supply the demand. 

What do you love about your team, and why are you the ones to solve this problem?

We’re all results-oriented. We don’t care about flash, about the talk and all that jazz. We all care about the results. Every coach, consultant, or mentor we work worth our sole priority is ensuring they see success and changing their life. We show them how to create mouth-watering offers, generate streams of organic leads, and close their leads over the phone as high-paying clients. 

The three most common struggles you see and the only three things you need to master to have a thriving coaching, consulting, or mentorship business. 

If you weren’t building your startup, what would you be doing?

I would be fitness coaching and continue to build my brand in the fitness industry like I was at 16 years old. I grew a following of 50K on Instagram and was sponsored by supplement companies etc. 

At the moment, how do you measure success? What are your metrics?

Income. We care about helping coaches increase their clients to produce more income. For example, one of my clients from Montreal, Canada made $11,000 in under a month with his coaching business. 

Another, zero to $7,000 made in 5 days and a consultant from India closed 6 deals at $1,500 each totalling out to a total of $9,000 immediately upon implementation of my 1-1 program. 

In a few sentences, what do you offer to whom?

We show coaches, consultants, and mentors how to create mouth-watering offers, generate streams of organic leads/sales appointments  - using inbound and outbound strategies for us then to show them how to close their leads as high-paying clients over the phone. 

We provide this service 1-1 through our main program The Organic Clients Program or we can breakdown that program  to fit precisely what they need. Help with content creation that drives leads, handling objections, etc.  

What’s most exciting about your traction to date?

Our success stories and growth. My audience on Facebook is growing rapidly along with my FB group and we have new success stories pouring in daily along with interview and feature offers. 

Where do you think your growth will be next year?

In the multiple 6 figure range along with branching out into other industries, for example, going back to my roots of fitness coaching where it all started for me before helping other coaches and starting a gym franchise/supplement company of my own. 

What’s your biggest threat?

Hunger. As a young entrepreneur, 19 years old from the UK, South Wales, Cardiff to be specific. I’m hungry and I have options, now this helped me get to where I am although sometimes you can bite off too much than you can chew so I need to stay patient and not get off track with too many ventures and goals. 


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