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105 Stories To Learn About Outsourcing

by Learn RepoJuly 13th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Outsourcing via these 105 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Outsourcing via these 105 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. 3 Senior Developers in Eastern Europe Walk Into a Bar...

The market for hiring developers in eastern Europe has never been this hot! Featuring information, infographics, data, and jokes.

2. How to Keep Your Machine Learning Models Up-to-Date

Performant machine learning models require high-quality data. And training your machine learning model is not a single, finite stage in your process. Even after you deploy it in a production environment, it’s likely you will need a steady stream of new training data to ensure your model’s predictive accuracy over time.

3. Data Security 101 for First Time Data Labeling Outsourcers

AI project teams using large amounts of data with detailed labeling requirements can be up against the clock. The tools, human resourcing, and QA for maintaining precision can be a challenge. It’s easy to understand why outsourcing is preferred by most project teams. Outsourcing allows you to focus on core tasks.

4. How to Create Different Gradient Backgrounds in React Native Application

Gradients bring out a colorful taste in our apps. So it’s important to know how and when to use them in your mobile apps. In React Native, gradients are extremely easy to integrate and in this article we are going to describe exactly how to implement them. There are mainly two types of linear gradients in React Native and CSS: Linear and Radial gradient

5. The Qualities of Today’s RPG Programmers

Why RPG Programmers Seem Hard to Find

6. How to Convince Executives to Outsource Anything

Outsourcing has become a common practice today. A lot of companies are outsourcing projects, human resources, etc. Outsourcing can be anything. But for some companies who are not accustomed to outsourcing could be a big thing for them.

7. Why the Hell are CTOs Wasting their Time Trying to be Recruiters?

CTOs have a broad range of important responsibilities within tech companies; recruiting should not be one!

8. The Developer Boom of Georgia: Reasons Behind It

Similar to every post-soviet nation, the country of Georgia has started to grab the opportunity of developing itself through the technology sector rather than relying on various other industries that are more common in the country.

9. 4 Easy Steps To Quickly Convert PSD Files Into Shopify Templates

You have created a web design on Photoshop and have an image file that summarized every aspect of your requirement

10. Features and Benefits of a Dedicated Software Development Team Model

A model involving a dedicated software development team (Dedicated Team Model or, briefly, DTM) is a business model of financial collaboration that is frequently used in software development outsourcing. Taking into account the fact that many customers are interested in using this model, we decided to talk about its advantages and disadvantages, as well as highlight features that you need to know before deciding to cooperate on this model.

11. An Inspiring Story of Sowemo Tech Company Founder

Sowemo Tech Private Limited Founded by Ketan Shrivastava and Surendra yadav in July 2019. Basically its a IT service company located in heart of India at Bhopal Madhya Pradesh. Its a long journey travelled by Ketan from 2012 When Ketan was in final year of engineering in 2012. He had idea of Talent Search Portal. At that time in Bhopal Engineering students have potentials But was not much aware about Angel investors.

12. 7 Tips for Choosing a Web Design Agency

The corporate image of a company is everything in today's world. That is why when choosing a Web Design Agency it is important to take into account some basic r

13. When Dedicated DevOps is Not Available

With the rise of cloud computing and modern distributed systems, we also witnessed the rise of a new practice area: DevOps.

14. Things to Keep in Mind When Creating a Health Mobile App

Health has always been the primary concern of humanity. This article will tell you how to create a mobile health app and make it available to everyone.

15. Hiring In-House vs. Virtual Graphic Designers

The purpose of graphic design goes beyond visual appeal — it serves as a means of communication between you and your target audience.

16. A Step By Step Guide To Finding The Best Partner To Outsource From

In this blog, we will discuss some points you should consider to help narrow down the most suitable partner for outsourcing.

17. 7 Steps to Take When Hiring International Employees

Outsourcing involves hiring international employees to streamline and scale business operations. Here's your list of things to know about international hiring

18. Is There Actually a Problem with Hiring Fintech IT Talents?

It’s not news that Fintech is booming. On the one hand, millions of Fintech start-ups appear every year to offer innovative services, channels, and approaches. On the other hand, existing financial institutions and companies are improving the technology side of their business and expanding market reach.

19. How CISOs Can Help SMBs Minimize Risks from Zero-Day Exploits

SMBs are particularly vulnerable, so they should prioritize building their security strategies. Fortunately, CISOs can bring the expertise needed.

20. Good Signs to Look For in a Professional Development Team in 2022

To choose the best development team among the thousands of options on the market, you need to know their distinguishing features.

21. Why “Just Outsource It” Is A Bad Idea

Like many of you, I saw the Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, and I was struck by a comment that Freddie Mercury makes to the other band members when they meet in the managers office after their break where Freddie had put out his solo album Mr. Bad Guy. The meeting was about healing rifts between the band members and discuss performing at Live Aid. Freddie comments to the other band members about the making of Mr. Bad Guy and how he had all these musicians that did exactly what he told them to, and that was exactly the problem, they did what he told them to and no one questioned or pushed back. Arguably, this was one of the factors that made the music from Queen so good. What does this have to do with outsourcing you might ask? Well, read on…

22. 6 Facts About WordPress That You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

The inception of WordPress in 2003 heralded an era of accessible online presence. Evolving from a simple blogging platform to an advanced content management system, WordPress has become a household name in the world of digital innovations.

23. 6 Examples of Outsourcing Failure

Outsourcing is the practice of handing off a certain aspect of your business operations and/or individual tasks to a company or professional that operates outside of the organization on an independent basis. It's essentially the delegation of a task to someone else for an agreed-upon price.

24. How CIOs are Leaning More on MSPs

It won’t be wrong to say that a stronger bond of understanding is building between MSPs (managed service providers) and CIOs. The role of MSPs in helping IT teams accomplish the outsized role technology plays in business success as strategic partners is radically changing.

25. Should A Startup Consider an Outsourcing Model?

Considering outsourcing can be a smart move for startups under the right circumpstances.

26. Customer Support: Is Your Team Ready for the Holidays?

This year’s holiday shopping season will be different due to altered consumer behavior from COVID-19. Some things though will stay the same, like the increased pressure on your customer support team.

27. Telemedicine Is Here to Stay: Now and After COVID-19

Although Telemedicine is nothing new, the uncertain times that COVID-19 has brought about have put it right in the spotlight. And I’m not just saying that. The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has released a $200M COVID-19 Telemedicine Program to help healthcare providers adopt technology solutions that make their services more accessible to patients. We are stepping into a new era for healthcare and technology. Let’s take a closer look.

28. Product manager dead after ‘taking a step back’ off cliff

29. 5 Successful Startups With Outsourced Development

Hiring talented software developers is a huge expense for business, even more so when the development has to be fast and for a startup. Many new companies in the US and Europe don't have the budget to pay for full-time developers, with this they must look outside of the local talent pool.

30. The Pros And Cons Of Outsourcing Your Cybersecurity Compliance

Whether they know it or not, any business with an internet-exposed edge has to take cybersecurity seriously.

31. Choosing a Nearshore Development Partner

Demand for software is at an all-time high and growing every year, putting pressure on organizations to innovate with functional, reliable applications that deliver on business objectives.

32. How To Find A Great Developer on Upwork

My name is Eduard and I’m the CTO at Polecat. Sometimes I help my friends to find developers on Upwork. Below, I describe how I recently searched for a React developer on Upwork.

33. Why You Should Choose Python Development for Your Next Web Project

Here is a step-by-step guide to identify and hire a skilled Python Web Development Company for your next web project to take advantage of Python's capabilities.

34. Poland vs. Ukraine vs. Russia: Popular Eastern European Outsourcing Destinations Compared

Outsourcing destinations like Eastern Europe have plenty of talented developers. Countries like Poland, Ukraine and Russia are notable for having many devs.

35. Why Outsourcing Core Business Functions Can Be Dangerous

Outsourcing a core business function, no matter how big and strong a company is, can be a very serious decision.

36. 5 Ideas to Merge UX into Scrum and Agile

When the software first appeared, it was all delivered in boxes. Such software had a finite state. 20 years after that, it already seemed ridiculous. Today we're building systems that can be perfected endlessly. This begs the question: "When does the work end?" - and that question is difficult to answer. We are looking for an answer to this question because it will help us answer other, even more important questions. Will the team receive its award or will it be reprimanded? Will the team do something new? Will the stakeholder benefit from it?

37. Series A Startup Guide to Outstaffing Software Engineers in 2022

Best practices of outsourcing software and outstaffing engineers in 2022

38. Setting Up a Dedicated Distributed Team at a Fintech Startup [A How-To Guide]

At the outset of its existence, a startup involves a limited number of people. Basically, it consists of cofounders, whose roles are rather tentative. Soon, however, if that startup succeeds, it requires other specialists for help—specialists whose qualifications are high enough that they can work efficiently in a startup-like atmosphere.

39. The Rise of Eastern Europe as a Coding Powerhouse

Silicon Valley has always been a dream destination for developers and tech talent. The so called “The Bay Area,” is the world’s largest and most famous startup ecosystem.

40. It Is Time To Make Tough Engineering Decisions

We have entered a critical time in the life cycle of many companies around the world. The world has shifted away from a period of immense growth, and as many struggle to meet revenue expectations, companies and their leaders face a ton of pressure both internally and externally.

41. IoT App Development Companies Collection

Global market for IoT will grow 457 billion by 2020. Here we look at the Top 7 IoT app development companies based on several metrics like customer reviews, usage of the best IoT technological stack, providing the Enterprises increased scalability, cost, and connectivity.

42. Life-Changing Tips For Productive Interaction With Ukrainian Developers

As a founder with a developer background, I was frequently asked for recommendations of outsourced tech teams. A long time ago I co-founded a Ukrainian software house, before handing business to my partner in 2016.

43. Fintech Talent Shortage Research : Risk of Inaction in 2020

Fintech companies are experiencing problems with finding the right IT candidates for open positions. The skills shortage has become a bottleneck to growth for many companies. Hiring tech talents in the US is time and money consuming. Find more details about the problem in the infographic below.

44. Why Hire Remote Developers from Indore, India?

The information technology industry is undergoing rapid evolution and changing the shape of Indian Business Standards. According to the recently published research, 80% of Europeans and US outsourcing firms made Indian remote developers as their first choice. It will be intriguing to foreshadow how outsourcing trends emerging and changed geographical and economic equivalence between the developed and developing nations.

45. Top 10 Electronic Design Companies You Should Know in 2022

Not all companies that sell great products can or wish to design devices on their own. Fortunately, businesses can choose from plenty of electronics design companies located in different countries. Many of them work internationally, offering hardware and software development, as well as other services.

46. Top Electronic Design Service Companies You Should Consider in 2020

As I can see, electronic design companies are far more undervalued by the media than the software ones. But the fact remains that the market is fairly large and continues to snowball in growth. According to the Grand View Research comprehensive report, the size of the electronic design services, combined with contract manufacturing, has reached almost $400 bln in 2018 and will grow by up to more than $650 bln by 2025.

47. 5 Reasons To Choose Agency Outsourcing VS In-house Staff

Having an effective team is essential for any business because this choosing the best human resource strategies is always changeable and necessary to follow.

48. Image Annotation Business Models [Reviewed]

In the rise of robotics, computer vision and image processing cameras, image annotation comes as the first step to get the right AI training data for Deep Learning models. Whether you build an app to allow users to snap fashion items at the store as a new omni-channel sales or use machine vision installed at edge device at the industrial facility to monitor anomalies: it starts with training massive image data sets.

49. What Are The Top 7 IoT Trends to Introduce in 2021

It is correctly said, this is an era where our day-to-day lives revolve around various technologies. From daily chores to fitness, technologies, such as the Internet of things, have positively transformed everything and made our lives better and easy.

50. How to Plan and Build a Profitable Mobile App

There are currently almost 10.000.000 mobile apps available in the leading app stores.

51. 7 Software Development Trends for 2023 Revealed

Do you know more than half of the IT projects fail? It’s not much shocking for many of us who are aware of the complexities and dynamic nature of the software development industry.

52. What Books Are We Reading On AI and Machine Learning in 2020?

Whether you are a seasoned professional in this industry or just starting to dip your toes in, there is always more to learn about AI and machine learning.

53. 7 Tools To Help Manage Your Remote Teams Better

Now that your teams have acclimated to working remotely every day during the workweek, they've probably started getting into some semblance of a groove. They might even have increased their productivity to unheard-of levels.

54. What You Need to Know Before Outsourcing App Development

We live in a globalized and highly connected world. Any company looking for cost efficiency should consider outsourcing its services or processes. App development should be on top of the outsourcing priority list unless it’s what your company does as its core offer.

55. We're Saying Goodbye to Our Profits For the Next 60 days: Here's Why

You’ve probably never heard about us. We’re — a marketplace of vetted developers for startups.

56. 4 Important Tips to Help Scale Your Startup in 2021

From a business perspective, 2020 has made one thing clear: the world is going digital at an accelerated rate. If you think about it, this is the first time in history when most business is happening virtually, offering a unique position to companies worldwide to create a footprint and legacy like never before.

57. How to Develop a Messaging App like WhatsApp: Your Handy Guide

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and We Chat apps do not require any introduction. These messaging apps have become more popular than social media, and many entrepreneurs want to capitalize on their popularity. However, it is quite a task to make any new instant messaging app like WhatsApp successful because of intense competition. Let’s go through five formulas to make your messaging app capable of standing firm against the giants.

58. Offshore Outsourcing Challenges Part 1: How to Hire an Effective Team

Offshore outsourcing, in the broad, is continuing to grow – according to GSA, 70% of companies surveyed suggested that they would outsource more in 2020, with half of those suggesting a big increase in outsourcing.

59. The Importance of a Lean Approach to Web & Mobile Development

“Lean” is a buzzword that has been making the rounds in the startup world for a few years now. There have been numerous books written that talk about it. Some prominent ones are The Lean Startup, The Startup Owner’s Manual, The Lean Product Playbook. The spirit that this word conveys is very simple though. It essentially wants to minimize wasted efforts and resources.

60. How to Select Great Software Outsourcing Companies

Outsourcing is an opportunity for businesses to implement digital technologies. Find your IT company and dominate the online market with the best software.

61. How AI from Driver Technologies Company Helps To Protect the Motorists

Across the world, more than 1.3 million people die in car accidents, and over 50 million people are seriously injured every year. That’s nearly 4,000 people each day. Drivers in developing nations are most at risk. Only 54% of the world’s motor vehicles are in developing countries, but 90% of the world’s fatal car accidents occur in those countries. Even within the wealthiest countries vehicle-related injury and death are directly correlated to personal and neighborhood incomes.

62. Shadow Mode: The Dark Side of Outsourcing That Nobody Tells You About

Note: Although there are many articles about the pros and cons of outsourcing, I found nothing useful to inform the product owners about fraud prevention. It's about time to fix this. Imagine the situation: you find a suitable developer, work with them for a few weeks, then you end up seeing their code quality become poor. What is that? Lack of motivation? Dark times personally which reflect in their work? The stars aligned wrong? Or is it shadow mode?

63. Top 10 Interview Questions on Spring Boot

In this article, we will discuss some important 10 interview questions in Spring Boot. These the entire question is trending with building strong java career in the job market.

64. 4 Reasons Why You Need a Cybersecurity Team

Modern-day businesses have a vast list of complex issues that they need to resolve paired with a number of preventative tactics they deploy to preserve their business integrity. From perfecting their HR processes, handling customer communication, all the way to marketing, businesses often need to weigh if it makes more sense to hire an external expert for the listed services or build an in-house team to handle such intricate operations. There’s one department where most companies are trying to find the most optimal solution, often failing to realize the benefits of keeping their structure in-house: cybersecurity.

65. Why Startups Prefer React Native for Mobile App Development

As per the latest reports; the year 2025 will witness a 5.8 Billion app user base!

[66. Should Every Small Business Outsource Their Technology Tech

Tasks?]( Technology has become an integral part of running a successful small business, but the cost and management of the technology resources can be overwhelming. In this blog post, we'll examine why every small business should outsource their tech tasks to third-party companies - and how they can do so without breaking the bank. We'll also discuss how outsourcing these tasks can improve customer experience and impact overall efficiency.

67. 3 Factors To Consider When Evaluating Private Label Manufacturers

In this article, we’ll cover the three areas to focus on when choosing a private label manufacturer to work with. They are Communication, Testimonies & Pricing.

68. IoT in Healthcare: Benefits And Examples

Clinics and medical centers have significantly evolved thanks to the implementation of IoT solutions. In this article, we’ll discuss which healthcare problems IoT can solve, how the clinics and hospitals can benefit from using IoT, and why IoT development in healthcare is worth investing in.

69. Is the Friendshoring Zone Safe for the Global Economy and Supply Chains?

Friendshoring advocates are outsourcing to allied nations. But is the friendshoring zone a boon or bane to the global economy & supply chains? Let's find out.

70. This One Sales Move Could Give Your Startup Its Own V-Shaped Recovery

Since COVID-19 has been at large and the world in quarantine, selling face-to-face has come to a complete stop. For those businesses who have refused to recognize that we are in a digital age and that at some point in time they would have to either be on-board and adapt, or be eaten up and dissolved, the time is now. You’re either in or you’re out.

71. Growing your Startup with Limited IT Resources

Growing a startup business now almost inevitability means growing the infrastructure you’ve built your business on. Costly IT often forms the bedrock of this infrastructure – so what happens if you need to grow but you don’t have the capital to invest in sophisticated systems?

72. 6 Key Things To Look For In A Managed IT Service Provider

The global managed services market is estimated to grow to more than 300 billion US dollars (about 403 billion AUD as of this guide’s writing) by 2025. This is a staggering increase compared to 2020’s forecast of $200 billion (about 269 billion AUD).

73. Logistics App Development Overview: An Essential Guide

Applications for logistics help collect and process data and control logistics processes.

74. A Complete Overview Of Educational App Development

As a matter of fact, poverty is driven by the lack of education. Education is a potent tool that has the potential to drive a nation towards the path of progress. In this new age, there is an increased awareness among people about the significance of education. Owing to this, coupled with the advancements in technology, educational app development has been gathering the attention of people across the world. Many educational institutions are now collaborating with an education app development company to provide better services to students of all age groups.

75. Life after the Pandemic: IT Outsourcing Trends in 2020

76. Top Mobile App Development Companies

Are you planning to create an app for your business or an upcoming project? If yes, you need not browse multiple search engines and go through the details of hu

77. Founder’s Guide: How to Outsource Software Development in 2020

If you are running a startup or a tech business, outsourcing the execution of your product is a critical business decision. You can’t fail and there are many factors to consider to ensure you choose the right agency to outsource software development. This is part of the inherent risk whenever outsourcing anything that is not a commodity.

78. How To Reduce Software Development Costs

Mobile and web applications are worth investment as their use can help you achieve various goals, for instance, improve customer service, increase the conversion rate, provide security of sensitive data, automate manual, routine, and repetitive activities.

79. How To Find And Hire Developers For Your Application in a Right Way

Smartphones are here to stay. Most people and businesses alike have come to terms with this and are pushing hard to stay relevant by getting innovative mobile apps for their businesses.

80. How Agencies Approach Software Development

If you decide to outsource the development of the project, you must understand the specifics of this format of cooperation with the agency. You cannot fully control the “inner kitchen” of the project creation, will it be a startup or software for a large enterprise. But this is not necessary, as experienced agencies ensure the transparency and continuity of all work processes. They maintain constant communication with the client and resolve issues as they become available.

81. A Brief Overview Of Real Estate App Development

Real estate is one of the fastest-growing industries across the world. Many entrepreneurs are coming forward to invest in the real estate business because of its endless opportunities. With mobile apps in the scene, the growth of the real estate industry has been even more astounding.

82. Working Together: How Designers and Developers Can Collaborate While Building Products

The success of your website or app strongly depends on the cooperation between the designers and the developers. It’s not about the professional skills of either group. You get a competent designer to make you a beautiful layout which you then pass on to an equally professional and experienced developer. Suddenly it turns out it can’t be realized without major changes!

83. 5 Outsourcing Myths #Busted

Since its inception, outsourcing has earned an unfair reputation, synonymous with cost-saving and job losses.

84. How The Cloud Turned IT Outsourcing On Its Head

In my previous article I interviewed Michael to discover just how a decentralized virtual private network might work. This time around, I wanted to learn what the cloud meant for IT professionals like himself: what their work was like before it became an everyday tool, and how they could describe its impact.

85. Pros and Cons of Different Software Development Pricing Models

Fixed price or Time and Material? What is the best pricing model for software development services? Or maybe there is a third option to consider? Let’s dive into the pros and cons of popular pricing models for software development.

86. The Essential Guide to Outsourcing Software Testing

Determining if outsourcing is best for your needs and how to find the right provider in a sea of options.

87. Overview of Top IT Outsourcing Companies In USA & Europe|2020

The annual ranking for top IT outsourcing companies in the USA and Europe changed this year, with ELEKS on the top place. However, the real headline is the global IT outsourcing market itself, which will be expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.42% during the period of 2019-2022.

88. Outsourcing vs in-house development

89. Top 10 Robotic Process Automation Companies

Robotic Process Automation is a new technology, and it lets s a business to configure computer software to reduce and integrate the significant action of a human interacting with current digital systems to process. RPA utilizes an updated user interface to collect data and manipulate the overall application. It built with the trigger responses and good at communicating with the different systems to perform a complete task. This software never makes any mistake, and the cost of software is too low when you compare it with staff. At present, it is one of the fast-growing segments in the world, so business people depend on such software to run a business successfully. Hence you have to go with the right robotic process automation Company to get a complete solution.

90. Top Practices for Software Development in 2023

Software development services in 2023 will be different from what it is now. It is going to be more collaborative and open than ever before.

91. Top 10 Java Frameworks For Web App Development: 2021 Edition

Java Frameworks are the pre-written code body through which you are enabled to add your own code. There are numerous Java frameworks that have different leading features, on the basis of the same here, I will discuss Top 10 JAVA Frameworks For Web App Development 2020-2021.

92. Top 30 IT Consulting Companies on the Market in 2020

It’s hard to imagine a business that doesn’t need any IT services today: whether you are to deploy cloud solutions, go online, or improve your data security, hiring a couple of specialists is unlikely to be enough for delivering all the necessary services on time and budget. The best solution will be to hire a team of experienced experts who will promptly devise what you need, providing solutions that fit your particular business perfectly.

93. 30 Most Trusted Java Development Companies on the Market in 2020

Java is a general-purpose programming language designed by Sun Microsystems in 1995. Since then, the language has become widely spread—it was one of the five most used programming languages in 2019, and a fifth of Google search requests for programming tutorials were related to Java. No wonder both product owners and developers tend to use Java for software development, as Java is:

94. 10 Best Countries to Outsource Software Development in 2022

Here are the top 10 best countries to outsource software development based on cost, ease of finding a developer, quality of software engineer, and more.

95. Startup Centric Top Web Development Companies in India (A Survey)

As per stats, there are approx 1.94 billion active websites which remain growing from 2020 through 21. Hence, if your goal as a startup or an SME, is to shine among this crowd, you need expert technical assistance that fits your budget and meets quality adherence. That means, getting into building your inhouse web development team and hiring freelancers are cut from the list.

96. How Outsourcing Company Can Be Your Startup’s Best Friend

As a founder, you are a specialist in your industry. You’ve had your “lightbulb moment”, the idea that will disrupt your industry with the use of technology.

97. Top 20 Blockchain Development Companies to keep tabs on in 2020

No more than a dozen years ago reliability of the blockchain technology was doubted, but by the start of 2020, most professionals have recognized it as a smart solution to business challenges.

98. Top 30 Ecommerce Development Companies in 2020

Ecommerce is not the future of retail—it is its reality. According to a Pew Research Center survey, eight in ten Americans prefer shopping online, which means that online stores have become a powerful tool in the hands of go-getting business owners. This fact means that the idea of opening your own online store is not bad at all.

99. Use this Framework to Easily Scale Your Software Development Business

How my friend scaled his software development business by using this 6-step project execution blueprint.

100. Top 30 Cloud Consulting Companies to Take Notice of in 2020

A key requirement for the majority of enterprises today, cloud computing was conceptualized in the 1960s but didn’t fully unfold for many decades. Only recently the major differentiators of cloud systems, such as cost-efficiency, compliance out of the box, effortless scalability, and advanced data protection, were duly appreciated, first by the trailblazing software providers like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, and then by the rest of the world.

101. 10 Best Magento 2 Mobile App Builders For Ios & Andriod

Here is the list of Top 10 Magento 2 mobile app builders. They will convert your eCommerce store into a mobile app of both Android & IOS.

102. Top 30 Outsourcing Software Development Companies in 2020

Get to know the top software outsourcing company and 29 more runners-up in this latest market research by Explority.

103. What Startup Entrepreneur With A Non-Tech Background Should Know About Android

A huge number of new businesses and startups used to rely on the Internet and mobile application as their entire marketplace or a major part of their growth strategies. Thus, the mobile industry is lucrative in this respect and delivers best results. So, if you are having a promising business idea in mind, then the next best step could be to develop the app instantly. Going with the number of smartphone users Android users overpower iOS therefore, hire Android developers to easily establish your business in the market.

104. Top Software Development Companies 2022 That Are Growing Fast

Top software development companies that are growing fast in 2022. Hire the best software developers for your project today!

105. Top Web Development Companies 2022 by Growth and Experience

Top Web Development Companies in 2021. The most comprehensive ranking of best web developers based on company growth, reputation, & experience.

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