Running A Digital Marketing Agency: An Interview With Abdelkader Bachr by@Naijablogguy

Running A Digital Marketing Agency: An Interview With Abdelkader Bachr

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Recently, I had the pleasure to interview Abdelkader Bachr, also known as Abdoobachr. Abdelkader is the founder of various firms that assists businesses with a variety of marketing strategies to help them get more online exposure.  

During our talk, we spoke about his firm, how he's operated so far, and other business things you'll surely find beneficial. Here's the interview:

Abdelkader, Can You Tell Us A Little About Your Company?

I run a Digital and marketing company and I help entrepreneurs and business owners achieve their marketing goals. In today’s world, marketing is king, and only businesses who are able to utilize the best marketing practices are able to fully grow their businesses. 

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Why Is Now The Time For Your Company To Exist?

With the global pandemic affecting numerous businesses all over the world, now is the time for my company to exist, because right now, I can help businesses scale in the midst of the global pandemic. 

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Lots of businesses have had to close down but with the right marketing strategies, they don’t have to. My company helps business owners ensure that they can make use of the best marketing practices to sustain and improve their business beyond their imagination. 

Truth be told, my company has existed for a while now, but I believe that I can make more impact right now because the businesses today need our services to stay in the game.

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Digital marketing is here to stay. Businesses need us and they’ll always need us.

What do you love about your team, and why are you the ones to solve this problem?

I originally started my team with just one employee. Back then, we were still trying to scale higher and we didn’t have a need for extra hands. We could handle everything all by ourselves. But as time went on, the business began to grow and we needed to get more hands-on deck. 

Right now, I’ve got a big team and one thing I love about them is how they put in their best to ensure that the business flourish. They’re more than employees, they’re partners in ensuring that the business grows beyond all imagination. 

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My team gives 100% effort every time and that isn’t something you see everywhere. So I’m extremely proud of them. 

We’re problem solvers. We see a business having a problem and we fix it for them. We run campaigns and ensure that our clients always turn a profit no matter what.

I started my business only with one employee but now my team is big and they are able to handle the business as teamwork they are now partners not only employees.

If You Weren’t Building Your Startup, What Would You Be Doing?

This is a hard one to choose because I really can’t picture not building this startup. But if I was forced to pick, then I’d say I would probably be on the farm with my father or working on one of those boring and stressful jobs.

Anyways, I’m glad that I’m building this startup, it means everything to me.

At The Moment, How Do You Measure Success? What Are Your Metrics?

Well let’s see, I started to feel successful when I started to love what I was doing. So when it comes to measuring success, I have to absolutely love whatever it is I’m doing. Once the love is there, then I have no other problem. 

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Loving your job or whatever you’re doing is highly important. Without having love for your job, your mental health would be affected. You’ll be stressed, you’ll suffer from anxieties. It’s a lot, and that’s why it’s absolutely important for you to love it.

In a few sentences, what do you offer to whom?

Basically, I work with businesses that are looking to improve their ROI and reach out to more customers. It doesn’t matter what niche they’re in. As long as their goal is to reach more people, then I help them out with it. 

The goal of a business is to make more profits and helping businesses achieve that I what we aim to achieve 

What’s Most Exciting About Your Traction To Date? 

The most exciting thing about doing what we do is the challenges that come whenever we face a problem. Every time we’re able to help our clients and solve a problem, that excites us greatly. 

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Being able to figure out what problem our clients have and the exact solutions to be applied makes us incredibly joyful. There’s no better feeling than when we provide solutions to problems 

Where do you think your growth will be next year? 

I can say that we would have grown a lot. Digital Marketing is always changing and expanding and we plan on growing with it. During this pandemic, businesses have come to realize that they need our help to scale their business to their online audience. 

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Businesses now understand just how important we are and that would definitely boost our growth.


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