Content is Only King When it Sells by@lokesharyan

Content is Only King When it Sells

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Content is Only King When it Sells: CONTENT IS KING only if it sells in 2020. People are reading your content but they are not converting. A copy should be written in a way that it can generate sales. The personal touch helps you to win their trust and win trust with a personal touch. You can also create a personalized landing page for them and add all the related content into it. Adding a frame attracts people but also also also attracts people to go shopping now. Consider how your product will help them solve their problems to solve them.

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4 Tips for creating content that sells in 2020.


We hear this phrase all the time. 


Well, it is not wrong but it’s not a complete sentence. 

What if you write a copy for your B2B products and you didn’t get any conversion out of it. People are reading your content but they are not converting. A copy should be written in a way that it can generate sales. And if your copy is not generating any sales there is no meaning in wasting time writing tons of copies. Let’s be honest, we help businesses and businesses won't be able to survive if they are not generating profits.

So, the revised sentence would be CONTENT IS KING ONLY IF IT SELLS.

We are in mid-2020 so we can’t go by the old school way of creating content. We have to think out of the box.

So, here I am sharing my top 4 tips for creating content that actually sells in 2020. Stick to this article a little longer and you will be generating more sales just by writing a copy.

Comparison is key for selling

We are human consumers. We compare before making our purchase decision. It doesn't matter whether your product is B2B or B2C. People compare products or services that you are offering with your competitors to see what fits their needs. 


So, why not save their time! 

Choose 2 or 3 of your direct competitors and point out what makes your products or services better than others. It could be the features of your products or pricing you are offering or customer services you are providing after the successful purchase of your products or services. 

Once you gather all the comparison data now it's time to write a killer copy. Highlight the key features and numbers because you want them to see this first. It is in your hand which details you to want them to see! Write in a way that you don’t need to tell them which products to buy. Let your copy speaks! Don’t hard sell. Let them decide what to purchase.

The personal touch helps you to win their trust

You should define a persona first like who is the target audience for your products and services. You should understand the audience you are targeting. 

Let’s say you are targeting the Senior Marketing Manager of a large organization. Now, you need his name and email id (of course!), interest, etc. Start with addressing him with his name. Tell them how your product will help them to increase their brand awareness or whatever your product does. Show some of your previous work like case studies or use cases. Make sure it should be from the same persona in this case Senior Marketing Manager. 

This will keep them engaged with your content. You can also create a personalized landing page for them and add all the related content into it.

It will take time to convert them. Be patient. Don’t take it as NO if they don’t reply to your emails. Keep nurturing them. Send them personalized emails, ebooks, case studies, use cases, or other relevant materials. 

The best part about personal touch is you make them feel that you really care about them. When they see you are putting so much effort into creating a personalized landing page, sending them relevant materials, nurturing emails, etc. they think about giving you priority. And once the trust is built there are more likely chances of converting. 

Urgency sells more

Flat 50% off till midnight!


Everybody saw these advertisements either on social media or newspapers or TV. As soon as we see our favorite brand is offering a flat 50% off till midnight we just forget everything and go to the store and start shopping. 

Why did they mention till midnight? They could have only said that Flat 50% off. Because if they mention Flat 50% off only their audience won’t react to it. They won’t be attracted to shopping. They would have just seen the advertisement and moved ahead. Adding Till midnight not only attracts people but also forces them to go shopping now. 

From this example, we can say that adding a time frame attracts more people. Consider adding a time frame into your copy which will increase sales.

Visual content always works


It could either be a presentation or video or infographic. A video copy might be a different medium than a text copy. People like watching videos rather than reading text. But in both cases, context will be the same. 

Problem-solving videos work really well. Convey how your product will help them to solve their problems. List out their pain points and objections and add a call to action (CTA) at the end of the video that will force them to take action. 

No need to create a 4-5 minute video just to convey how your product is going to solve their problems. All you need is the first 30 seconds. You have to catch their attention in the first 30 seconds. Be creative, choose wisely, and create a video accordingly.

Let’s write a killer copy

Great! You make it till the end. So, now you are ready to write a killer copy that sells. At the end I want to share a beautiful quote by David Ogilvy;

When I write an advertisement, I don't want you to tell me that you find it 'creative. ' I want you to find it so interesting that you buy the product.

I am really excited to know your copy strategies and if you can add more to this feel free to add it in the comments below.


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