An Insight on PPC Google Ads Retargetingby@lorenzo-gutierrez

An Insight on PPC Google Ads Retargeting

by Lorenzo GutierrezAugust 20th, 2019
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With proper Google Ads retargeting process via PPC, you get to focus your brand in front of your customers even when they log out of your web portal. Through this effective tactic, you will make a customer look at your products no matter on which site they are. For proper ads retrenting purpose on Google, it is very essential to have at least 100 visitors who are active since the past 100 days. With the appropriate use of customer segments, you can develop everlasting relationships.

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At present, it is very essential for organizations, big or small to market their products and services over the net. For this purpose, they use several techniques like Search Engine Optimization, but the brand promotional activities don’t end here. With proper Google Ads retargeting process via PPC, you get to focus your brand in front of your customers even when they log out of your web portal.

The process of retargeting is seen after you shop for certain items over the internet. For example, say you purchase a certain mobile phone from a website but even when you log out of it you are still showcased advertisements of mobile phones on your web page’s sidebar. Thus, through this effective tactic, you will make a customer look at your products no matter on which site they are.

How can you retarget users who have visited your website?

1. Setting a website’s tracking

This is very easy to attain and is considered as one of the most essential features. Initially, you have to open Then you have to click on the Tools section, after this click on shared library and then on audience manager. Click at the plus sign which is blue and then click on website visitor for creating a fresh remarketing list. If you do not want to acquire advanced remarketing, it is very essential to choose to collect standard data available from this data source option. At last, you are required to install a site tag straight on your website.

To make a complete marketing list, it is very essential to use the code for the entire website, not for an individual page. For proper ads retargeting purpose on Google, it is very essential to have at least 100 visitors who are active since the past 100 days.

2. Privacy policy up-gradation

At first install tracking pixel just like those which are used by Google Ads for proper collection of information. You are required to write a detailed description of how remarketing will be used by you for online advertisements. How a third party site uses cookies to provide ads to a person in accordance to his or her last visit on your portal. How Google and other sites will showcase your advertisement on the internet. Descriptive information is essential so that your visitors can get free of cookies.

3. Segmented list creation

It is very easy to generate advertisement campaigns for various products which your site sells. You are required to design a list of customers based on the type of product in which they are interested. With the appropriate use of customer segments, you get a chance to develop everlasting relationships.

4. Making advertisement campaigns for Google

To design the advertisement campaign for Google, you are supposed to choose the audience after considering how they create interaction with your online business. To make advertisements look more compelling and beautiful, you are requested to use different types of formats as well as sizes. Furthermore, you should also consider using impeccable graphics as well as text and mobile advertisement. It would be smart and wise to pre-set budget which you want to put into your campaign.

5. Optimization and reviewing of metrics

It would be wise if you take a review of your metrics from time to time and optimize your account regularly. Initially, you are required to make a comparison between call-to-action, ad creative’s, etc. and you can even enhance your results by increasing your overall results.

Retargeting strategies for Google Display

Frequency capping is considered as one of the most important aspects of the retargeting process. Here one important thing is that you don’t have to see to it that though you focus on your clients they don’t feel as if you are following them on every other site.

Retargeting of YouTube audience

To target all those customers who like your products’ videos and commented on them, at the primary stage, you are supposed to link YouTube channel to Google Advertisement.

After logging at Google Ads, first, you are supposed to choose Tool option and then click on the detail menu bar under YouTube. In the next step, it is recommended to link your YouTube channel. On the next page, you simply have to click on the channel button and the work is done.

Bid optimization

Bid optimization is very beneficial even for an organization which only operates online and doesn’t have any physical appearance. To make this happen, first, you are required to click on the advertisement which you need to change.

You can even click on rows and edit them according to your needs. For this, you are required to select the edit button which is below the column of Bid adjustment. Here you can easily write down the amount to decrease or increase your initial bid.

There are three different ways for the bid optimization process.

Stronger bids to get more shoppers - Advertisement of Local inventory is designed by keeping in mind the idea to make shoppers enter brick and mortar shop. This can be achieved by showcasing them in ads which are in their proximity. Thus, you get a chance to get more mobile shoppers.

Increase the number of bids during hours of high traffic - It won’t be a wise decision to open your bids around the clock as it only makes you lose a great deal of money. Instead, you are required to manipulate the adjustment of the bid during the opening hours of your store. Moreover, opting for advertisement scheduling is another means with which you get to increase the bid during the time of high traffic.

Do not promote mobile games besides your advertisement - Though placing a prospective mobile game seems to make you get more audience for your advertisement, but it is often seen that children start to click randomly on the screen to get back to their game. This, in the long run, will cost you more during the advertisement promotional events. You can change this by going to the dashboard of Adwords, then choose the placement tab and click on exclusions button.

After this, choose the edit button and then click on a radio button, which is beside Add placement exclusion. You then have to choose to select a campaign, thus you get an opportunity to exclude the application from Google Play as well as applications for windows phone and Apple store.

Get foot traffic by organizing shopping campaigns

For companies which have a physical presence, it is very essential to target more customers during working hours. You can achieve this by retargeting advertisements through localized inventory ads. To get this facility, it is important to select three dots at the right corner and then choose merchant center programs.

Under local inventory advertisement, you are required to click on get started button, then on the next screen simply click on the enable button. Click on the plus button and then choose the region where your local store is located. After advertisement for local inventory has been set up, you are required to showcase them to your shoppers whether the products which they are looking for are inside your brick and mortar store or not.

This process is very helpful as you get a chance to showcase online advertisement for the product which you sell over the internet. Moreover, if you sell a particular product in a brick and mortar store then your customer will get to know about it through the advertisement of local inventory. Furthermore, if you sell products over the internet and through a physical store then your customers will receive the advertisement according to their physical presence.

If they are away from your store then they will see an online ad, whereas if they are closer to your physical store then they will receive an advertisement about the inventory. This prospective method will help you to raise your company’s return on investment in a very short amount of period.

Benefits of the retargeting process

Economic - This process gives you an advantage for the real-time bidding process, thus you can easily bid for a person whom you want to see the advertisement for your business. Thus, it provides you an opportunity to create retargeting campaigns which are cost-economic.

Process of reporting - Retargeting reporting on Google will provide you a basic knowledge about how campaigns are performing in real-time, whether they are fruitful or not. Moreover, you also get an opportunity to acknowledge the total money which you are spending on a product campaign.

Targeted campaigns - This facility will provide you a great deal of aid in reaching a large number of users over the internet in a very short amount of time frame. Furthermore, you also get a chance to design advertisement campaigns by considering your users.

Through this campaign, you also get a chance to target YouTube audience which makes a great deal of difference in the overall performance of your business. Since the audience over YouTube will provide comments, likes or dislikes, thus you get a chance to acknowledge the performance of your brand over the internet.


Lorenzo Gutierrez runs a marketing agency that specializes in digital marketing for healthcare. When Lorenzo is not working on marketing campaigns he writes for a number of publications on business, marketing and technology. You can learn more about his digital marketing packages here.