6 SaaS Marketing Tips For Successful PPC Campaignsby@harikakochhar

6 SaaS Marketing Tips For Successful PPC Campaigns

by Harika KochharMay 18th, 2021
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Harika Kochhar is a marketing, SaaS and technical content consultant. Kochhar: PPC ads can either make or break your engagement rate. He explains how to get to the pain points of your potential customers and get the most out of your PPC campaigns. He also gives a few tips and tricks that you can use to create a successful PPC campaign for your SAAS company and get maximum sales. The best way out to combat such a challenge is to optimize your ads for SEO. Click here to read Kochhar's guide.
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Countless SaaS companies are emerging on an everyday basis. It is pretty tough to stay within the competition and get success. If you have a SaaS company, there are chances that you might be overshadowed due to such a crowd. 

Hence, digital marketing strategies are here for your rescue! There are different digital marketing strategies, but one of the most important is your PPC campaigns. According to Google, marketers usually make an average of $2 of income for every $1 spent on ads. Thus, PPC ads can either make or break your engagement rate. It is highly crucial to give maximum attention to optimizing your PPC campaigns to make the most out of them.

Here is a complete guide that includes a few tips and tricks that you can use to create a full-fledged successful PPC campaign for your SaaS company and get the maximum sales! Let's get started.

#1 - Get to the pain points

With so many SaaS companies, your potential customer might not even be aware of your existence. You might be lingering somewhere on the second or third SERPs or even more. This will not lead you to success in any way. 

The best way out to combat such a challenge is to optimize your PPC ads for SEO. Add words and phrases that focus directly on the pain points or issues of the customers. Suppose you have software which helps in finance management. A heading like "How to save more money" or "How to manage your finances" is an effective ad. This focuses directly on the issue of your potential customer and thereby will help you get more clicks. You can use various title generator tools or keyword planners for getting the best keywords that will benefit you!

#2 - Start with a compelling offer

Let's start by reversing the roles here. You require a SaaS platform to fix an issue of your business. Consider it to be a type of document management software. Now, when you search for your requirement on Google, there are high chances that you will get various software right in the first ranks that claim to be the best document management software of all time.

However, you might not just believe it since you do not see anything that proves their efficiency.

But, if they offered a free trial/demo, then things would have been different! You would indeed click on it then! You will click on it, register and then rate the software according to your experience. You are likely to choose them for your needs!

Thus, it is highly beneficial if you offer your customers a very compelling offer, such as a free demo/trial for a specific time period. This is excellent in converting them into potential buyers. This tip is an all-time full-proof strategy if you are not getting many leads, even being at the top ranks since high chances are your viewers might give a glance and then ignore your company. 

A free demo/trial will attract them and give them a reason to click on your link and register. 

Well, the offers are not just limited to free trials/demos. You can also add free ebooks, blog posts, video content, etc., that explain the efficiency and advantages of using your services.

Thus, this way, you can incredibly gather more leads over time.

#3 - Target competitor brands

Suppose a customer searches for services and products that are inclusive in your SaaS company. But unfortunately, you are not in the first rank. Your competitor holds the first position! That is indeed a dreadful situation since the first rank always gets the most amount of clicks every time. Hence, you are already out of competition at that instant!

To prevent such apprehensive scenarios, focus on targeting competitor keywords. There are several software and websites that help you identify your competitor's keyword usage and other aspects. Customize them according to your way and add them to your ads and campaigns. This will immediately give you an edge over your competitors and will provide you with better click rates.

#4 - Opt for remarketing

There are average chances that a prospect will view your website and immediately purchase it. They might just have a glance, read all the information, and then exit. They might want to consider it later. And this directly hampers your conversion rates. So what is the remedy here?

The best option here is remarketing! This might sound basic to you, but there is an enormous significance of remarketing in PPC campaigns for SaaS companies. 

You need to remind our prospect about your presentation multiple times. 

Use various remarketing campaigns based on the user actions, and visit frequencies. These powerful tactics can help in better customer retention during such long sales cycles!

#5 - Test your ads regularly

You might be hell confident with your ads, but there is always a scope of improvements. Every SaaS company has different types of customers. And it is quite inevitable that different customers react differently to the ads. Hence, you must run multiple ads, test them, and analyze them adequately.

This will give you insight into your audience's preferences and thereby help you optimize the ads accordingly.

You can opt for A/B testing and use the results as your reference. You should use different keywords, headings, and wordings for different ads. This will ensure that you are covering all types of customers. This will also ensure that you are not investing your time, efforts, and resources into an incorrect strategy. Hence, this is an all in all win-win situation here!

#6 - Use ad extensions

Add extensions are also very popular for a successful PPC campaign! It is an excellent way to disclose some extra information regarding your services, which will turn in your favor. There are mainly two types of ad extensions that you can use - Manual Ad extensions and Automatic ad extensions.

A manual ad extension is mostly customizable. A few extension types are sites like call, review, call out, etc. On the other hand, automatic ad extensions have several types: customer ratings, dynamic site links, etc. 

All of this is eventually focused on getting you better click rates!

Final Thoughts

These few tips and tricks are very basic yet very effective. If you already have a PPC campaign laid out, modifying them with these tips will give unbelievable results!