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A repository with the example of printing “Hello World” in a lot of programming languages by@FatosMorina

A repository with the example of printing “Hello World” in a lot of programming languages

Fatos Morina HackerNoon profile picture

Fatos Morina

Hello world!

One of the first things that you are instructed to do when you start to learn to programme, or when you are simply learning a new programming language, is doing something really simple. One of the first steps that you do is print a simple text. As you are reading this, you probably may know which text is the most common and the one that I am referring to.

The text that I am talking about is Hello World.

This text is supposed to be for you as a way of greeting the world as you have just embarked on an important journey. A journey of learning as much as possible.

A GitHub repository has already been prepared with taking examples from as many programming languages and putting them in a commonplace so that other people can see how this same procedure is done in different programming languages.

This simple task implemented in Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, C++ and many other languages is already in there. Until now, this repository has taken a lot of contributions, to a lot of programming languages, even in many of which you and I may have never heard of before.

It is open source and you can also contribute to it if you know any other programming language that is not listed in there.