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85 Free Udacity Nanodegree Courses

Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree, iOS Developer Nanodegree, Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree, and More

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There are so many things that we can learn, and so many resources that we can choose to learn from that it makes it really challenging to choose the right resources that can help us get better jobs, or improve our careers in general. Udacity offers many nano-degrees that we can use to level up our careers with courses that are organized and prepared to help us progress from a beginner level to a more advanced one with quality content. Students who manage to finish the projects get the degree and are guaranteed to get a job related to the degree. If you cannot afford paying for these nanodegrees, fortunately, you can still attend many of the courses that belong to these nanodegrees, without having to pay anything.

The following list has been initially posted at this Github repository, and at the time of this writing, it includes links to courses that belong to the following nanodegrees:

  • Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree
  • Senior Web Developer Nanodegree
  • Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree
  • Data Analyst Nanodegree
  • Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree
  • Tech Entrepreneur Nanodegree
  • Android Basics Nanodegree
  • Android Developer Nanodegree
  • iOS Developer Nanodegree
  • Mobile Game Developer Nanodegree
  • Predictive Analytics for Business Nanodegree

Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree

Master the skills required to become a Front-End Web Developer, and start building beautiful, responsive websites optimized for mobile and desktop performance.

Learn the fundamentals of how the web works and gain a working knowledge of the three foundational languages that power each and every website: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

  1. Intro to HTML and CSS
  2. Responsive Web Design Fundamentals
  3. Responsive Images
  4. JavaScript Basics
  5. Intro to jQuery
  6. Object-Oriented JavaScript
  7. HTML5 Canvas
  8. Website Performance Optimization
  9. Browser Rendering Optimization
  10. Intro to AJAX
  11. JavaScript Design Patterns
  12. JavaScript Testing

Senior Web Developer Nanodegree (no longer listed on Udacity)

This program begins where our Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree program ends, and is designed to give intermediate developers the chance to build on existing front-end skills and master the newest technologies available.

This program ensures you’re supremely well-prepared to succeed in a Senior Web Developer role.

  1. Building High Conversion Web Forms
  2. Web Tooling & Automation
  3. JavaScript Promises
  4. Offline Web Applications
  5. Web Accessibility
  6. Front-End Frameworks
  7. Client-Server Communications

Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree

This program will prepare you for a job as a Full Stack Web Developer, and teach you to build complex server-side web applications that use powerful relational databases to persistently store data.

You’ll learn to build applications that can support any front-end, and scale to support hundreds of thousands of users.

  1. Programming Foundations with Python
  2. Intro to HTML and CSS
  3. Responsive Web Design Fundamentals
  4. Responsive Images
  5. Intro to Backend
  6. Intro to Relational Databases
  7. Full Stack Foundations
  8. Authentication & Authorization: OAuth
  9. Intro to AJAX
  10. JavaScript Design Patterns
  11. Developing Scalable Apps in Python
  12. Linux Command Line Basics
  13. Configuring Linux Web Servers
  14. Version Control with Git
  15. GitHub and Collaboration
  16. Shell Workshop
  17. HTTP & Web Servers
  18. Designing RESTful APIs

Data Analyst Nanodegree

We built this program with expert analysts and scientists at leading technology companies to ensure you master the exact skills necessary to build a career in data science.

Learn to clean up messy data, uncover patterns and insights, make predictions using machine learning, and clearly communicate critical findings.

  1. Intro to Descriptive Statistics
  2. Intro to Inferential Statistics
  3. Intro to Data Analysis
  4. Data Wrangling with MongoDB
  5. Data Analysis with R
  6. Intro to Machine Learning
  7. Data Visualization and D3.js
  8. Intro to HTML and CSS
  9. JavaScript Basics
  10. A/B Testing

Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree

Machine learning represents a key evolution in the fields of computer science, data analysis, software engineering, and artificial intelligence.

This program will teach you how to become a machine learning engineer, and apply predictive models to massive data sets in fields like finance, healthcare, education, and more.

  1. Intro to Descriptive Statistics
  2. Intro to Data Science
  3. Intro to Artificial Intelligence
  4. Reinforcement Learning
  5. Deep Learning
  6. Artificial Intelligence for Robotics
  7. Machine Learning for Trading

Tech Entrepreneur Nanodegree

No longer listed on Udacity

Our Tech Entrepreneur Nanodegree program teaches you the skills you need to create your own revenue-generating app, and build a successful business around it. You’ll learn to succeed the Silicon Valley way!

Built in partnership with Google, this program mixes theory and practice to show students how to transform ideas into market-ready products.

  1. Product Design
  2. App Monetization
  3. Rapid Prototyping
  4. App Marketing
  5. Get Your Startup Started

Android Basics Nanodegree

Android apps are everywhere, and learning to build them can be a fantastic career move. No programming experience? No problem! The skills you learn in this beginning Nanodegree program will accelerate your journey to becoming a working Android Developer.

  1. Android Basics: User Interface
  2. Android Basics: User Input
  3. Android Basics: Multi-screen Apps
  4. Android Basics: Networking
  5. Android Basics: Data Storage

Android Developer Nanodegree

For intermediate Java developers pursuing Android specialization, this program teaches the tools, principles, and patterns that underlie all Android development.

The skills you learn in this Nanodegree program will help you master the existing platform, and prepare you for the exciting opportunities in Android’s future.

  1. Developing Android Apps
  2. Advanced Android App Development
  3. Gradle for Android and Java
  4. Material Design for Android Developers
  5. Android Wear Development

iOS Developer Nanodegree

Being an iOS Developer is a remarkable occupation, and we’ve designed this Nanodegree program to teach you the skills required to launch your career.

For those with previous object-oriented programming experience, you’ll learn Swift and build a multitude of portfolio-worthy iOS apps to demonstrate your expertise as an iOS Developer.

  1. Intro to iOS App Development with Swift
  2. UIKit Fundamentals
  3. iOS Networking with Swift
  4. iOS Persistence and Core Data
  5. How to Make an iOS App
  6. Objective-C for Swift Developers

Mobile Game Developer Nanodegree

No longer listed on Udacity

If you want the skills to turn your game ideas into reality, or get ready to jump into professional game development, this is the program for you!

The core of this Nanodegree program is libGDX, a powerful cross platform game development framework that allows you to release your game on a variety of devices and operating systems.

  1. 2D Game Development with libGDX
  2. How to Make a Platformer Using libGDX
  3. Engagement & Monetization | Mobile Games

Predictive Analytics for Business Nanodegree

As more and more companies incorporate predictive analytics into their data strategies, demand for business analysts with these skills is growing rapidly, and salaries are rising. This Nanodegree program will equip you with these very in-demand skills, and no programming experience is required to enroll!

You’ll master the most important predictive techniques, work with leading tools in the space, and learn to deliver high-value solutions to important business problems.

  1. Problem Solving with Advanced Analytics
  2. Creating an Analytical Dataset
  3. Classification Models
  4. Data Visualization in Tableau
  5. A/B Testing for Business Analysts
  6. Time Series Forecasting
  7. Segmentation and Clustering

Udacity has other nanodegrees as well, but this list includes only the ones that have their courses free of charge. Students who go through the actual nanodegree have the opportunity to benefit from protect reviews, additional student and career guidance, and a job guarantee. Still, you have some great content available to learn from.

Happy learning!

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