Cyberverse: a readyplayer1 web4 outline by@padenfool

Cyberverse: a readyplayer1 web4 outline

The Oasis is a game equally fun in *free-to-play* as a pay-to-play game with a grandiose vision imagined upon it. A central map that is extendable by players. A capitalistic economy. A product suite provided by a central power organization. The ability to contribute and create in the item and game economy. Mixed visual experience. A mixed bag of culture, graphics, graphics and community, and culture. The Starting Point is a book and movie, not a game and it’s not entirely novel. I prefer a point-and-click walk.
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Alex Paden

All my TL;DR is AI generated

A ReadyPlayer1 meta guideline

An attempt to outline and describe the requirements of consideration as The Oasis.

What is the point of this?

  • [ ]Where to start the game.
  • [ ]Where to direct the game.

Fundamental Truths

  1. A game equally fun in free-to-play as pay-to-play.
  2. Accessible from any device.
  3. A central map that is extendable by players.
  4. A capitalistic economy.
  5. Risk and real-world-value loss.
  6. A product suite provided by a central power organization.
  7. Swapping a global economy ecosystem for an internet one.
  8. The ability to contribute and create in the item and game economy.
  9. Mixed visual experience.

Todays Market

Bored Ape as PFP meta membership

NFT of pfp-avatar cards used as a wealth gate and private membership to a simplistic web game with a grandiose vision imagined upon it.

NFT as every item wall art

NFT as the premise of creating a decentralized item ecosystem out of wall art of marble floor statues.

Minecraft Sandbox

This is actually really cool, but it’s limited and resource-intensive on my computer.

VR Virtual Blob Worlds

I actually still haven’t used VR and to share with friends is too expensive for a white guy.

Metaverse worlds

An infinite expanse of land with repeat buildings and unused houses.

A reminder of “The Oasis” as viewed

The Starting Point

The public square

Let’s be real for a second.

RP1 is a book and movie. It’s not a game and it’s not entirely novel.

The Oasis is a mixed bag of graphics, community, and purpose.

Assimilation of Internet cultures and peoples.


I believe the first place to be created in The Oasis is the community square.

I believe it’s created on the web as point and click, not headset and immerse.


I continue to favor the version of meta where the roots are grounded in an easily accessible web game.

I prefer a point-and-click walk.

The Internet Store

One thing you will notice as a common trend in metaverse gaming is the integration with NFT ecosystems. I do believe this is valid; short-sighted and narrow.

What I mean by that is yes, there is a place for items to be stored on-chain and accessible by outside games with ease. I would store a party hat, zamorak armor, or a collectible item.

I wouldn’t make every item collectible. And I wouldn’t base my game around only NFT items.

With NFT as a sideline, what economy?

Great question.

I think if we look at The Oasis, not just as an item economy, but the go-to place for internet exploration and socialization… where any item can be bought through the game.

Your food can be ordered through the game.

Purchase and view a REAL bracelet through a store built in the #art server.

And yes, NFT items.

Special Features

  • Drop parties
    • Have you ever had $20 fall from the ceiling in a balloon?
    • How about $100,000 airdrop in 500 balloons?
  • Conversations (Audio/Text)
    • Text is preferred for me
    • Audio lets the game become non-attentive
  • Trades
    • The ability for two players to barter
    • The ability to trade free and value items
  • Social Network
    • A non-game hub for the game
    • A place to explore and discover live opinions beyond game chat
  • Server (world) by category (#tech)
    • A way of making a 10,000 building world into a 10 building world.
    • A way of joining a server with topics you’re interested in.
    • A way to have a unique single nightclub operated in 1,000 servers.
  • Fees & Seller+Creator Incentive (The Grand Exchange booth)
    • 2% equity fee on Player-Created items sold in the exchange second-hand.
      • Lifetime creator incentive.
    • 2% exchange fee for items sold in the exchange for coin.
      • Game company revenue model #1.
  • Free to explore, sign-in to trade
    • I don’t want to download games. I don’t want to signup for games.
    • I want to see the game and experience it.
    • I want to signup to receive a home.
  • Finding our old favorite features (sound plays when opening Runescape)
    • Do you find joy listening to RuneScape or Minecraft music?
    • Do you miss pure combat player killing?
    • Do you miss a social game for your friends and distraction?

To Qualify as The Oasis

Creator Economy

H created the Iron Giant

Can a player design a custom item and display it in their garage?

Free vs. Paid Game Items

Do players have a chance for their items to be included in the official economy?

Can their friends and them choose to play with their own items instead?

-- (group combat, no-world combat) --

Who chooses what items are entered into the official economy?

$Artifacts (nft-items non-blockchain specific)

Artifact as an interoperable Internet Item.

Artifact→ $artifact is an overpowered item that gives any player an unfair advantage at an unfair competition.

Extending Items

  • Recognize an external item in your game with custom abilities.

  • Submit custom graphic representations of the item in different verses.

  • Allow blockchain interoperability & burning from an original chain to new that is officially recognized.

  • The purpose of items in the game is not to sell you a $5,000 shirt.

  • I would still let you buy a $5,000 shirt that didn’t even have combat advantage.

Children & Adult Purpose

Readyplayer1 not only recognizes the importance of game schools as accessible but also a unique adult ecosystem.

What Is Underage?


What is Overage?


Parental Control, Preview, Restrictions

How much oversight should parents have to the life of their child in the game?

I am in favor of allowing parents to view reports on a child's account.

And for a parent account required to create a child account.

How accessible should the child game be to adults?

I believe interaction is limited to areas such as the community square.

Extended communities.

Education (The Internet School)

Who sets the curriculum?

Gizmos & Gadgets

Gizmos & Gadgets

Although I enjoy the idea of creating new visual experiences for basic and advanced subjects such as blueprint reading or drafting and design.

I favor an approach that makes use of existing online learning platforms as strung together in a never existed XP-based leveling GUI.

RuneScape Xp Level Menu

RuneScape Xp Level Menu

The Starting Planet in Oasis (book)

How big is the world your school is built in?

I believe such a place is pointless to build if the requirements to enter are limited by priced-out-user hardware.

More effective than not-a-game education

Do you consider schools without the cost of a building involved? While it is incredible to imagine a school where more students are able to be handled by a single teacher because of automation.

Most would not typically think that huge numbers of schools are community centers and shelters of food and compassion.

What would you replace?

Curriculum curated by skill-based-organizations (#Guilds)

A guild allows a curriculum to be set by a large or small number of experienced professionals in any field or niche or artistic and professional direction.

The Wild

Where players go to fight to the death.

PK’ing & Planet Doom

I am going to use The Wilderness from RuneScape as my base.

  1. I believe in a small, purpose-based main game map.

    1. Unfortunately, this means quests would be boring.

    2. Fortunately, I’m imagining an extendable game with portals.

  2. If anyone can create items, how battle?

    1. An official item/xp economy based on external quests and land.

    2. The inability to combat when using unofficial item/xp economy.

  3. Can I be killed anywhere?

    1. No, that’s why The Wild as a player-killing combat area exists.

    2. Yes, because of artifacts that are extremely rare.

    3. Cuz wall st is unfair can’t PK w/ ultra-rare artifacts at the exchange.

Battle Arena & Gambling

If you want a game that represents life and also builds an NFT economy…

Prepare to die and have your shit taken by the FTP poor kid.

Call that Free-To-Win.

Armor + Weapons

Different item economies mean I can build around MMORPG sword fighting with magic and your friends can build around the (point-and-click) shooter.

While this might sound lame because it’s not FPS…

That comes later in an indie game engine instead of visual web experience.

Gender-Bias & Social

Turn out you can’t just remake Runescape and think people like it :o.

Player Controlled Governance

Allowing players to vote and suggest a direction for the overall game.

Personalization & Homebuilding

This is socialization and expression. 

Simpler SIMS with many players and no lag.

Clubs, Organizations, Institutions, Guilds

'Friend clubs', 
'Capitalistic organizations', 
'Educational institutions', 
'Private experience-based guilds',

Entrance Exams

Want to join a club?

Beat this “DOOM” demo they built.

A recognized membership built on extendable infrastructure.

Game club membership → private site → exclusive discord → private social content.

Identity Roles & Internet Clubs

The point of The Oasis is that it’s the internet, not a game. 

It’s the internet as a game.

Did you notice?

Connecting a game & reality

The bitter truth

It’s god damn near impossible.

The mindless activity

How can I stare at the screen and not have to move or pay attention but still use the game?

Ordering irl food in-game

“reality still the best place for food or smthn like that”

Competing with $3B wealth game

Yeah, it sucks. If I can’t afford to play it and it’s boring without money… guess what?

I’ll make my own.

World of Warcraft → RuneScape.

Minecraft → Habbo.

The Item Economy

This is a huge problem when anyone can make items.

The role of the ‘TGE’ creator

I’m going to let you build an item in your apartment and share (trade) with your friends for theirs.

Official items will have some cool awareness features.

When you join the game world your items are viewable but not useable (no fake swords).

Players can’t make their own cataclyst bomb to kill every player in The Wild, given as an ultra-rare reward for students completing online classes.

But their friends can use the fork of the economy they made including another one.

The role of organizations

Essentially lets companies be created around producing items and businesses.

Vote to include new items

I don’t really want the game to choose all items anymore.

I think players should be able to submit their own creations to be voted in officially.

Vote to remove items

Sorry, we made a mistake on this item.

Anti-Cheat, Abusers, Auto-Government

Reporting Spammers (without game staff)

This should be a creatable extension such as has been done with Twitter to stop noobs.


This is easier because the ecosystem will eventually be based around a (non-gaming company) abstract and extendable verified Online Identity.

Preventing FTP cheating (or the wild anti-bot)

If you put resources in the wild how do you handle auto botting?

How does land generate or remain static?

The role of identity-verification

In the game, this increases the quality of the player base.

It is also annoying and over-reaching for a game company to request.

I would build an Online Identity company that includes a verifiable identity profile that can be reused or masked depending on the situation.

That Online Identity company would provide The Oasis as a separate segmented product.

The entire organization and account economy would at the least need to be pivoting towards a self-sovereign (non-company-operated) identity and account system.

To modernize this, should google shut down every account in Russia?

Mitigating attacks of a competing game server

If a game decides to allow players to vote fairly on core decisions then it is reasonable to assume that competing games or user networks may try to malevolently target the voting system to make bad decisions.

Identity Verification will reduce the bot attack surface of this, though as an inherent part of the ecosystem there is not much else that can be done.

Suggest your friends to join and vote to remove the malevolent feature.

Vote to remove game CEO (The Off Button)

I would have the board choose the new CEO, even if it was the same one.

Other restrictions apply.

I don’t know them, but this sounds pretty cool.


I am writing this because I cannot build or operate this project myself.

I am publishing because that is the spirit fostered by Parzival and the purpose of RP1.

First to the key!


If you didn’t watch till the end, skip to 3:54. The person being looked at, it’s you.

What is the point of this?

  • [x]Where to start the game.
  • [x]Where to direct the game.


Alex, you’re so cool! Why don’t you just make it yourself, smart-ass?

Are you a dedicated investor hoping to give me money to create this?

I would be happy to share my personal direction as I aim to solo develop a demo.

And also to take your money, I would be happy.

Metaverse as a social network web game


As an open-source and contributable product, included in a larger, more extensive product suite.

A social game roadmap for my fictional product suite.

Imaginary Product Suite Conglomerate Organization


As an open-source and contributable product suite, based on external to gated data revenue models.

Centralized distribution of decentralized technologies in a single product suite.

Since this is open source you can use my ideas but plz use my words also if you’re like Alex Paden made that word then it would be cool.


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