eXmail: a new email layer 4 internet by@padenfool

eXmail: a new email layer 4 internet

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All my TL;DR is AI generated


Let’s get right into it.

This is my ‘draw the company but hopefully better’ series on hackernoon.


Today we will be replacing Gmail and adding some stuff. But actually, it’s backward compatible so that you can keep your Gmail; idc.

Goals of new mail client

  1. literally the same but not
  2. Less spam
  3. More interesting content
  4. why I’m cool

Goal 1: New Dashboard 🤯

The goal of eXmail is to create an extended email platform that allows for the separation of concerns, the combination of inboxes, and variability in the number of email addresses available. The reason for using multiple email addresses is in privacy relay technology at a group level rather than individual account level.

In short, steal all our favorite features from google and apple, then add a little pizzazz.

“Privacy-Relay” by apple🐍 or “x-gate” by imagine🚀 is a unique randomized email address.

It handles the routing of mail.

An example “root” x-gate address:

[email protected]


We will look at this as an inbox to view emails in.

The noted goal is:

Separation and combination of inboxes on privacy relays.

Backward compatible with current email provider(s).

Each tab in the drawing above “Root,” “Discover,” Gaming,” etc., is inspired by tabs on Gmail. The problem with Gmail tabs is that they don’t work well. It’s funneling everything through one opening and trying to sort it after, at best.

Now, to be honest with you, x-gate doesn’t solve much.

However, it lets you sort those emails into the desired tab beforehand. It even enables you to turn that tab off for good if the spam becomes overwhelming.

It would also allow an account provider (online identity) to give each registration a unique contact email (side note below 👇). Still, it could provide a list of subject-specific emails like so:

[email protected]’,

[email protected]’,

[email protected]’,

This removes the need for anyone (even you, tech workers) to rely on unsubscription from email campaign efforts as only registered domains could contact the provided (online identity account) emails. It also allows them to block “report spam” marketing without accidentally blocking “reported spam” security.

Cool Things Summarized:

  • “root,” “Discover,” “Gaming,” “Security” are unique email addresses or “x-gates.”

    Each x-gate is representative of what would typically be an email account.

  • “root” is a catch-all. This means you can view multiple accounts as one inbox.

  • Filters & folders are combined as smart folders.

  • I use star sometimes, but I put Stoneman's face in because I didn’t know what it meant.

  • Search by individual account or all.

side note from before 👇

It is cool to use x-gate when registering an account on the internet (online identity) for two reasons.

  1. If you want to leave a site and they are eviiil, you can:

    1. disallow them to contact the x-gate

    2. turn the x-gate off completely.

      1. x-gate value prop here is you turned it off without making a new Gmail.

  2. If they lose your email in a data breach, then either:

    1. it is a unique email and can be regenerated
    2. host has a list of senders to be considered valid to receive.

Goal 2: Holy Shit, If Spam Didn’t Exist, What Else Would? 👼👑

Discover newsletter and email subscription content.

+100% assured to have a “turn off” button that does not fail.


The noted goal is:

A place to find risk-free email campaigns and newsletters.

No Spam.

I think this is cool, and I would subscribe to things (like hackernoon) through this.

With that said, I got bored when designing the display section with consistent details so fill in the blanks- because I don’t report to shareholders. #broekb0i

Goal 3: Start The War On Spam That Favors Users, Not Companies 😈

Alright, if you’re ahead of the curve, then by now, you’re probably thinking:

This moron is going to let me ban or unincentivize (two sep things!!! google confused as just unincentivize) whatever sender or words I want. Hope you don’t email me in bad mood! :)


Darn tootin’.

But also made this thing called history for stuff caught in your spam by accident.

[/spam]: in drawing mvp it’s decided this folder doesn’t even exist.

+Block 💩


Yeah, “Most Popular Blocks” means let us crowdsource the filters that stop your content dead in its tracks.

📋 Block List


If I ban you on accident and don’t notice then you were already annoying me (company not ppl).

Wrap Up: Why I’m Cool🧊

Well, that’s all I have. I hope you enjoyed this article; please like (hit two buttons!) and follow.

  • [x]undefinedtell people to like and follow
  • [x]undefinedcomplain to David that you can’t follow on HN

Until the next day, this is Alex signing off.


Some thoughts after the fact.

  • eXmail is a premier service, not a throw-away email provider.

    • You get two free x-gates, “root” and “Discover.”

    +$5 each additional seems reasonable to avoid spammers.

  • Google has a cool, unique address feature with “+,” so we will take that too, but better.

    • To make it better, we will use one line “-” instead of two “+.”
    • root (catch-all) address utility feature only (also receive only).


  • If you would still like to receive spam in your Gmail--

    • it can be blocked on eXmail from the inbox display.
    • still import your precious spam to gmail inbox for safekeeping.
    • can forward your spam to gmail from @exmailspam.com for giggles.
    • or summarize your spam as a weekly newsletter for readability.
  • Paul Graham secret “let anyone message you” password

    • To use a word that spammers don’t know as a whitelist for any random person to reach your inbox without fear of overreaching spam filters that hurt marketing campaigns. “lisp”
  • This isn’t a company that I’m building. It’s a drawing I did over the weekend.

    • Hopefully, if it wasn’t good, you laughed or something? idk cya
  • Using IMAP of your current inbox (but not deleting emails out of OG) to compare hardcore spam filters against google default, live.

  • rando idea: Chrome extension of copy/paste x-gate email when dealing with multiple

Here are the songs I drew these to.


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