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66 Stories To Learn About Lean Startup

by Learn RepoDecember 11th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Lean Startup via these 66 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Lean Startup via these 66 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. Why We Don't Want to Sign-up for The Paid Version

Price-tags are the first filter. Obviously features and benefits are important, but one thing hasn't changed and that is in the majority of time: value is still the determining factor.

2. Startup 101: From Idea to Business Model

We all from time to time come across an idea for a Startup. A company that can be a million or billion or maybe trillion-dollar worth. A company that can be next Tesla or Amazon, but sadly, 99.99999% of us don’t take the next step. That idea remains just a fragment of our memory.

3. The Problemeter: A sheet that helps startups solve the right problem

A quick and easy way to figure out if your startup is solving the problem that really matters. Just update a Google Sheet.

4. The 10 Things I’ve Learned Attending Y Combinator Startup School 2020

Y Combinator shouldn’t need any presentation, but just in case, let me give a quick intro.

5. What I Learned from My Betalist Product Launch

In early April, my co-founders and I had a conversation about beginning the “beta launch” process for Phiona. We had recently finished up a pretty significant enhancement to the application that would add much more value to people who were looking to transform their data in specific ways. At this point, it was time to move from a more limited alpha testing phase to a more significant beta testing phase.

6. The Future of Product Management is No-Code Development

Three months ago I decided to immerse myself in the rapidly growing world of no-code development. This is what I’ve learned.

7. 6 Practical Ways Products Get Their First 100 Users

Many product teams and startup founders buy into the theory of the Lean Startup, and want to “do lean” but don’t know where to start. In this blog series, I will provide a practical guide on how to apply these principles.

8. How to Create a Billion-Dollar Business on a Budget

The lessons learned in business can make you happier, wealthier and give you more free time.

9. The Attention Economy is Worth Billions of Dollars

The average consumer’s attention is now worth billions of dollars because that’s how much companies spend on their user acquisition efforts.

10. RE: "New Normal" — Today's Thriving Startups Will Be Camels, Not Unicorns

Unicorn is the term given to startups that are able to achieve a billion-dollar valuation, although not as rare as they were a decade ago, these startups are still often time the center of Silicon Valley’s obsession with building, finding and funding the next big thing. The majority of Unicorn startups are known for growing tremendously fast and burning cash without any sign of profit or a single dime in revenue.

11. From Graduating College to Raising $1+ Million Dollars in 9 months

I was studying Mechanical Engineering in my final year at college in the UK when I joined my roommate and his friend in building an app called Cluttr they started developing in the Summer of 2017.

12. How to Plan and Build a Profitable Mobile App

There are currently almost 10.000.000 mobile apps available in the leading app stores.

13. The Startup Action Framework Explained

How to Take Your Startup from Foundation to Flourish

14. A Gread Idea Validation Method Used By Stripe

Leading tech companies like Stripe are using this simple research method to validate their ideas and build products customers really need.

15. What is the Difference Between MVP and POC?

In this article, we will look at definitions for MVPs and POCs and the circumstances in which to use them.

16. A Quick Guide to Lean Software Development Principles

I remember learning about lean manufacturing at Toyota in an early middle school business class, and was endlessly fascinated by the idea of minimizing waste and maximizing productivity through intentional design. Over time, lean methodology was adopted by several industries, outside of manufacturing, including software development.

17. The Complete Guide to Nailing Customer Feedback

By far, the top reason startups fail is the lack of market need (42% of the cases). Many startups are founded based on unique technologies, or on problems that are interesting to solve, but don’t necessarily answer a real market need. Understanding what market you are serving, and the problem you are addressing is key. The basis for that is early, continuous feedback from the right people who fit the early adopter profile.

18. The Pillars of a Successful Startup

The ability to launch and scale a project efficiently is a practice mastered with experience and, in most cases, a whole portfolio of failures.

19. The Female Founders of Unicorn Companies ClassPass and Spanx Share These 5 Traits, Do You?

What are the top five traits of new-age female founders of unicorn companies? How are they different from conventional traits?

20. A Systematic Approach to Building Products (Template)

If you’re working on something new, there are so many directions your work and product can take.

21. How To Explore Your Startup Idea With ZERO Money

A couple years ago I was teaching a small course at Stanford about Entrepreneurship and I remember the number one question was how to raise money.

22. 5 Successful Startups With Outsourced Development

Hiring talented software developers is a huge expense for business, even more so when the development has to be fast and for a startup. Many new companies in the US and Europe don't have the budget to pay for full-time developers, with this they must look outside of the local talent pool.

23. Retool for Startups: Early-stage startups can now build internal tools for free

Retool for Startups is a program designed to help early-stage startups build critical internal tools. Eligible startups get 12 months of free Retool credits.

24. I Chose Serverless for My New Startup — Should You?

I have seen cloud tech change a lot in my 10 years of experience. AWS and GCP were not the default choice a few years ago, and I have worked in companies that bought and installed physical servers. What a nightmare! And this is why trying out serverless was the natural next step for me. I think everyone should give it a shot, and I wanted to share my experience!

25. Start a Tech Startup for Free with Google Cloud Platform

Learn how to piece together Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services ($300 credit on signup) and other services to start your tech startup with this no-fuss guide.

26. Top Angular Admin Templates

People reviewing admin templates usually think about what kind of intro they should start the article with. But let’s be honest, no one is ever interested in these. People just scroll down and go straight to the point. So this time we thought we’ll skip the intro at all. We won’t explain why and how exactly using admin panels can save you money, you can read about it here.

27. How to Get Everyone on the Same Page


28. The World of Customer Acquisition 3.0

The advent of new algorithms, faster processing, and massive, cloud-based data makes it possible to use AI to drive better performance marketing results.

29. 🚀 Ultimate Startup Launch Checklist: 2020 Edition 🚀

Over the past few years, I've had the great chance to help some awesome SaaS startups with their digital marketing.

30. The Art and Science of Crafting a Job Position in the Startup Stage

When hiring, especially for start-ups, you can and should collaboratively design a position that honors your colleague's aspirations.

31. Redesigning A Completely Agile Process [Case Study]

Scrimba is an online platform to learn to code from real teachers. But unlike the many other competitors, their secret sauce is that they’ve developed a unique technology that lets teachers record their screencasts so students can stop at any point and jump directly into editing the code. In this way it’s similar to being taught with a tutor right next to you. Pretty neat!

32. A Credible Framework to Validate Startup Ideas

Entrepreneurs are known to run into dozens of ideas on a daily basis, if not more. While most of them seem to border on absurdity in the beginning, it is often difficult to determine whether or not they would work out in the long run. That’s why the best way of ensuring your idea is worth developing is to learn at the fastest possible pace and have the willingness to try out different experiments.

33. What's The One Thing You Can’t Miss When Building an MVP?

At we’ve built dozens of products over the years, working with entrepreneurs from all over the world.

34. An Entrepreneur's Guide to Finding Growth Opportunities Through Customer-Discovery Research

Customer-discovery research is the only way to identify which strategy will work for your product or service.

35. Retrospective is A/B Testing for Teams

If you are new to Agility and Retrospective, I’ll offer in this post a novel introduction to it. We will explore how retrospectives and your team organization can take inspiration from A/B Testing.

36. Finding my Side Hustle [Part 2]

Photo by Nosiuol on Unsplash

37. The Importance of a Lean Approach to Web & Mobile Development

“Lean” is a buzzword that has been making the rounds in the startup world for a few years now. There have been numerous books written that talk about it. Some prominent ones are The Lean Startup, The Startup Owner’s Manual, The Lean Product Playbook. The spirit that this word conveys is very simple though. It essentially wants to minimize wasted efforts and resources.

38. Engaging with Customers in the Early Stages of a Startup

In the early stages of startup development, teams run the risk of advancing too quickly as they obtain limited data about their early customers.

39. What's Your Entrepreneur Persona?

Want to know which type of entrepreneur you are? Check out this list of 7 personas!

40. Top Industry Trends for AI Marketing

Companies that embrace AI will be able to test, learn, and iterate much faster, raising the competitive bar for learning.

41. 3 Habits that Stifle Product Execution According to a Product Expert

Mirav Vyas has advised a multitude of product and innovation teams across the UK, US and Africa over the last 8+ years.

42. I’ve Built An App to Get Paid Users Through dogfooding and growth loops

How one developer built an app to improve Twitter's experience and also to learn how to get more users for a different app through dogfooding and loops

43. Build vs. Buy: The AI Martech Conundrum

Lomit Patel, Chief Growth Officer at Tynker, provides an overview of the pros and cons when building or buying an AI martech solution to capitlise on growth.

44. Understanding the Intricacies of Growth Marketing for Lean Startups

For most companies, growth marketing is the way of the future for leveraging data and agility to scale revenue and increase customer lifetime value.

45. 12 Product Design Principles While Working in Small Startups

If you are aware of the values of carrying out the Product Design Process, then you are halfway through the success!

46. 3 Ways To Reach the C-Suite

You can find your way to success from an entry-level to an executive-leadership position. You just have to take the route that compliments your attributes best

47. Lean Business Model: What Entrepreneurs Need To Do in Times of Crisis

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”- Margaret Mead

48. 8 Questions Startup Founders Ask Too Late

Recently I’ve been able to interview several startup founders, ranging from very early stage to actively scaling, bootstrapped to funded. Along with the lessons learned from my own hands-on work with startups, I’ve put together my highlights on key points that could make or break your startup venture.

49. Mistakes To Avoid As a Software Engineer

Before the 2000s, software development was mostly done in a Waterfall approach. This meant that a software project would be shipped after going through a few long stages such as analysis, development and QA, just to name a few. This led to slow software development cycles and, consequently, improper decisions were made in the early stages of the lifecycle, leading to poor or unfit software.

50. Monetization Strategies to Help Your App Weather the Economic Downturn

During an economic downturn, app monetization will be affected. Apps that can succeed during an economic recession differ from those that thrive in upswings.

51. Let’s Talk About Startup Structure

Your startup organizational structure is the foundation of the empire you’re about to build. Here are the different options to consider before choosing one.

52. Pivot via Repositioning

The restroom story

53. Ongoing Challenges With Artificial Intelligence in Growth Marketing

AI and machine learning are starting to hit their stride, but there are still many challenges ahead for the top industry trends for AI marketing.

54. Right Entrepreneur, Right Problem: The First Steps in Startup Building

“Focus on getting your MVP’s value proposition incredibly clear. If your grandma doesn’t understand it’s probably not clear.”

55. The Benefits of Marketing Automation

Given the breadth of applications for artificial intelligence in growth marketing, it’s essential to consider the benefits of leveraging marketing automation.

56. 4 Strategic Design Practices to Future-Proof Your Startup in 2022

Apply these simple strategies to promote longevity and build success for your startup

57. How To Keep Startup Flame Burning

The advantages of starting without funding, sharing equity equitably - with the whole team, and working to catch communities on fire. Not literally, of course.

58. 9 Strategies To Speed Up Your Software Development Process

No matter how big or little, every company is always looking for ways to speed up software development projects to stay ahead of the competition.

59. 3 Things Everyone Should Know About Product Development

Technology has become a commodity. With enough resources we can build anything — from neural networks to a live-action “Cats” movie. The real question is, does anyone need it?

60. Measuring Product Maturity: Frameworks for Early Stage VCs, Founders

In most new products today, the technological risk is minuscule in comparison with the risk of not achieving product-market fit.

61. Developing Finsterwald Amid a Pandemic: A Startup CEO in The Trenches

Former Huawei manager Peter Stieglbauer talks about Decentralization, Gaming, and Funding for their new VR 3D game, FINSTERWALD

62. What Playing StarCraft Can Teach You About Growing Startups

It's rare to read an article that keeps me thinking about the article days and weeks later; even rarer for it to inspire me to write an article of my own. What was the subject of this earth-shattering article, you ask? None other than the RTS (real-time strategy) computer game StarCraft II.

63. The Benefits of Idea Validation and How to Conduct It [Part 1]

Idea validation is the process of gathering evidence around ideas through experimentation to make fast, informed and de-risked decisions.

64. The “Magic of Tidying for Photos” App — Introduction

This post shares about the idea of applying Kon Marie organising method to your digital photos, and I developed an IOS app with AppleML and PhotoKits to solve the problem. I share my reflection on lean product development strategy and my journey of making the app end-to-end using a minimum, iterable tech stack and strategy.

65. How to Launch and Sell a Fintech Startup in Less Than 4 Years —Interview, Ankit Singh

From “challenger banks” to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, fintech startups such as Stripe & Paypal continue to revolutionise the financial industry.

66. 24 Tactics for Startups To Unveil The Chicken-and-Egg Dilemma

We gathered 24 marketplace tactics used by well known Startups. Let's check out how to solve the chicken and egg problem to launch own startup company.

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