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641 Stories To Learn About Software Engineering

by Learn RepoJune 7th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Software Engineering via these 641 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Software Engineering via these 641 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

"Don’t worry if it doesn’t work right. If everything did, you’d be out of a job." - Mosher’s Law of Software Engineering

1. How to Delete Commits From Remote in Git

This article explains how to remove commits from a remote server in Git.

2. A Quick Guide to Upgrading Laravel to Version 9 🚀

How you can upgrade your laravel application to version 9

3. Implementing a Singly or Doubly Linked List in Java (A LeetCode Question)

Design your implementation of the linked list. You can choose to use a singly or doubly linked list.

4. Our Code Is Harming The Planet, We Need Carbon Aware Design Patterns

Our Code Is Harming The Planet. Can Carbon Aware Design Patterns Help Us Fix It?

5. A Simple Introduction to Software Development

Software development is a very lengthy process. It includes a lot of research and design, which is necessary for the project's success

6. "If You Have a Goal, You Can Reach it" Nominee Nominee Yan Tsishko

Yan Tsishko is a chief software engineer at Oxagile. He believes Javascript/TypeScript is the most exciting technology & that frontend is the future of tech.

7. How to Get Into Tech and Become a Senior Engineer in 4 Years

As software continues to eat the world, more and more people ask me about "getting into tech," i.e. a successful Software Engineer easily making around $350,000 in total annual compensation. I get asked this a lot because I had very little coding experience when I decided to make a career change into software. Four years after making that decision, I entered Twitter as a Senior Software Engineer with a compensation package I couldn't even dream of making elsewhere. I often look back and refer to my career change as the best decision I made in my life.

8. 3 Main Types of Technical Debt and How to Manage Them

The 3 main types of technical debt are: deliberate, accidental/outdated design, and bit rot.

9. Why Is Git So Complicated

Git is meant to always give you back the data exactly as it was saved OR let you know the repository is corrupted. And it does an amazing job with it.

10. 19 Little-Known Programming Myths

You might think a profession based on logic and learning would be immune to folklore, but the developer community remains rife with myth — myths so pervasive they begin to manifest into reality.

11. The Programming Languages Dominating 2022

The following is a list of the top 10 programming languages in 2022:

12. SOLID Principles: A Simple and Easy Explanation

SOLID Principles is a coding standard that all developers should have a clear concept for developing software in a proper way to avoid a bad design. It was promoted by Robert C Martin and is used across the object-oriented design spectrum. When applied properly it makes your code more extendable, logical and easier to read.

13. A Shortcut From Coding Courses to Job Offers

Learning to program can be frustrating if you’re not sure you’re headed in the right direction. How do you know you’re making real, legitimate progress? Is it when you’ve earned a certification? Completed an online course?

14. Writing Pandas to Make Your Python Code Scale

Write efficient and flexible data-pipelines in Python that generalise to changing requirements.

15. Habits Every Software Engineer Should Imbibe

Good habits are important for a software engineer. They help you write maintainable code that your future self will thank you for.

16. Once Upon a Time in Software Development

Some years ago, when I finished my studies. I worked in a small company with some friends and teammates. You know, it’s the common developer road: you studied a lot to pass algorithms class, math, sciences, and your deontology course to have ethics principles. At the end, some company hired you with a lot of promises about: good job, good salary and good opportunities for your career in software. Basically, it was the dream job after 4, 5, or 10 years of studies.

17. Artifactory: A Great DevOps Tool That Will Help You Release At The Speed Of Light

When it comes to DevOps, releasing fast is very important. Today, we will see how Artifactory is going to help companies release fast and efficient.

18. 5 Different Angles To Look At Java

I’ve encountered Java three times in my life.

19. If your goal is to be a software engineer, you've set the bar too low

When I started coding, it was partially because I thought it’d be cool to make a computer do my bidding.

20. How to Export HTML Tables into PDF Documents Using JavaScript

Web apps that contain tables, charts, and graphs often include an option to export the data as a PDF. Have you ever wondered, as a user,  what's going on under the hood when you click that button?

21. Revealing The Secrets of Top Software Engineers

One of the largest misconceptions about succeeding as a software engineer is that people think if they simply work hard, they will become successful and will receive the recognition they deserve. They couldn’t be further from the truth.

22. What OpenAI’s GPT-4 Means for the Future of Software Engineering

OpenAI's GPT-4 could impact 80% of US workers' jobs, but is the end for software engineers?

23. Mono-repo Vs. Multi-repo Vs. Hybrid: What’s the Right Approach?

I still remember my first day at Outbrain. As part of the Bootcamp (training program), we were required to clone the code from a repository called the trunk (one monolithic repo that contained all our codebase). It took at least half a day to clone and build the whole source code. Over the next year or two in which my team worked with a monorepo, we just suffered — cloning the repo was time-consuming; the slow build/release time frustrated us; flaky tests and bad commits affected all the engineering; and let’s not even mention the IntelliJ indexing time, which easily afforded us time to run down for a chatty coffee break.

24. Why I Dropped Out of College in 2020 to Design My Own ML and AI Degree

Most people would think I was crazy for starting 2020 as a college dropout (sorry mom!), but I wish I made this decision sooner.

25. Trying Clean Architecture on Golang

Independent, Testable , and Clean

26. Please Don't Use OFFSET and LIMIT For Your Pagination

Gone are the days when we wouldn’t need to worry about database performance optimization.

27. Distroless Containers: Hype or True Value?

The goal

28. Top Open Source Vulnerabilities to Watch Out

Open Source packages are a mainstay for most software engineering projects. We are so accustomed as developers to run our npm install (for Node developers) or

29. API Gateway vs Backend for Frontend (BFF): Use Cases, Similarities and Divergencies

In this article, we are going to see what an API Gateway, BFFs, and how they are used for Client-Server communication in a Microservices architecture.

30. Webhooks Are Not the Same as APIs

In this article, we will discuss what makes them different from one another and what is the best case where they should be used.

31. Go: The Complete Guide to Profiling Your Code

Go is a programming language often used for applications in which performance matters. Optimizing your code based on assumptions is not a best practice of course. You need to have insights about your code performance and bottlenecks to be able to optimize it efficiently.

32. How a Clean Codebase Becomes Unmaintainable

Let's figure out how the coding style increases and then degrades.

33. How to Implement Caching Efficiently in NestJS Using Redis

In this post, we’ll look at using Redis to give cache capabilities to a NestJS project. We’ll discuss Redis, what caching is, and the implementation procedure.

34. I Switched to Low-code, Here's Why

You need to make a choice between building something quickly to validate your ideas or building something robust from the start.

35. How I Built a Simple Report Card Program in Java

Learn How to make a simple Report Card System in Java, which will accept 2 subjects but later it will be updated to 15 subjects.

36. Treating DevOps Like Skynet with ChatGPT

One area that really has the tech industry taken by storm is ChatGPT's capability of writing code.

37. 12 Websites That Will Help You Learn Web Development Faster (completely Free)

12 Websites That Will Help You Learn Web Development Faster (completely Free)

38. Nucleoid: A Low-code Framework for Node.js

Nucleoid is low-code framework for Node.js, lets you build your APIs with the help of AI and built-in datastore in declarative runtime engine.

39. How to Correctly Review Pull Requests

Reviewing pull requests can and should be easy. But are your pull requests reviewed properly?

40. Will ChatGPT Change Coding Interviews Forever?

Sergio Pereira talks about ChatGPT and how it could affect coding interviews.

41. Lessons From Starting a New Web Service Business

A company wants to start a new web service - a messaging aggregator for customer support. How do you go from an idea to a Python/Vue/Socket.IO web application?

42. Become a Better Developer by Learning Functional Programming in JavaScript

Functional programming is a programming paradigm. This post tells you the basics and benefits of it and how to use it in JavaScript.

43. How To Customize an OpenAI Chatbot With Embedding

Learn how to leverage embeddings to have an OpenAI chatbot, built with React and Node.js, respond correctly to specific contextual prompts.

44. Lessons Learned from Working Remotely for 2+ Years

I've been working remotely for +2 years now and I've learned a lot about it. Here are 4 lessons I've learned working remotely so far.

45. Why is This So Hard?

This article explores what good code is and shares some tenets of good structure.

46. Resolving the Blocked a Frame with Origin "null" From Accessing a Cross-Origin Frame Error

Learn how to resolve the "blocked a frame with origin "null" from accessing a cross-origin frame error."

47. 10 Repositories to Help You 10x Your Performance on Technical Interviews

10 repositories that will transform the way you approach technical interviews.

48. What is Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Models are a set of guidelines to help developers manage the process.

49. This is Your Brain on Factorio

So I’m on zero sleep. I decided last night at 3am that it wasn’t worth waiting in bed, hoping to fall asleep anymore, having to wake up at 8am anyway. Being incredibly tired, beyond tired, loopy even, I think, “what to do?” I don’t have much to do to pack before my flight tomorrow, and I’m useless for anything productive...maybe a little Factorio?

50. ShlinkedIn: A Fun Social Network Built On Open Source

In honor of Open Source Month, I am writing about ShlinkedIn: A parody open source site built on Phoenix LiveView/Elixir that is like LinkedIn doe funny people

51. Rethinking the Concept of Software Quality Through Agile Eyes

Traditional thinking about software quality might not help in really getting the full value out of Agile practices. Let's find out why.

52. RTFM - The Single Most Important Bit Of Advice for Engineers

Reading the manual is a habit that every software engineer needs in order to perform well. Save hours of trial and error.

53. Y2K22: The Problem that Caused Millions of Emails Worldwide to go Undelivered

The Y2K22 Bug is the consequence o very bad software design

54. Structuring projects and naming components in React

As React is just a lib, it doesn’t dictate rules about how you should organize and structure your projects. This is nice, because it gives us freedom to try different approaches and adapt the ones that better fit for us. On the other hand, this could cause some confusion for devs that are starting in React world.

55. How Do Code Reviews Work at Microsoft?

Have you ever wondered how one of the largest software companies worldwide ensures high-quality code through code reviewing?

56. New JavaScript Features in 2022

JavaScript is changing fast with a lot of new and exciting features to help us - developers write code better and better. Let's check these latest features.

57. Deploy Docker Using Ansible

58. How to Consistently Deliver Your Projects on Time: 5 Tips to Follow

The bread and butter of knowledge work is figuring out what needs to be done, in what order, and what can be cut.

59. An Overview of OAuth Fundamentals and Flows

OAuth flows are essentially OAuth-supported methods for verifying permissions and resource owner information.

60. Creating a Terminal Emulator in React

How to create a terminal emulator in React and Typescript

61. Mozilla Summer Startup Studio and MVP Lab

TLDR: See for more details regarding our summer programs!

62. You Can Become a Job Ready Web Developer From Scratch in Less Than a Year

Developers are some of the best-paid people on the planet thanks to their skillset. It's something that you can learn a in less than a year with the right tools

63. 8 Tips for Writing a Winning Software Engineer Cover Letter

You have looked around and located some software engineer jobs that interest you. While you may think you can just write a quick cover letter to go with your resume you may want to think again. A good cover letter takes time. You want your letter to stand out from the rest. Here are 8 tips for writing a winning software engineer cover letter.

64. Top LeetCode Patterns to Use for FAANG Coding Interviews

Coding patterns like Sliding Window or Two Heaps enhance our “ability to map a new problem to an already known problem.”

65. How Clean Code is Lowering the Quality of Developers

I believe that software development has a problem with mis-promotion, and over-promotion of "Clean Code".

66. The Surprising Benefits of Intermittent Fasting for Software Engineers

Discover the numerous benefits of intermittent fasting for software engineers, including weight loss, improved cognitive function, and better health.

67. What Happens When You Call a Function?

68. Stop Teaching Ethics to Software Engineers

69. Doing API Monitoring the Right Way: Metrics and Best Practices

In this post, we'll go through the best practices for API monitoring, such as which metrics to prioritize and how to troubleshoot when an issue arises.

70. Profiling Java Applications with Async Profiler

Disclaimer: This story is not sponsored by Async Profiler.

71. Introduction to Object-Oriented Design Patterns

After hitting a certain level of experience & spending quite enough time in the industry, I have realised the importance of designing/architecting system & software. So I have started looking into system/software design & got to know nothing can better start than a Design Pattern. And the first thing I have done is googling "What is Design Pattern?" Hence got the idea of this article.

72. Learn Blockchains by Building One

The fastest way to learn how Blockchains work is to build one

73. AutoScraper and Flask: Create an API From Any Website in Less Than 5 Minutes

In this tutorial, we are going to create our own e-commerce search API with support for both eBay and Etsy without using any external APIs.

74. My Path to Becoming a Software Developer

My story begins way back in the 2004–2005 school year at Rio Linda High School. I was taking two advanced placement (AP) classes: calculus and physics. I had phenomenal teachers: Mr. Bautista and Mr. Gavrilov. I’m pretty sure they could teach calculus and physics to a cat, Schrodinger's cat, that is.

75. 100 Pieces of Programming Advice from the Book Clean Code by Robert Martin

Clean Code by Robert C. Martin is the most recommended programming book of all time. There’s a good reason why.

76. Becoming Consistent

Becoming Consistent

77. 5 Reasons why you should go to a coding bootcamp

I went to a coding bootcamp recently. These are the reasons why I went and considerations I took when deciding to go.

78. The Future of Software Engineering: Is Low-Code / No-Code the Answer?

Low-code is transforming how software developers build and deploy web applications. How will this impact the future of software engineering?

79. 4 Reasons That Will Make Vim Your Favorite Editor

Vim is a powerful text editor. It's popular amongst coders and writers, and in this blog post, I will convince you to use it.

80. The Clean Code Book for JavaScript Developers: A Quick Summary

This blog post summarizes the book “Clean Code” written by Robert Martin on how to write a readable and maintainable code.

81. How To Make End-to-End Testing Your Friend

It's about time to get automated end-to-end testing on your side and improve your development process.

82. What is Shift Left Testing and Should Your Dev Team Adopt it?

Benefits and key considerations of shift left testing in software development life cycle.

83. Don't Nest Callbacks, Use Promise Chaining Instead

A comprehensive guide to making your asynchronous JavaScript code more manageable using Promise Chaining!

84. All You Need To Know About Model View Controller

In this article we're talking about MVC also known as Model View Controller. Everywhere in the software engineering taking about MVC. So let's jump on to the content.

85. 4 Biggest Mistakes Made During Software Engineering Interviews

If you prefer to follow along via my YouTube video, you can watch it here

86. 40 Best Websites to Learn Programming Online Right Now

If you’re new to coding, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are a ton of great resources on the web to help brand new programmers learn programming from scratch. In fact, some of the best programmers in the industry are autodidacts with no formal degree in computer science.

87. What Software Development Stack to Build on in 2022?

It’s impossible for teams to make the most out of their development effort without the right tools. Here is the best software development stack for 2022.

88. An Overview of Database Indexing for Beginners

Database Indexing is the most common way known and utilized by backend developers to optimize database queries.

89. Write Git Commit Messages That Your Colleagues Will Love

Git commit messages are how we communicate to our future selves. In this post, I'll share the three most important rules when creating a commit.

90. The Future of Javascript: Entering into ShadowRealms

ShadowRealms are a new way to separate our code and create safe environments to execute it in. Let's look at how they work.

91. Django Boundaries - Models and Views are Not Enough

"The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines." This is what Django says and that is actually true indeed.

92. 3 Habits That Will Help You Become a Top Developer

Who/what, according to you, is a programmer’s best friend? Some say coffee, others say keyboard shortcuts but I think it is Stack Overflow.

93. The Complete Guide to Becoming a Software Architect

"I want to become a solution architect. What are the resources to learn more about architecture?" - We are all asking the wrong question.

94. Introducing Starlite: A New Python Asynchronous API Framework

Introducing the python Starlite API framework - a new async (ASGI) framework built on top of pydantic and Starlette

95. Future Javascript: Types May Finally be Coming to Javascript

The type annotations specification specifies how Javascript will, in the future, implement types. Let's look at how types in Javascript will work.

96. How to Get Started With a Clean Architecture Template for NodeJS, Ts.ED and TypeScript

🔰🦸 Template to start developing a REST API with Node.js (Express), TypeScript, Ts.ED, ESLint, Prettier, Husky, Prisma, etc.

97. Tail logs from multiple Kubernetes pods the simple way

Kubernetes (a.k.a K8s) is the de-facto standard of container orchestration software backed by Google and one of the most active open source projects. If you are using Docker it is very likely that you are using Kubernetes or at least have heard about it.

98. What Differentiates a Junior, Mid-Level, and Senior Developer

I often wondered about the difference between junior, mid-level, and senior developers, so I decided to write a short article about the topic.

99. A Q&A With Kunal Kushwaha on Diversity, Open Source, and the Power of "Just Getting Started"

Hear Kunal Kushwaha's story - DevRel Manager at Civo, founder of Community Classroom and Kubeworld + Twilio Developer Searchlight Honoree

100. AI-Assisted Coding with Tabnine

Be more productive, write code faster, make fewer mistakes, and have to do less context switching between other windows and your IDE.

101. An Essential Guide to Legacy Code

In this guide, you'll learn what is legacy code, its characteristics, tools, and the best practices for working effectively with legacy code and technical debt.

102. How to Start Using Diffblue Cover: Community Edition For Unit Testing

Automating the writing of unit tests, the bugbear of every software developer

103. What is Cairo Lang? 10 Best Resources for Scaling dApps Using STARKs

A brief guide about pros & cons of Cairo lang and Top 10 resources to answer your question how to learn Cairo in 2022 and how to scale dApps using STARKs

104. 3 Most Common Ways to Connect your Node and React Applications

There are different ways to connect react frontend and NodeJS backend. In this blog, I am going to tell you three ways how you can connect backend and frontend.

105. How to Review Pull Requests in 2022

Someone in my Virtual Coffee community asked about getting better at reviewing pull requests (PR) today, which prompted this post. Hopefully, you find something

106. Will ChatGPT Put Smart Contract Engineers Out of a Job?

Is AI coming to put software developers out of a job? Find out with Compliance Officer Michael Fasanello and Smart Contract Security Researcher Philip Werlau

107. How to Create Toast Notifications in React Applications

In this article I will show you how to use Tailwind to add some stylish design elements.

108. Let's Go! 5 Use Cases When You Need Golang for Your Tech Project

Reveal why there is hype around Golang and describe the best application variants for this programming language as well as cases when Go is not the best choice.

109. The Microservices Maestro

Something I really like about living in the city is the fact that it is made for the masses. Despite its many defects (the rain not being one), Seattle is architected to enable hundreds of thousands of people to go through their busy days. It has a transportation system that interconnects different areas, it mandates different land usage policies for parks, residences, commerces and schools, and it provides restricted parking zones. It is designed for walking (assuming you like hills), it provides easy access to hospitals and it is guarded by police and fire departments.

110. Why Data Consistency is Important in a Microservices Architecture

Data Consistency might be a pain in the ass. It is a well-known source of unexpected surprises. What is it? What does it depend on? Why is it so often overseen?

111. How to Write the Perfect CV for a Software Development Role

How to create perfect resume? Tips on CV structure, volume, summary, tech skills, and show template of a resume for you.

112. JS Arrow Functions for Newbies

Introduction to new ES6 javascript feature - Arrow Functions.

113. An Insight into Side Hustles for Software Engineers

37% of Americans are involved in some sort of side business one way or another.

114. Processes & Threads: The Essentials to Mastering Linux

Threads & Processes are some of the least-understood topics in Linux. Make yourself stand out by starting learning them today. See yourself transform!

115. C++ Type Casting for C Developers

The typecasting is the feature which makes C++ more type-safe, robust & may convince you to use it over C. But this is also a more underrated topic when you are a newbie or moving from C background. Hence, I come up with an article on it. Here, we will not only see the C++ type casting with example for C developers but we will also cover Why do we need typecasting? & C++ type casting cheat codes for C developers to remember & employ it easily.

116. Understanding WhatsApp Architecture

WhatsApp is one of the most used platforms for messaging. Information is sent immediately, which is why more websites use it for communicating with their users.

117. Deployment Choice: Code Promotion vs Artifact Promotion

When it comes to deployment, a choice must be made. Find out what's the difference in code promotion and artifact promotion

118. How To Build and Sell APIs

Building and selling APIs is a great way to create a new source of passive income.

119. Find the Right VP of Engineering for Your Company

No matter whether you’re just starting to build a business, growing a company, leading a major corporation, or anything in between, technical leadership will be one of the most important decisions and hires you make. In today’s software-driven world, many companies are being founded by technical founders themselves, but that’s not always the case.

120. Keeping Dependencies Up To Date with Maven-Centralized Dependency Management

Keeping Dependencies Up To Date with Maven-Centralized Dependency Management

121. Software Design Patterns Explained

Software design patterns have been used to package solutions to many common design conundrums. Each one has its own advantages and drawbacks to consider.

122. The Basics of The Firmware Development Process

Firmware development is a necessary process in creating a new device and an embedded system. All the features and functionality of a device depend on its firmware. In simple words, firmware lies between software and hardware parts. So, it helps run software on a device and makes hardware perform required functions without involving users.

123. I Became a Software Engineer in 3 Months - Here's How

I became a software engineer in 3 months and I believe you can too. The secret that helped me succeed is showing up every day and doing the work.

124. Welcome To the New Reality: Engineering Metrics are Business Metrics

According to a McKinsey study of over 400 large enterprises across 12 industries, companies with high-performance engineering teams best their competition in all areas, including revenue growth, customer satisfaction, and brand perception. The evidence is so clear that the study itself is called, “How software excellence fuels business performance,” and it concludes that software development is integral to business success in all industries — retail, financial services, manufacturing, and of course, software companies, all require a strong engineering department to succeed.

Yet, many executives view their engineering departments as a “black box.” While other departments report on their success with metrics like revenue, customer retention rate, or cost of new customer acquisition, engineering metrics don’t often make it into the board deck. But engineering metrics are essential to understanding how your company is doing. They convey critical information about your company’s ability to deliver value to your customers, and your company’s potential for future success.

Plus, engineering is expensive — it’s important to know whether that’s money well-spent.

For a holistic picture of how your engineering department — and your business — is doing, you need to start tracking engineering metrics.

125. Marketing the Engineering Team

Ever been a Systems Administrator? I have (first job I ever had!), and I have to tell ya, it's a pretty thankless gig. I mean yes, there is the satisfaction of a job well done, the joy of knowing that everything is up and working to spec, etc., but, behind all of this, you are left with the knowledge that Nobody Cares Till It Breaks 😔.

126. Taking the Harder Path

Is almost never the right answer when developing systems, at least the sort that I build. The easy path is almost always best and that feeling of “something being easy” is often a sure sign of being on the right track.

127. Software Maintenance Types: Corrective, Adaptive, Perfective, and Preventive

Enhancing product functionality, reducing deterioration, and satisfying the needs of users - all of that is achieved through software maintenance.

128. How to Design a Flexible Database Model

Handling these business changes at a data store level can be a nightmare for software engineers if the design of the underlying model does not account for adapt

129. How ML Challenges Software Engineering

Inherent uncertainty, data-driven behavior, rapid experimentation: characteristics of Machine Learning that disrupt traditional software engineering practices.

130. How long does it take to Code an eLearning Platform?

To estimate the development costs it's crucial to know how long it takes for eLearning software development. Find out here!

131. A Picture Book Written in C Code

If you’re a programmer, you probably remember your first program as the classic Hello World program that outputs “Hello World!” to your display. The Hello World program is a nice, simple little program- but it’s BORING! Likewise for the numerous code examples for beginners that involve the variables i and j.

132. GitHub vs GitLab: Which One Is Better for You in 2022?

GitLab and GitHub are both popular cloud-based Git repositories. We compare the two to see if Microsoft has given GitHub the edge.

133. How to Become a Pro Debugger

Debugging is not something that is taught to anyone at any point in their careers, which leads to the belief that it is very difficult.

134. Object-Oriented Programming Explained in 5 Levels of Difficulty

I will explain Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) on Five Levels (a child, a teen, a college student, a grad student, and an expert).

135. 5 Programming Languages To Kickstart your Software Development Career in 2022

5 Programming Languages To Learn In 2022. Python is in the boom, mainly due to Data Science and Machine Learning.

136. How to Upgrade a Laravel App to the Latest Version

How to upgrade your laravel application to the latest version

137. The Implications of Javascript being a Single-threaded Language

Learn how Javascript async/await works and what it means by Javascript is a single-threaded language.

138. Broken Windows Theory in Software Development: Why Details Matter

While some problems in the software development world may seem inconsequential, they can have serious side effects and costs on people and society

139. 6 Places to Start a Career in Data Science in 2022

How to become a data scientist? Want to become a Data Scientist? Here are the resources. Resources to Become a Data Scientist

140. A Decentralized internet is Unviable / Web 3 Developers are Clowns: Do these Opinions Hold any Salt?

In the beginning, God created Web 1.0 (No offense, Tim Berners-Lee). Then Web 2.0 followed. The age of the third web is now upon us but there is a divide...

141. 4 Coding Practices I’ve Picked Up Working for a Startup

Coding practices to pick up when starting out as a software engineer at a startup

142. A Guide to Design Thinking and Continuous Delivery from an Ex-Principal Engineer

How do the big tech companies and unicorn startups succeed in agile product development while maintaining code quality.

143. A Principal Software Engineer's Guide to Planning Projects Painlessly

Planning as a principal engineer is all about bringing engineering, business, and people close together. Here are the things to consider.

144. 10 Things in Engineering We Don't Spend Enough Time On

In this article, we’ll look at ten underrated activities in engineering for which allocating more time can be beneficial.

145. Why Developers Should Take Coding Challenges Regularly

First of all, let me start by saying that the ability to solve coding challenges is not a measure of how good a web developer you are, but it can show that you are a great developer and make you stand out from the crowd. Nobody needs coding challenges to create an outstanding web page using HTML, CSS (or it’s frameworks), and maybe even a little JavaScript.

146. Java Constructor Interview Questions

Here we've listed the most commonly asked concepts on constructors in java that can help you ace your java interview.

147. Implementing the Weighted Random Algorithm with JavaScript

The Weighted Random algorithm is used to send HTTP requests to Nginx servers. In this article, you'll learn how the Weighted Random algorithm works.

148. Finding Digital Crimes by Exploring Master File Table (MFT) Records

To explore the MFT records, learn how to locate date and time values in the metadata of a file we create.

149. 5 Key Benefits Of Being a Software Engineer Nobody Tells You

If you're more of a visual person - check out the video version

I’ve been a software developer for coming up to three years, these are the things that really make me enjoy this career and make me thrilled to recommend it to others.

150. Why OpenTelemetry Should Matter to Network and Systems Admins

OpenTelemetry is young, even by internet standards. Born out of the merger of OpenTracing and OpenCensus projects at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation CNCF

151. 5 Useful Tips from My Amazon SDE II Interview Experience

Amazon SDEII coding and system design interview experience from initial recruiter call to online assessment and onsite rounds.

152. Building An Airbnb-Like Map in Next.js

We will be building a proof of concept to create customer Google Maps markers using any React component in a Next.js project using AirBnB as an example

153. Static Full-Text Search in Next.js with WebAssembly, Rust, and Xor Filters

I built a full-text search engine in Rust and WebAssembly. Fast, lightweight, and tons of fun to build!

154. I Went From No Coding Experience To Creating An Ethereum Application Within One Year

In this article, I explain how I went from no coding experience to creating my first decentralized application on Ethereum.

155. Dev Talent in the Age of Commoditization

Back at the dawn of the modern computing era, one Donald Knuth published a book titled "The Art of Computer Programming" that soon became a bible of software engineering and defined many generations of computer programmers to come. This book, which was intended as a compendium of computer algorithms, had also put forward a very important idea: software engineering is a form of art. At the time, that was the prevailing point of view.

156. 36 Questions Every Software Developer Should Ask Potential Employers

“Do you have any questions for us?” the interviewer asks. This is your chance to find out if the company if a good fit for YOU.

157. How to Debug JavaScript Right Inside Your Chrome Browser

Chrome dev tools are a must have tools for modern day developers. Take your first step learning chrome dev tools by learning source debugger.

158. The Algorithm for Reversing A Sentence

I did a practice interview on Pramp this week. It didn’t go super well — which is frustrating because in retrospect it wasn’t that difficult of a question. Let’s jump in.

159. How to Create Different Gradient Backgrounds in React Native Application

Gradients bring out a colorful taste in our apps. So it’s important to know how and when to use them in your mobile apps. In React Native, gradients are extremely easy to integrate and in this article we are going to describe exactly how to implement them. There are mainly two types of linear gradients in React Native and CSS: Linear and Radial gradient

160. 3 Architectural Design Patterns for Software Development

Learn about software architectural patterns and their benefits and drawbacks.An architectural pattern is a general, reusable solution to a commonly problem

161. 6 Lessons I Learned From Maintaining an Open-Source Project with 800k Downloads

I maintained an open-source project with 800k+ downloads/month. I learned six invaluable lessons and I will now share them with you.

162. 4 Tips to Improve Your Engineering Team's Velocity in Scrum

In this article, you’ll learn what velocity means in the context of an agile/scrum methodology and how you can improve it to allow your team to move faster and

163. Complete #100DaysOfCloud for Free On Cloud Academy

A 100-day commitment to learning facilitated by Cloud Academy. Sign up, complete the Cloud Marathon and your education is free.

164. How Does Technical Debt Drive Up Business Expenses?

How does tech debt cost you? Here are 6 reasons why managing technical debt should be part of your business plan.

165. This Is What I Learnt After Making Over 1,000 Code Reviews

This story was originally published on my blog. If you're interested in this kind of content, feel free to check it out and subscribe :)

166. 5 Caching Mechanisms to Speed Up Your Application

In this article, we will discuss the various Caching strategies available and how to choose the right one for your use case.

167. Unlock the Power of ACID Properties in Databases: A Comprehensive Guide for Developers

ACID stands for Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability and each of these have a specific purpose when it comes to databases.

168. 7 Ways to Make Your Python Project Structure More Elegant

Best practices for a manageable, scalable, and easily understandable Python project structure

169. 5 Software Engineer Approved Ways to Optimize Development of a React App

When it comes to React, there are some of the things that will optimize your code and will give you better results in it.

170. Unit Test AWS Lambda in Go

When I started working in Go and AWS Lambda, one of the difficulties that I faced was unit testing. I had a decent idea about what is unit testing and knew how to do it in Ruby but in Go, I had no idea because I was a beginner.

171. Fluent Parallel Tasks in C#

Performance is often one of the key focus points when building enterprise software. Many of the systems that we build rely heavily on communications with other systems. When these external communications become slow, then our software becomes slow. Unfortunately, we often have no control over the response time of the services that we depend on. However, we can optimize the way that we communicate with those services in order to ensure maximum performance.

172. Android is Better. This is why.

To move forward with clarity, companies need something to relate to, for their purpose and for the greater good of the customers.

173. Getting Started with Zalenium: Docker-based Selenuim Grid

The integration of Docker and Kubernetes makes Zalenium an appealing choice for setting up Selenium-based infrastructure.

174. GIT: Explained in 5 Levels of Difficulty

I will explain GIT in five levels to different audiences.

175. 5 Tips to Be More Productive With Kubernetes

I like to read about and see how people set up their environments and any tools, tips, and tricks they use to be more productive when working with Kubernetes and Istio. What follows is a collection of 5 tips and tools that I use daily, and I think it makes me more productive with Kubernetes and Istio.

176. AWS ECS vs AWS Lambda Compared

Comparing cloud services? Read our Lambda vs ECS guide. Consider programming language, pricing, and the benefits.

177. Code Coverage: How to Measure You've Done Enough Testing

In this article you will learn what code coverage is, how code coverage is calculated, and how much code coverage to aim for in your tests.

178. The 6 Stages of the Software Development Process

The software development lifecycle methodologies (SDLC) or the Systems Development Life Cycle method aids in planning the design process of the software

179. 7 Best Java EE Courses for Beginners

Hello guys, If you are a Java developer or someone who wants to learn Java EE for web development and looking for some courses to kickstart your learning, then you have come to the right place.

180. All the Coolest Trends Coming to the Agile Methodology in 2022

Agile Software Development can give companies versatility and help them navigate through change and complexities of the software space, improving efficiency.

181. A Chrome Extension to Code Daily with LeetCode

I made a Chrome extension that generates random LeetCode questions for you to practice with every day. Here's how I did it.

182. An Intro to Algorithms and Data Structures (Javascript Edition)

Understanding algorithms and data structures are crucial to enhancing your performance 10x more than your peers who don't. This is because you analyze problems.

183. Using the Spread Operator in JavaScript

This article will cover the spread operator and how you can use them in your day to day JavaScript programming. This article assumes you have some familiarity with coding in the JavaScript ecosystem.

184. What You Need to Know About Netflix's 'Jupyter Killer': Polynote 📖

Today, Netflix open-sourced Polynote, the internal notebook they developed, to the public. It’s not rare these days that big tech companies open sources their internal tools or services, then got popular and adopted by the industry. Amazon AWS, Facebook’s React.js, etc. are two of them. It makes sense. These big tech companies have the best engineers in the industry and more often than not they are facing the biggest challenges that will drive the development of great tools. Netflix’s Polynote could be another one of those great tools and the data science/machine learning industry does need better tools in terms of how to write code, experiment algorithms and visualize data. Here are several things you need to know about this new tool. I’ll try to keep this succinct and to the point so you can quickly read through it and be knowledgeable about the pros and cons of this new choice of our development/research environment.

185. How to Insert Binary Tree in Rust

Let's learn interesting Rust concepts like smart pointers and ownership with a classic data structure and algorithm together.

186. Understanding Basic Programming Concepts: Objects & Processes

Through my studies I get exposed to a lot of programming. This is useful to solve technical problems, but I also like to think how the concepts can be applied to different domains and everyday life.

187. How To Orchestrate Event-Driven Microservices

Want to add better visibility and flexibility to your microservies architecture? Read on to find out how adding a Conductor can help!

188. The Different Types Of Software Testing

Software testing is necessary for any developed application to verify its stable and sound functioning. It is performed by validating outputs against expected outputs using dummy inputs. These inputs are derived from real-life scenarios to make sure everything seems real. In this article we discuss in-depth what different types of testing are performed before the application is actually deployed.

189. A Guide to Using Data Classes in Python

In "C" Language, you have structs. With the help of structs, we can define the return data type. You can do the same using classes in python.

190. The Low-Code Software Engineering Job Profile: What We Know So Far

An X-ray of the software engineering market looks like this: the US software job market faces a shortage of 427k tech people, while 9 out of 10 business owners are having a hard time finding IT professionals

191. Tips for Writing Good Commit Messages

In this article, I’d like to share my opinion on how to write good commit messages that would make your git log useful and improve your code review process.

192. A 5-Step Guide to Develop a Growth Mindset as a Software Developer

I have outlined five simple steps to develop a growth mindset as a software developer.

193. The Four Rs: How to Become a Good Programmer

Some best practices for how people learn pulled from the research literature and ways of applying them to learning new things as a software engineer.

194. A Cheat Sheet to Understand Web Content Accessibility

The idea of this post is to outline the most important aspects of accessibility, that’s why please treat it more like a cheat sheet than a compendium.

195. What Is an Array Type in Typescript

Arrays work the same in TypeScript as they do in Javascript, the only difference being that we have to define their type upfront.

196. Why You Should Always Avoid Encoding Type Into Names

The Rule: When naming a variable, don't encode it's type into its name, even in a dynamically typed language.

197. How I Force Myself to Work

No one seems to be immune to procrastinating, myself included. Some people get drawn into social media, for others it's YouTube or ProductHunt. I, however, tend to lose whole days on Wikipedia and development communities. Everyone has their poison. If you really are one of these odd people who don't know what procrastination is, check out this video:

198. Why Engineers Won't Do Your Coding Test

The idea behind a coding test is very simple: to filter out candidates who do not have the technical chops for the role, early on in the process before the hiring manager and candidate both waste their time with an in-person interview.

199. Understanding JWTs from Beginning to End

In this article, we will explore mainly JWT and JWS. In addition, we'll also go through JWE, JWA, and JWK quickly.

200. How to Fix Security Bugs Faster with curl Validation

Learn how to leverage the Validate Finding feature of StackHawk to find and fix security bugs faster.

201. A Prisma ORM Review

Prisma ORM is a good choice for your project. It lacks some features of other ORMs. But it's not a big deal because you can jump the lover levels of raw SQL

202. Technical Debt Management Best Practices for Software Engineers

Technical debt exists on each project if it’s more than 1–3 months old. Having technical debt doesn’t necessarily mean that software engineers are not performing well. Technical debt can appear because of business pressure, lack of requirements, lack of interaction between team members etc. However, good software engineers know how to manage the technical debt and do that. Bad software engineers simply hide the tech debt from managers and customers, hoping that the project will be completed before it gets out of hand.

203. Why Communication is Important for Software Developers

In this article you will learn different approaches you can use to improve your communication skills as a software developer.

204. Different Types of Graphs in Data Structure

Learn about different types of graphs in the data structure. Graphs in the data structure can be of various types, read this article to know more.

205. How to Really Use Git: 10 Rules to Make Git More Useful

Git is awesome if you know how to use it effectively. It's not just a backup system! Here are 10 best practices for version control with Git.

206. How To Use Guilds For Better Knowledge Transfer Between Engineers

Hello, Hacker Noon people! Technology guilds are a popular but still fresh way of implementing communities of practices in companies. Still, there are many questions, especially related to guild responsibilities and organization. Together with Andrew Kozin, I've prepared this post for you as a summary of our personal experience and understanding of the role of a technology guild nowadays.

207. How To Do Unit Testing For Microservices

The microservices approach of building applications is most suitable when we develop complex applications with diverse functionalities. Since microservices, unlike monolithic architecture, keeps each function independent of the other, it is the most followed technique in modern times for large applications.

208. My On Call Manifesto

This has been burning for a while.

209. Developer's Gold Mine: 8 Youtube Channels You Should Subscribe to Right Away

This blog showcases 8 best YouTube channels for developers with tutorials, discussions & advice from experienced professionals.

210. Product Managers Can Avoid Delays By Reducing Technical Debt

PMs are ideally placed to create a workplace culture around preventing and responding to technical debt. Here are 7 actionable strategies to help PMs.

211. A Web3 Native Database: Tableland

Smart contract developers need a web3 native database to decouple dapps and data. Tableland makes a nice try.

212. Warp: The Terminal For the Modern Developers

Today, I’m proud to officially introduce Warp, a from-first-principles reinvention of the terminal to make it work better for developers and teams.

213. DONT Use REST for Microservices, OK?

You shouldn't be using a REST or RESTful interface for communication between your microservices. I'm not saying that to be controversial, I'm saying it because that's not what REST was designed for, it's not what REST is good at and it's definitely not the best nor easiest option out there.

214. Design Pattern: Strategy Pattern in Practice

Learn strategy design patterns with practical examples. Why and how to use strategy patterns in software design.

215. How I Became a 100x Developer - As a Junior

The 10x / rockstar developer is a myth. Long live the 100x situational developer!

216. The Most Important Enginnering KPIs for Your Board Deck

Preparing for a board meeting is a stressful experience for everyone. For many CTOs, it’s also an exercise in futility, trying to zero in on engineering KPIs that accurately represent everything that’s happened in the department. The information that usually makes it to the board deck — information on completed features and incident reports — doesn’t tell the whole story.

A list of features shows what the team accomplished, but doesn’t reveal anything about how the team works. It can’t reveal process issues that need to be addressed or highlight challenges the team has overcome. Similarly, incident reports might illuminate problems in the codebase, but they’re devoid of context about how the team is dealing with those issues. Other departments have self-evident, objective KPIs. Sales, for example, can walk through their pipeline from demos booked to contracts signed, using objective measurements to chart their department’s progress over time.

Engineering leaders, on the other hand, must get creative to provide that level of clarity.

You’ll need to think carefully about the story you want your slides to tell, then choose engineering KPIs that map to those specific insights. When considering a metric, we recommend asking:

217. 5 Most Effective Productivity Tools If You’re In Tech Or Software Engineering

Everyone wants to be more productive without burning out. So, how do you get more done without working more hours? And how do you help the rest of your team improve without taking on the role of taskmaster? The answer: use effective tools.

218. How to Build Your Own Automated Self Checkout Service

Brick-n-mortar retailers, learn how to implement an AI-powered autonomous checkout from smart vending machines and kiosks to full store automation.

219. Best Resources for Software Engineers

Top websites and creators for software engineers and developers. My choice of resources to stay up to date with the latest programming tools and solutions.

220. Build Faster Next.js Static Sites Using MDX And Contentlayer

Publishing static content becomes so effortless with Next.js, MDX, and Contentlayer. This article will show you how easy it is to implement that system.

221. 5 Ways to Prioritise Your Product Backlog

This article takes a look at the different methods for product backlog prioritisation, such as Stack Ranking, The MoSCoW method, and more.

222. How to Write Meaningful Code Comments

In this guide, you will learn why it is important to write code comments, what are different code comment types, and the 4 best practices.

223. An Introduction to Domain-Driven Design - Part 2

Model - a set of concepts existing in the head of the customer/project creator and terms that reflect his understanding.

224. Everything You Need to Know About Promises, Thenables, & Lazy-Evaluation

JavaScript Promises evaluate eagerly, but sometimes that's a problem. This post covers why and how to create custom lazy-evaluating promises.

225. How Experienced Software Engineers Evaluate Designs

Experienced software engineers learn what works after maintaining their work for years.

226. You Needn’t Be Perfect as Software Developers, Live Your Life

We know that the software community has a multidisciplinary structure. In such a situation, you should not feel inadequate.

227. Programming Concepts for Non-programmers. Explained.

We use programming concepts in everyday life more often than you think. Here're some programming concepts explained for Non-programmers.

228. Mozilla Spring MVP Lab

TLDR: Apply to be a part of the Mozilla Spring MVP Lab at

229. How Loop Is Building A Virtual Restaurant Operating System

Sundar Annamalai and Vinod Pachipulusu about starting Loop as a virtual restaurant platform to help restaurants with their business.

230. How to Send Emails Using Python

Learn how to send an email in your Python application with SMTP, a transactional email API, and with a multi-channel notification service.

231. Getting to the Promised Land of Software Engineering

A software engineer navigating the benefits of good communication in a remote workplace

232. Steps to Fall in Love With an Unfamiliar Codebase

Here I have tried to list some guided steps one can take to get familiar with any new codebase they come across.

233. How to 10x Software Engineering Productivity with Better Dev Tools

Low-Code: Achieving 10x Software Engineering Productivity Through Better Dev Tools

234. Analyzing the Source Code of Popular Desktop Apps for NodeJS Malware. Part2

Following my last article about a Discord malware, we now take a deeper look inside the inner workings of the PirateStealer malware.

235. How to Seed Your Rails Database with Faker

I built a Customer Support System a few days ago and started to think of a way to seed my rails database with random data for testing without having to manually type in the data. This may not be the best way to do it, but it works and allows you to test your application.

236. How to Setup a Powerful PhpStorm Configuration to Improve Laravel Development

By just having the right IDE setup — you can learn and grow, meanwhile producing quality code and software.

237. How to Manage Machine Learning Products [ Part II]

Best practices and things I’ve learned along the way.

238. A Guide to API Versioning Best Practices

In this article, we will be discussing some of the best practices for API versioning for ease of user consumption and flexibility.

239. How To Future-Proof Your React File Uploader

Web developers who want to build an application using ReactJS must consider the react file upload to ensure that users can upload any file they need.

240. Reasons to Flatten your Source Code

Our software is a large castle, formed by several layers superimposed and mixed, in order to facilitate its own maintenance, but which, in fact, end up creating

241. JavaScript is Everywhere

JavaScript facilitates every person, business, and organization’s interactive online presence across the world.

242. 6 Reasons why JavaScript is the GOAT of Programming Languages

Often considered as a tool to build applications in your web browser, JavaScript can also be used as a general-purpose scripting language. Discover why

243. Why I Left Engineering Management and Moved Back to Individual Contribution

Thinking of transitioning away from Engineering Manager to Individual Contributor? That is exactly what I did! Let me tell you a little bit about it.

244. Writing Google Apps Script Code Locally in VSCode

An easy Set-Up guide to writing google apps script locally with VS code with clasp.

245. The Two Primary Reasons Why Python's Popularity Keeps Growing

Python, a programming language that has long been hailed as being both capable and easy to learn & understand the code, it is available to both Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS X & other platform users who can now download an official Python package from the Python Software Foundation page. Python comes preinstalled on most Linux distributions like Ubuntu releases, but in Microsoft’s Windows operating systems we need to install & configure explicitly.

246. How I Got a Job at Spotify via my GitHub Profile

How my GitHub profile got me a job at Spotify. It doesn't have to be a good profile, but having one can be a difference-maker.

247. Asking Questions Makes You Look Smarter

Junior developers are afraid of looking dumb. They think that seeming stupid will hinder their career progression. Nothing could be further from the truth.

248. 7 Programming Concepts Everyone Should Know (With Code)

Hi Folks , Hope you all programming geeks are doing good. Today, we will discuss about the basic programming design principles and concepts that everyone should be aware about while developing a software . Well, Software Development ain’t easy. Programming/coding can be a real daunting task if not done in the right way. Hope you guys will like this post . So, without wasting time lets get started . [ i will be using JavaScript in here but you can use whatever language you are comfortable with ! ]

249. API Error Handling in React

I will tell you what formats for common handlers exist and why it is better to agree on a single format with the backend than to fence a new solution every time

250. What it Means to be a Senior Software Engineer

How can we measure whether an engineer deserves to receive the Senior title? What engineers should do to get to this stage of career development?

251. 10 JavaScript Interview Questions and Answers to Help you Land Your Next Role

10 JavaScript questions for experienced developers that can help you crack your next interview.

252. Varun Sharma on Software Engineering, Climate Change, and Taking Inspiration From Movies

Varun Sharma has been nominated for a 2021 Noonies Award for Architecture.

[253. Learn the Truth about Software Developers and

Dare to Change your Recruitment Strategy]( You can hire the best of the best if you try to understand the current preferences of software developers and update their strategy. Let`s learn how!

254. Software Architecture Basics: What, How & Why

Software architecture, design and process of architecting explained using a case study.

255. The Secrets to Building a World-Class Software Engineering Team to Create Cutting-Edge Products

Skilled IT workers are challenging to find and keep – and the talent shortage is bound to continue in 2022. But there’s a recipe that’s guaranteed to work...

256. Landing A Job At Twitter As A Software Engineer [How I Did It]

This is the story of how I landed a job at Twitter as a full-time software engineer, what I went through, how I prepared and why I finally decided to join the company.

257. Hammering at Clean Architecture

Who doesn’t like sharpshooting wood elves, chaos infested wastes and dwarfs digging deep under the mountain for treasures? Daring Sigmarite warrior priests and armour-clad chaos Chosen and all manner of other fantastic creatures? I know this might sound weird, but this is an article about programming! I’ve recently gained interest in trying to understand a bit more about Uncle Bob’s clean architecture design and, to do that, I’ve created a small app that I believe showcases some of the main strengths that I believe it has. Disclaimer: All Warhammer references are the property of Games Workshop and I also do not claim to be some clean architecture guru. But maybe this will help someone else with their first steps in grasping the concepts of this cool new toy I’ve found.

258. My First Experience Deploying an ML Model to Production

In this blog, I will be sharing my learnings and experience from one of the deployed models.

259. Logging Without Tears

Learn standard practices you should take advantage of when dealing with logging. Make the logging great again.

260. How to Approach Project Estimation in a Healthy Way

Learn how to do project estimation that removes deadlines and avoids stress from a successful software engineering leader.

261. 7 Proven Practices to Boost Development Speed and Project Quality

Improve the development process and product's quality by implementing proven practices in your projects.

262. The Difference Between Covariance and Contravariance in .NET C#

Simple explanation of DotNet (.NET) CSharp (C#) Variance, Invariance, Covariance, and Contravariance. Providing a Cheat Sheet.

263. Writing an Event Bus for React

Event Bus is great for lightweight event systems. We'll discover its use case in React and build an Event Bus from scratch with TypeScript.

264. Micro-Frontends: Using TypeScript's Ambient Modules

How to use TypeScript's ambient module feature for cross-sharing micro-frontend imports using single-spa.

265. Can You Really Code Without IF Statements?

I went to an OOP workshop by Sandi Metz several years ago. She made a comment that at one of her previous jobs, they didn't use if statements.

266. How Google’s Python Code Style Guide Can Help You Speed Your Engineering Team

Creating a consistent style guide for your codebase can help your team be more consistent and productive. Here's how Google's Python Code Style Guide looks like

267. It's All About Quality: Top 5 Trends in QA and Testing

Top five quality assurance and testing trends that you need to follow!

268. How To Manage Technical Debt Properly

We're used to thinking that you cannot deliver fast and maintain a healthy codebase. But does it really has to be a trade-off?

269. Why do Interviewers care so much about Algorithm and Data Structures?

Data Structures and Algorithms are one of the most important skills that every computer science student must-have. It is often seen that people with good knowledge of these technologies are better programmers than others.

270. PyTorch vs TensorFlow: Who has More Pre-trained Deep Learning Models?

Given the importance of pre-trained Deep Learning models, which Deep Learning framework - PyTorch or TensorFlow - has more of these models available to users is

271. Getting Started with Kubernetes Persistent Volumes

272. 5 Steps to Successfully Prepare for Software Engineering Interviews

If you prefer to follow along via my YouTube video, you can watch it here

273. What The Job Market Looks Like Now For Software Engineers

Software engineers seem to be in demand, but there are a lot of contradictory threads and information out there. Articles have even come out that question whether you really want to actually be a software engineer or whether you want to actually use your software engineering skills to create your own systems.

274. 15 of the Best Continuous Delivery Tools

Continuous Delivery is one of the best practices for software development, but what are the best tools for it today? Here are my picks.

275. Useful React Libraries Every Developer Should Know

This article aimed to list the most useful and straightforward React libraries that cater to specific needs within the ecosystem.

276. Building Your First Startup with Python and Node.js

This article is for business owners willing to launch their first product. In this material, we will discuss and try to compare two popular backend solutions.

277. Why is There Not Enough Software Engineers?

“The tech industry is thriving. It’s expanding almost three times faster than the rest of the UK economy and it’s nearly worth £184bn.”

278. How to Automate Kubernetes Deployments with Postman

Kubernetes is the most widely used container-based orchestration platform today. Learn how to deploy apps with continuous delivery using Postman.

279. Top 3 Free Resources to Learn Django in 2022

This blog post provides an introduction to the Django framework as well as a handpicked list of free resources to learn this framework.

280. Lean and Agile: Why Not Both? An Introduction for the Uninitiated

If you aren't an educated and/or experienced tech person, a lot of question marks may pop up in your mind while looking at these two terms: Lean and Agile. Even if you are technically proficient, you may wonder what the difference between these two really is.

281. 14 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Software Engineer

A Q&A for students with a Facebook software engineer

282. A Different Approach to Teaching Kids and Teens to Code

How do you teach 5th graders about Software Engineering concepts without getting too deep into any particular language? This is a question I’d been asking myself a few weeks in advance of attending a local school’s STEM<em> (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)</em> fair.

283. A Guide to Git with Trunk Based Development

Learn the mindset and process behind Trunk Based Development, and how to use git effectively with this pattern.

284. Continuous Integration: Best Practices To Follow

We think of bugs as being in code but that’s just the end of the story. Bugs are a human problem. You fix one bug in code but you prevent future bugs by helping humans to work better.

285. Real-time Notifications for Jenkins Jobs with CatLight

Before deep into, I would like to say this will be useful if you are managing multiple Jenkins jobs which you think is a little bit complex 😊

286. What's All the Rave About Machine Learning?

With machine learning, a user can provide a computer algorithm with a massive amount of data, and the computer will analyze it and base its recommendations.

287. How I Got a Tech Job In Berlin

This is for people currently working and residing outside of Europe, who are looking for jobs in Berlin/Europe. There are many opportunities here, as the startup scene in Berlin is on the rise. I've been working as a Software Developer for the last 5 years, out of which I spent a year and a half in Berlin. Like many developers out there, moving abroad for work is a personal dream, and most people materialize that dream by doing a Masters from abroad, and working from there. For me, the story was a little different.

288. All About Lambda Functions in C++: from C++11 to C++17

Lambda function is quite an intuitive concept of Modern C++ introduced in C++11, So there are already tons of articles on lambda function tutorial over the internet. But still, there are some untold things(like IIFE, types of lambda, etc.) left, which nobody talks about. Therefore, here I am to not only show you lambda function in C++ but we'll also cover how it works internally & other aspects of Lambda.

289. Debugging Tutorial 1 - Introduction: Conditional Breakpoints

First post in a (hopefully) long series covering everything you need to know about debugging in VSCode, IntelliJ/IDEA in Java, NodeJS, Kotlin & Python.

290. How to Teach Yourself Backend Development?

Many self-taught coders have a hard time deciding between all the various options, but it’s so much easier to learn effectively if you have a clear goal.

291. The One and Only Software Design Principle

If we build our entire paradigm on a single rule, we can keep it simple and make excellent models.

292. Top 10 Software Development Companies Working with Automotive AI

Make choosing an AI software development partner easier for yourself: check out this top 10 selection of industry-approved teams.

293. Top 5 Test Automation Tools to Improve Your Workflow

In this article, we invite you to discover our choice of the 5 automation tools that you should imperatively have tried or implemented within your organization.

294. ChatGPT in Software Engineering: A Glimpse Into the Future

How ChatGPT can support the software development lifecycle and provide a glimpse into the future of human-AI collaboration in software engineering

295. How To Assess And Improve Your Software Engineering Team's Performance

How do you measure how well your engineering team is doing and how do you find the bottlenecks where you can improve things the most?

296. Bring In The Bots, And Let Them Maintain Our Code!

Learn how to automate away as much maintenance as possible using Renovate, Travis CI, and CodeCov

297. Top 7 Courses to Become a Software Architect or Solution Architect

Every Programmer wants to grow in their career, but it’s not easy, and if you don’t pay attention to your job, you will likely stay in the same position for many years. The growth in the initial few years is generally fast. Still, once you reach the barrier of 5 years, you need to decide which direction you want to move like — people management, product management, or software architecture.

298. Understanding Event Driven Architecture

Event-driven architecture is a software architecture paradigm promoting the production, detection, consumption of, and reaction to events.

299. How to Manage Configurations Easily Using TOML Files

Central configuration files are a plus for modern Python project structures. TOML files help us store project parameters in a beginner-friendly way.

300. My Developer Interview Experience at Lyft, Microsoft, Booking, Uber, JP Morgan, Amazon and Facebook

Yet another story of how an ordinary guy from the middle of nowhere in Russia managed to get multiple FAANG offers. This time, in Europe.

301. 5 Most Common Software Deployment Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

There are a lot of factors that go into the software that drives the world today such as interface design, coding, testing, deployment.

302. 4 Ways Software Engineers Organize Their TODOs

TODOs are a tricky subject for developers. Many codebases are guilty of having TODOs linger around while nobody knows who’s responsible for a TODO or even has the required context to tackle it. Yet, should we feel ashamed for our lingering TODOs?

303. How to Write Raw SQL Query Migration in Laravel

We have created a laravel package to keep the track of raw SQL migration using package Laravel raw sql query migration

304. The Basics of Secure Application Architectures - Separation, Configuration, and Access

A starting point for building secure application architecture for busy developers

305. 7 of the Top Best Languages for Web Application Development

Interested in choosing the best language for developing web applications? Our developers have shared the top seven choices in 2021. Discover what they are.

306. From Developer To PM: The Untold Truth About Growing Your Career

Developers with a strong understanding of company strategy rise faster, despite the misconception that engineers should only focus on technical details.

307. I Wish I Never Learned to Code

I write code for a living. You might say I’m a professional software engineer, but really software engineering is much more than just a profession — it’s a lifestyle. The hoodies, the ping pong, the endless snacks and soda… it’s all true. And yet, as rewarding as this field can be, I have a confession to make:

308. Don't Make These 5 Golang Mistakes

These are mistakes that I’ve made writing Go. Although these might not cause any sort of error but they can potentially affect the software.

309. 6 Biggest Mistakes With The CSS Grid


310. Incident Management: Onboarding Tips and Tricks

“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Henry Ford.

311. Increasing Developer Productivity with skaffold

Primary focus of Developer is to write code. Build, Test and Deploy of the application are better left to be managed by tools. skaffold can help in automating some of mundane tasks that comes with using kubernetes.

312. Enlarge your DRY :  How to Share Values Between Web App Backend and Frontend

REST API endpoints paths list which backend uses to route API requests and frontend uses to make backend API requests.

[313. 5 Useful Tips to Become a

Successful Software Developer]( Want to know some foolproof tips to become a software developer? In this guide, we have covered everything for you to know.

314. What’s Lurking in Latin America’s Tech Industry?— Surprising Facts of LATAM’s Talent Reserve

A snapshot of LATAM’s tech industry and why it has become a go-to destination for U.S. companies to hire remote software engineers.

315. Modularity Concept in Java and .Net

Modularity is central to modern software engineering - or may be all type of engineering not just software. We’ll explore support for modularity in Java and .Net platforms, but before that let’s first try to find answers for what and why of modularity.

316. Understanding Rails Polymorphic Active Record Associations

Brief Introduction

317. Open Source Myths and Half-Truths: Part 2

Let's continue our analysis of the top myths and half-truths about open source. Part 1 is available at

318. Arbitrage as a Shortest-Path Problem

An explanation of arbitrage and a look at an efficient algorithm to find riskless instantaneous arbitrage opportunities across markets.

319. Adopting a Mature Engineering Organization in Startups

Have you heard of software companies struggling to go through the stages of business development? Yes, of course, all of them do. The CEO oversees the company, ensuring that there are enough funds and the team is set up to get the right things done properly. But this is not a one time phase. It is an ongoing challenge. The company must continue to develop to remain competitive and infiltrate new markets.

320. Real-World Examples of Using Design Patterns in Modern PHP

Design patterns are an essential part of software development, providing a common language and best practices for recurring problems.

321. 6 Best Websites to Learn Blockchain Online

Here is a list of the best websites and online learning platforms to learn Blockchain.

322. Understanding CORS: Why It's Important and How it Works

This article will explain what CORS is, how it works, and why it is important.

323. Top 5 Headaches for Web3 Developers

The developer experience for Web3 is rife with inconveniences, including bloatedness, lack of protocol standardization, limited support for other platforms, and many more.

324. 7 Main Mistakes I Made While Learning to Code

So it has been two months since I started my transition to a more tech-related career. I thought that in 3 months I would have enough knowledge to actually build a digital product. I couldn’t be more wrong. My main lesson learned is: learning to code is a lifetime commitment; it never stops.

325. Software Requirements Specifications Template

This article is devoted to the consideration of Software Requirements Specifications, their importance in the software development process, and how they could be written. Within this article, I will pay more attention to the effective SRS template and its description.

326. Top 10 Software Engineering Metrics To Track If You Lead An Agile Team

Every conversation I have with CTOs, Engineering Managers, and Tech Leaders eventually gets to the “Which Metrics Should We Measure?” discussion.

327. Why Rust Is So Popular?

If you are looking for some kind of metal panel business idea, allow me to be clear: the Rust I am referring to is a programming language.

328. The Difference Between Backend, Frontend, Full-stack and Super stack Development

I looked at and found a website I put live in 2001, which means I have been writing some code for 20 years. Of course, I am not going to give a link to that website still it will be safe to mention 20 years back in Kathmandu when people didn’t have an email I had built websites. I uploaded it over a 33.8k modem with a dial-up connection. Kids these days will not even know the sound of that modem (yes I am old).

329. 5 Myths about Open Source Software (OSS)

Open source software has a lot of admirers, and very often nowadays when a new project is about to be developed, it is generally implied it is going to be done using OSS. Paradoxically, interest in this software has generated a lot of distortions and misconceptions that in practice sometimes prevent its trust among non-experienced users.

330. Mitigating Gatekeeping and Impostor Syndrome with Emotional Intelligence

Do you sometimes feel like you’ll never know enough to be a real software engineer? Have you interacted with seasoned engineers who made you feel like you just won’t cut it in the industry?

331. How to Build a Pokédex App with React and a Slash GraphQL Backend

In this article, we're going to walk through some of the basic setup for Slash GraphQL and then take a look at how I built a Pokémon Pokédex app with React and Slash GraphQL in just a few hours!

332. Developing AI Web Applications in Python

Read in this blog, How Python in Artificial Intelligence is an Ideal Fit for Web Development Projects?

333. 5 Tips to Help you Start Programming

I've been trying to start programming since early 2015 and I was finally able to start in 2020. It took a long time for me to start programming. There are certain things, that hindered me from learning. I tried multiple ways to overcome my issues but I failed. It took almost six years to finally convince myself to learn to program. Just in six months, I’ve learned C, C++, JavaScript, and Python. Though I’m no expert, I’ve just gathered basic knowledge of these.

334. Working With Transient Errors

Each remote service that we call eventually going to fail. No matter how reliable they are, it is inevitable.

335. Let's Stop Calling them 'Bugs' - Software Quality is Our Responsibility

The term Bug sounds like an excuse out of our scope infecting our systems. It is not. Software quality is under our control. It is our responsibility to deliver

336. What is (wrong with) software?

Software is eating the world. Those of us who work, live and love software do not usually stop by to think about its meaning.

337. Software Engineering Best Practices Collection for Machine Learning

An ever-increasing number of organizations are developing applications that involve machine learning components. The complexity and diversity of these applications calls for software engineering techniques to ensure that they are built in a robust and future-proof manner.

338. How I Used Blitz JS To Take My Pet Project Into Production

Our colleague Lazar decided to built an Absence Tracker, so we can ditch the Telegram group where we reported our absences.

339. Buddy Vs Jenkins: Technical and Tactical Differences

Buddy and Jenkins find themselves on completely opposite ends of the CI/CD spectrum. So which one should you go for? It certainly is a question of context. There are some clear technical differences but how they relate to actual value is circumstantial and should be taken on a case by case basis. As such, this comparison will be broken down into two sections.

340. What you Need to Know About Time Estimation in Software Development

Time estimation is an important skill for software developers, a nightmare for project managers, and just as opaque for customers. Why such a situation? Let's take a look!

341. Less Dirty Code

Clean Code is a Lie and Nobody Writes it.

342. Implementing Domain Driven Design For Microservices

Have you been finding it difficult to model boundaries of your system’s microservices? Have you been slowed down by the Technical complexity of your codebase? Has your team been stepping on each other’s toes ?

343. The Complete Guide to Making Sense of Types in TypeScript

344. Switching Jobs in Tech Industry: 6 Key Lessons I've Learned

Switching jobs in the tech industry can be an interesting adventure. Learning how to navigate the onboarding at a new company while keeping your health in check

345. Dimensionality Reduction Using PCA : A Comprehensive Hands-On Primer

We, humans, are experiencing tailor-made services which have been engineered right for us, we are not troubled personally, but we are doing one thing every day, which is kind of helping this intelligent machine work day and night just to make sure all these services are curated right and delivered to us in the manner we like to consume it.

346. How To Apply Machine Learning And Deep Learning Methods to Audio Analysis

To view the code, training visualizations, and more information about the python example at the end of this post, visit the Comet project page.

347. How I Built a Simple Report Card Program in Java for 15 Subjects Part 2

Write a program to take marks of 15 subjects from the user and display the Total, Percentage, Highest Marks, Average, and Remarks.

348. Taking A Glance At Software Testing, In Particular E2E Web Apps Testing

In this blog post, we will try to explain software testing from a very simple perspective and look in particular into end to end testing for web applications. We will also explore a very popular tool used in end to end testing for web applications.

349. 6 Steps to Grow Into A Lead Engineer At FAANG

If you are a software engineer in one of the FAANG companies or similar you are probably one among the thousands of engineers  at the company. How do you go from starting fresh as a junior engineer to leading a team in say 5 years?

350. Software Testing 101: Regression Tests, Unit Tests, Integration Tests, Oh My!

How do you prove that the software is working? How do you know you are not introducing harmful side effects? This is Software Testing 101!

351. Visual Regression Testing with Playwright

Visual Regression Testing with Playwright - Automated Testing

352. How I Designed My Own Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Degree 

After noticing my programming courses in college were outdated, I began this year by dropping out of college to teach myself machine learning and artificial intelligence using online resources. With no experience in tech, no previous degrees, here is the degree I designed in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence from beginning to end to get me to my goal — to become a well-rounded machine learning and AI engineer.

353. 5 Tools To Level Up Your Efficiency On Windows 10