Top 10 Software Development Companies Working with Automotive AI by@mattpreston
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Top 10 Software Development Companies Working with Automotive AI

by Matt PrestonAugust 2nd, 2022
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Artificial intelligence is being rapidly integrated into a variety of high tech industries, with automotive being no exception. Developing a secure and high-performance AI application for automotive is a challenging task, as any fault in the software can result in disastrous consequences. This selection of 10 industry-approved development companies will help you find the team you can fully rely on. It’s not about the number of services the company claims to be expert in, it's the actual portfolios, clients, awards, and customer reviews that matter the most.

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Artificial intelligence is being rapidly integrated into a variety of high-tech industries, with automotive being no exception. In fact, AI incorporation in the automotive industry is near-omnipresent: car manufacturers use the technology at almost every stage of the car-making process, and smart vehicle drivers harness the power of machine learning to receive diagnostics and safely navigate the road.

Naturally, developing a secure and high-performance AI application for automotive is a challenging task, as any fault in the software can result in disastrous consequences. Because of that, finding a development partner for that purpose can be exceptionally tough. Hopefully, this selection of 10 industry-approved development companies will help you find the team you can fully rely on.

What were the selection criteria?

It’s not about the number of services the company claims to be an expert in, it’s the actual portfolios, clients, awards, and customer reviews that matter the most. I’ve looked at dozens of Clutch pages and case studies to choose the most impressive and dependable development teams working with AI solutions for Automotive.

Since I like to keep things somewhat brief in the summary department, I strongly encourage you to check out the companies’ pages and projects by yourself, just to ensure that the listing that has caught your eye is indeed a great fit for the kind of automotive project you’re trying to create. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Top 10 Vehicle AI Development Companies

1. Bamboo Apps

Headquarters: Tallinn, Estonia

Founded: 2018

Company size: 200

Project examples: Self-Drive, Design and Development Services for JLR InControl Remote Apps.

The Estonia-based development team of Bamboo Apps has garnered widespread acclaim in the automotive industry as a trusted partner of Škoda, Jaguar Land Rover, Rinspeed, Mitsubishi, and multiple other world-class OEMs. The reason for that is simple: it’s hard to match the sheer level of expertise the company has in delivering effective solutions for connected, autonomous, shared, and electric vehicles. With a Clutch score of 4.9 and a multitude of industry awards, Bamboo Apps stands as a very reliable automotive software vendor.

A great example of their AI prowess is the Self-Drive project, which is a unique vehicle acquisition platform that acts as a voice assistant. The solution guides the driver along a set course while providing contextual information about the vehicle. At the end of the test drive, the customer can purchase the vehicle – all that without the need for a sales manager.

Bamboo Apps’ expertise is as follows:

  • car connectivity;
  • HMI;
  • mobility solutions;
  • Bluetooth connectivity;
  • automotive prototype and MVP development;
  • UX/UI design.

2. Tietoevry

Headquarters: Espoo, Finland

Founded: 1968

Company size: 24,000

Project examples: Collaboration with HSL, mobile solution integrated into milk trucks.

Tietoevry is a Finnish IT software and service company providing automotive engineering services. A trusted partner of Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL), Finnish Transport Agency (FTA), the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY) for North Savo, as well as multiple European electric vehicle brands, Tietoevry creates cutting-edge mobility technology for a safer and cleaner future.

The team has broad experience in building automotive AI applications, which support advanced driving assistance functions, for example, AI-based parking assists. Their apps can also gather updates from the car sensor data fusion, advanced analytics, and machine learning algorithms to create high-definition map content.

Tietoevery’s expertise includes:

  • ADAS and automated driving;
  • Android Automotive;
  • connected car and telematics;
  • digital cockpit;
  • automotive R&D services;
  • 5G automotive solutions;
  • automotive IoT software.

3. Grape Up

Headquarters: Santa Clara, USA

Founded: 2006

Company size: 200

Project examples: AI and ML Deployment Platform for a Sports Car Manufacturer, Prototyping the Future Automotive Cloud.

Grape Up aims to help companies create a software-centric future for the automotive industry by delivering end-to-end SDV building services – and its track record so far has been stellar. The team constitutes value-aligned partnerships based on constant feedback, ownership, and willingness to innovate, which results in top-notch client experiences and, of course, products.

GrapeUp’s experience in AI is nothing to scoff at: the company knows how to handle predictive maintenance, expandable AI, supply chain optimization, MLOps, and data streaming, augmented testing with prediction, and deep learning neural networks. Their AI-based collaboration with an established sports car manufacturer is definitely worth checking out if you’re interested.

GrapeUp’s expertise encompasses:

  • connected car;
  • automotive e-Commerce;
  • shared mobility;
  • automotive cloud;
  • big data;
  • AI & ML.

4. KitRUM

Headquarters: Clearwater, USA

Founded: 2014

Company size: 150

Project examples: FreightCenter platform rewrite, Online motorbike marketplace.

KitRUM puts emphasis on high-class services for auto-piloting software, data sync, distribution, interconnection, voice assistants, music, and video playback. The team boasts robust tech skills in big data, ML/AI development, cloud solutions, IoT, and embedded software. It is the talent behind the world’s leading carpooling platform that supports a community of 100 million drivers.

Their AI expertise is apparent in the platform’s analytics and management capabilities, which incorporate sophisticated algorithms and API integrations. So far, the functionality has yielded a significant reduction in costs and man hours required to carry out quality freight management and transportation planning.

KitRUM is an expert in:

  • embedded in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems;
  • advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS);
  • Internet of things (IoT) solutions;
  • VR and AR solutions;
  • vehicle software systems;
  • cloud & DevOps;
  • electronic control unit;
  • HMI.

5. Andersenlab

Headquarters: Warsaw, Poland

Founded: 2007

Company size: 3400

Project examples: Industrial IoT Solution for Automotive, Vehicle plate recognition system.

A certified partner of Microsoft and an advanced consulting partner of AWS, Andersenlab is a tech company with a truly impressive industry reputation. Having 14 years of experience in Automotive, the software team offers a wide variety of services to OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers all over the world.

Andersenlab’s expert knowledge of AI and machine learning technology is best exemplified by their work on an industrial IoT solution for Automotive. Using its fully automated ML features, the software can detect deviations and anomalies in the data it processes and then triggers various custom events. The solution can also send automated messages, notifications, and alerts.

Andersenlab offers the following:

  • car rental management software solutions;
  • vehicle diagnostics software solutions;
  • autonomous car software development;
  • connectivity & telematics solutions;
  • RPA automotive software solutions;
  • ECU & ECM software.

6. Intellias

Headquarters: Chicago, USA

Founded: 2002

Company size: 2500

Project examples: High Definition Maps and Cloud Data Platform for Autonomous Driving, ADAS Solution for Electric Vehicles.

Intellias has been delivering production-grade software for OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers for years at this point, garnering widespread acclaim for its safe, adaptive, and AI-based applications. Today, Intellias is well renowned for its expertise in connected and autonomous vehicle solutions, which has earned the company a rightful spot on this list.

The HD Maps and Cloud Data Platform is a good showcase of the team’s prowess. The software delivers shared real-time and historical sensor data, multilayer high definition (HD) maps, and predictive machine learning, creating the perfect environment for the development of proprietary solutions and serving as a one-stop marketplace for enterprise-grade, continuously updated spatiotemporal data.

Intellias are experts in:

  • autonomous driving & ADAS;
  • HMI;
  • connected car software;
  • automotive AI & machine learning;
  • automotive navigation software;
  • automotive embedded software;
  • automotive cloud services and DevOps;
  • automotive big data.

7. Eleks

Headquarters: Tallinn, Estonia

Founded: 1991

Company size: 2000

Project examples: Data-Driven Digital Transformation of a Car Rental Business, Mobile 3D Car Interior Preview.

Eleks is a well-established European partner of several OEMs and Tier-1 companies that believes that the future of automotive lies in electrification, shared mobility, and technology convergence. Their expert team applies accurate data analytics across their clients’ entire value chain, creating insights that drive smarter product decisions and deliveries.

Their complex solution for Russman, a car rental business, uses AI-based predictive analysis to calculate demand, among many other things. The system is so precise, that the automotive company’s accuracy of demand predictions has increased by 95%.

The Eleks team can do the following:

  • predictive and prescriptive analytics;
  • ADAS;
  • data science and machine learning;
  • IoT;
  • fleet management;
  • drones for vehicle inspection;
  • AR and VR;
  • telematics.

8. Binariks

Headquarters: Torrance, USA

Founded: 2014

Company size: 160

Project examples: Cloud-based Analytics Dashboard for EV Infrastructure Company, Marketing platform for global manufacturers.

Binariks helps companies convert drivers into brand ambassadors by offering them seamless driving experiences every day. The company focuses on protecting customers from life-threatening situations with ADAS software that simplifies driving and parking, as well as maximizing the usage of big data to create reliable maintenance, navigation, and automation solutions.

Binariks created an IoT platform that could balance the EV charging grid with the help of machine learning technology: the app tracks fluctuating electricity prices and predicts the best charging options for various cars. Users can even get an optimized charging schedule powered by a custom AI algorithm.

Binariks possess expertise in:

  • advanced driver assistance systems;
  • HMI and NDS-based navigation;
  • automotive analytics;
  • keyless vehicle access control systems;
  • fleet management;
  • self-driving functionality;
  • HMI.

9. N-ix

Headquarters: Lviv, Ukraine

Founded: 2002

Company size: 1800

Project examples: Mobile application development for an Irish provider of taxi dispatch software, Development of a Digital Bike Sharing Solution for Copenhagen Municipal System.

With over 1000 tech experts on board, the team of N-ix helps automotive suppliers achieve their milestones faster. Their software engineers have years of experience in building efficient and secure cloud solutions, big data platforms, and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) solutions, and are skilled in implementing AI and machine learning algorithms.

For example, the mobile app for iCabby (a cloud-based taxi dispatch platform) features intelligent voice assistants that facilitate taxi booking for users and simplify trip planning and billing for drivers. The smart analytics features also help match a passenger with a driver closest to them, predict the supply and demand in a particular region, adjust for bottlenecks along the route, etc.

N-ix provides expertise in:

  • connected vehicle technology
  • automotive cloud solutions
  • machine learning and computer vision
  • automotive VR and AR production
  • IoT automotive applications
  • enterprise mobility solutions.

10. OrangeMantra

Headquarters: Gurgaon, Haryana (India)

Founded: 2001

Company size: 500

Project examples: E-Business Platform for the World’s No.1 Two-Wheeler Brand, Motorcycle Navigation App For Hero.

With vast expertise in computerized vehicle diagnostics software, driver-assist software, GPS solutions, and OTA updates, OrangeMantra stands as one of the top automotive software development teams on the market. Over the years, the company has collaborated with leading automotive brands and OEMs to build performance-oriented, safe, and adaptive software solutions for connected and autonomous driving.

One of OrangeMantra’s projects is an application that helps motorcyclists navigate using the vehicle’s odometer and manage calls on the go. The application uses smart analytics to aid users in route planning, utilizing geographical and meteorological data, as well as real-time traffic information.

OrangeMantra is an expert in:

  • connected & internet cars
  • EV charging software
  • smart bikes
  • telematics
  • autonomous & ADAS
  • AI & machine learning
  • navigation & mapping
  • IoT & embedded solutions
  • HMI, security.